Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending August 9, 2015

Politics, Federal, provincial and municipal dominates the list of five for this week, with only a look at a popular Prince Rupert summer festival sneaking its way into the mix over the last seven days.

From the federal election campaign that began one week ago, to the first comments from MLA Jennifer Rice on developments at the Banks Island mining site, the two senior levels of government captured their fair share of attention from the items of the week.

On the municipal scene, the City's ongoing quest to add to the civic workforce and a much anticipated announcement on the clean up of the Watson Island site attracted a large volume of readers over the week.

Breaking up the grip of the politicians this week, was our preview of the popular comedy/drama festival known as Udder Fest which wraps up its five day run in the city later this afternoon.

However, when it comes to the most read item of the week, our archive that launches our coverage of the eleven week campaign to elect the Federal Government captured the most attention this week.

The Northwest heads to the 2015 campaign trail  -- Canadians head to the election booth on October 19th and our archive of items on the campaign in Skeena-Bulkley Valley proved to be a popular destination this week. (posted August 2, 2015)

That article was followed by:

2015 Udder Fest gets underway today -- Prince Rupert's popular summer theatre festival began its five night run this past week (posted August 5, 2015)

MLA Rice offers statements on Banks Island mining and BC Cabinet shuffle -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice outlined her first comments on developments related to the mining site on Banks Island   (posted  August 4, 2015)

August sees continuation of City's hiring blitz  -- The City of Prince Rupert prepares to add to the civic workforce with more job openings into August  (posted August 5, 2015)

City releases details on next stage of Watson Island Pulp Mill Site Clean Up -- The city makes arrangements with an Ontario based firm to begin a two year process of removal of assets and decommissioning of a substantial portion of the Watson Island pulp mill site  (posted August 5, 2015 )

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