Friday, August 21, 2015

When it comes to forward momentum for development, Port Edward seems to be on a quicker pace

Port Edward District Offices are making
for a popular destination for proposed
development in the region
While Prince Rupert City Council has spent much of the summer going over the same material and tried to find a focus on where they wish to see development move in the community, twenty minutes out of town, some actual decision making has been moving forward with little of the apparent frustrations found in Prince Rupert.

Port Edward Council most recently announced it had provided approval for a housing project in the community that would see the introduction of a number of new homes created for the community, the start of some long range planning that one day may also bring some significant Commercial developments to the District as well.

Work Continues on development
of an Industrial Park for Port Edward
Looking to keep pace with the interest in development on the North Coast, the District also has plans for a major Industrial park and has initiated discussions for the development of a worker camp for the area, which would serve as a base for some of the large scale projects planned for the region.

As we've outlined on the blog in the past, the District of Port Edward has a fairly ambitious blue print for development ahead of it, hopeful that this may finally be the time where major growth will be delivered to the community.

Compared to some of the recent developments over the summer in Prince Rupert, getting a project moving seems to be a main focus for the elected officials of the District these days.

No better examples of the rather confusing and lengthy process of navigating Prince Rupert Council when it comes to land development can be found from the Monday night session.

At Monday's Council session the majority of the two hour plus meeting provided for much discussion, but little progress, when it came to decision making related to housing issues in the community.

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When you look at the various  directions that Prince Rupert's councillors seem to be taking when it comes to development of late, and the length of time involved in finding any forward momentum for proposed projects, it could soon be common  to find that any would be developer will be stopping in at the Port Edward District offices first.

They may soon be knocking at the door of Mayor Dave MacDonald and his council looking to see what the lay of the land is there and whether their investment dollars and plans are welcome in their community.

Considering the reception and approval process that seems to be in place so far in Port Edward, for some developers, it could mean that a similar trip to Prince Rupert City Hall just won't be required.

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