Friday, August 7, 2015

NWCC's Prince Rupert campus introduces "The Academy"

With the upcoming high school year fast approaching, Northwest Community College is offering some additional educational opportunities for students who may wish to kick start their post secondary plans.

NWCC has introduced a new program called The Academy, which is designed for Grade 11 and 12 students enrolled with SD52 who may wish to get their first year of university studies underway while they are still in high school.

Key to the introduction of the NWCC approach for the fall, is a limit of enrolment to just 25 students for the program.

A number which will find students at The Academy at NWCC benefiting from a low student-teacher ratio, which will provide for additional academic support towards their studies.

The course work involved with the program will offer both on-line and in-person support, allowing students to create a schedule that works best for them.

One parent who seems impressed with the new program at NWCC, is Judy Carlick-Pearson, who also is an elected member of the School District 52 board.

Ms. Carlick-Pearson notes some of the positives that she believers that the program offers for local students.

“These types of opportunities are greatly needed within a community as diverse as Prince Rupert ...  Our children need to have academic options which will allow them to achieve their goals sooner than anticipated.”

The cost of tuition for The Academy at NWCC is, starts at $800 per month, students can enrol at any point in the scholastic year, depending on space availability.

Owing to the limited enrolment for the program however, interested students are encouraged to apply early.

As part of their tuition, every student enrolled at The Academy at NWCC will receive their own lap top to assist with their studies.

Students and Parents with an interest in the program for the fall can contact Ann Rowse , the  Regional Director, Western Region Prince Rupert Campus

Ms. Rowse can be reached at 250-624-6054 Ext. 5707 or by email at

A bit more background on the program can be found from this item from TV 7 news.

A full overview of the program can be found from the NWCC website.

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