Friday, August 14, 2015

Port of Prince Rupert to investigate construction of Intermodal Rail/Truck yard on South Kaien Island

Port of Prince Rupert
Looks to grow towards South
Kaien Island area
Another step in the growth of the Port of Prince Rupert would appear to be in the planning phase, with the Port making application with the Province to explore the potential for an intermodal rail/truck yard on the southern portion of Kaien Island, directly across from the northern shore of Ridley Island.

The Application and Management Plan for the evaluation process was submitted to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations on Thursday.

The Documentation provided as part of the process outlines the steps ahead for the as part of the evaluation of the area, which has been identified as a possible site owing to its proximity to Fairview Terminal, rail lines and road access in the area.

The property in question at the moment is in the final stages of a land transfer to fee simple designation.

The area being examined for development is considered a ‘green field’ site and is located at the south end of Kaien Island.

The site is bound to the north and west by the existing Ridley Island Access Road and to the south and east by the existing CN Main Line (between the Nemoto Bunkhouse and the Zanardi Bridge).

Southern Kaien Island (area in blue) is being evaluated by the
Port of Prince Rupert for potential use
as an Intermodal/Railyard for Fairview Terminals

The selection of a site closer to the various port facilities of Ridley Island would appear if workable, to be a logical choice and would if built, re-direct a lot of the current container activity at Fairview towards the Ridley area.

Should the port move forward with its plan, the new site could perhaps lead to a reduction of container traffic through the downtown area of the city and at some point deliver the much anticipated truck access route to the Ridley Island area.

However, that would all appear to be rather long term planning for the moment, the early work to this point it appears is purely in an investigative phase, mainly to see if the concept as envisioned by the Port would provide for the kind of facility that are hoping to develop.

The full examination can be reviewed from these documents from the Province's website.

The process now is under review by the Ministry, with comments related to the application being accepted until September 12th.  You can learn more about process and if desired submit your comments from this link to the Ministry information sheet.

For more items related to developments at the Prince Rupert Port Authority see our archive page here.

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