Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Alaska Marine Highway System launches new website for travellers

Navigating the different areas of service for the Alaska Marine Highway System has become a much easier experience as the Alaska ferry system launches a new website interface for those seeking more information.

The re-design of the website offers up a wide range of information on many topics both AMHS related and on themes of community for each of the communities served by the ferry service.

A much more inter-connected aspect of the website has been created with the launch of the new site, allowing for easier review of scheduling options, frequency of sailings and connection possibilities further up the Alaskan coast.

Prince Rupert is featured along with the other 32 destinations served by the AMHS, with a general introduction provided to travellers that links to the City's tourism website with a link as well to the hello.bc guidebook to Prince Rupert.

Beyond the Prince Rupert information, travellers can also learn about other communities, the Alaska Ferry System and most of important for anyone with travel plans, Service Notices that update those travelling on the system as to any interruptions in the schedule ahead.

Much like the BC Ferries information portal, the revised AMHS site now features vessel tracking for those that wish to know where the fleet is at any particular minute

You can chart your course north here.

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