Tuesday, August 18, 2015

North Coast Search and Rescue member off to Germany in International exchange session

A member of Prince Rupert's Station 64 of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Service is preparing for a trip to Germany, set to take part in an International Lifeboat Crew exchange.

Coxswain, Amber Sheasgreen the Deputy Unit Leader and head recruiter for the Station will be leaving for Germany on September 25th to represent Station 64 at the 2015 IMRF Lifeboat Crew exchange.

She will be travelling to the international event with Drew Hadfield, a member from Comox Station 60. The popular training event which will take place in the waters of the German North Sea and in communities along the north coast of Germany.

The program runs from September 26th until October 3rd and attracts Search and is a popular event for Rescue groups from around the world.

Prince Rupert's Amber Sheasgreen, representing Station 64,
 will be off to Germany for one week
 as part of the International Lifeboat Crew exchange

You can learn more about the Crew exchange from the Lifeboat Crew Exchange website.

If you wish to support the local station they are currently selling raffle tickets at Canada Safeway on weekends, see their Facebook page for more information or if you don't see them at Safeway make arrangements to pick up your tickets directly.

To learn more about the work of Station 64 on the North Coast see their Facebook page.

More on the work of Emergency Service responders on the North Coast can be found on our archive page.

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