Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Maersk Shipping Line introduces Port of Prince Rupert to its East-West Network

Maersk Line containers
may soonbe seen on the docks
at Fairview Terminal
Another notable addition to the vessel call listings is about to come to Prince Rupert's Fairview Container Terminal, as the Maersk Shipping Line adds Prince Rupert to its East-West Network line up.

The announcement from the highly regarded International shipping line based in Denmark, adds Prince Rupert to it's TP8 Eastbound and Westbound networks, with Fairview Terminals joining the Port of Long Beach as the North American destinations for shipments from four ports along the Asian shipping points.

Among the ports that will be shipping goods to North America through Fairview will be Shanghai and Qingdao, China, Busan, South Korea and Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia

Maersk Shipping Lines Expanded Westbound Service now includes Fairview Terminals

Shipments Eastbound feature four Asian shipment points to forward container 
shipments to Fairview Terminals as part of the expanded service

Maersk notes prominently the status of Prince Rupert as the new gateway for Inland USA and Canadian shipments.

You can read more background on the Maersk plans from this media note from the shipping company website.

The influential trade publication the Journal of Commerce notes that Fairview provided impressive service to shipping lines that had rerouted shipments through Prince Rupert during periods of heavy congestion at US West Coast ports this year, an audition of sorts that appears to have paid dividends for shipments moving forward.

The arrival of Maersk adds a third shipping line that will be calling at Fairview as the new addition joins already established COSCO Lines and Hanjin Shipping as using the North Coast port as their gateway into North America.

For more items related to Fairview Terminal see our archive page here, while further background on the Port of Prince Rupert can be found here.

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