Thursday, August 20, 2015

Candidate count down to two for now in Skeena-Bulkley Valley

Voters of Skeena-BulkleyValley have one less name to look for on the ballot on October 19th, with word that Christian Heritage Party candidate Rod Taylor, has decided to make his quest for a seat in Parliament in Ontario.

On Friday, Taylor handed in his official nomination papers for his candidacy in the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean, deciding that that national capital was where the CHP needed to spread its message.

Taylor who is the National leader of the party is looking to increase the party's impact and membership in the vote rich Ontario region. So far the CHP has nominated 12 candidates in that province, with two nominated in BC and 8 spread across PEI, Alberta and Manitoba.

Christian Heritage Party candidate Rod Taylor, has
shifted his focus to Ontario, taking to Twitter on Friday to
announce his plans to contest the election in Ottawa West-Nepean

With his shift in focus to Ontario, the Northwest for the moment is down to a two man race, with incumbent Nathan Cullen for the NDP and the Conservatives Tyler Nesbitt the only declared candidates currently out heading across the Northwest to deliver their message.

Things might be getting lonely out on the campaign trail for the pair, so far neither the Liberal Party or the Green Party have announced their plans for the fall election campaign, with no candidates entering the race to this point for the two federal parties.

The Christian Heritage Party is looking to put a new candidate into the race in Skeena-Bulkley Valley sometime before September.

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