Saturday, August 22, 2015

A little break from the blog, to bring the summer to an end

You may think you might have lost a few days today, what with some of our usual features of the end of the weekend making an appearance on a Saturday morning.  

But have no fears, no time warp has arrived to reshape the North Coast continuum, we're just clearing the blogging to do list before we take advantage of the last few days of the summer.

We'll be away from our post for about a week or so, taking advantage of the dwindling days of another summer, heading out on the road for a bit of a step away from the day to day of our blogging efforts.

With our sabbatical, our regular review of Council issues and many of our other features that require attention on an ongoing basis will be in hibernation for that period.  

As we have in the past, we'll try our best to play some catch up when we make our way back to the North Coast.

For those new to the blog or regulars looking for something that they may have missed, we invite you to scroll the right hand column, where you'll find a string of topics that may provide for some reading during our break.

We expect to be back and catching up on any North Coast notes well before you get ready to celebrate the Labour Day weekend.

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