Friday, September 19, 2014

Royal BC Museum takes its artifacts to the virtual world

The opportunities for many in Northern British Columbia to make the trek to Victoria can at times be few and far between, so for many, the Royal BC Museum may be one of those should see locations, that don't always fit into the travel schedule.

The highly regarded museum in the Capital however has a plan, if you can't get to the museum, they'll bring some select parts of the museum to you.

In this case through a new feature on the Royal BC Museum website.

Called 100 Objects of interest, the Museum offers up a look at some of their most intriguing artifacts from their vast collection.

Among them, a number of artifacts from the Northwest and Haida Gwaii, such as a Nisga'a mask, an exhibit on a Kispiox village, the skull of a Keromde Bear, a review of an Emily Carr painting of Tanoo on Haida Gwaii and a Haida Headdress Frontlet just to name a few.

You can review the full collection of 100 Objects from this link to the Royal BC Museum Site

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