Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Federal Government adds two million dollars to Cow Bay Marina project

Work continues on the float supports
for Atlin Marina project, which now
has a new completion date of
August 31
Considering the amount of money that was delivered by the Western Economic Diversification Canada on Friday afternoon, it's a bit surprising that no one from the City of Prince Rupert made mention yet of what appears to be an additional two million dollars that has been provided for the City's Cow Bay Marina project.

A contribution of that size one might think would warrant an update from the City, as well as a chance to talk about the Marina Project on the eastern waterfront, a project which the City has been taking the lead on over the last few months.

But as of this morning, no details can be found regarding announcement of the Federal contribution to the project through the City's website, or the Mayor's social media information portals.

Some background information on the funding was outlined as part of a media release from Western Diversification Canada, which tacked on the contribution to the Marina development, the announcement came as part of the details related to the July 31st Western Diversification funding for the new radar system at the Port of Prince Rupert.

The wording from the Friday afternoon press release seems to suggest that the 2 million dollar contribution is a top up to the current funding  for the project.

An additional investment of $2 million, also through WDP, will support the City of Prince Rupert in the construction of a new marina at Cow Bay. This marina will attract large-scale marine tourism traffic to the North Coast region and become an integral part of marine tourism infrastructure developed along the B.C. coast. 

The marina will also support First Nations’ tourism activities and regional transportation needs by providing infrastructure for water taxis, chartered fishing vessels, and other water-based activities.

The latest funding money will be added to the investment into the Marina project, a collaborative effort of the City of Prince Rupert, Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest, Port of Prince Rupert and PREDC.

The City provided the first overview of the development with an announcement back in March.

As for the project itself, the previous deadline of July 31st noted by Mayor Lee Brain during that  March media event  has now passed by. Work now continues on the through the summer on the water side of the Atlin Terminal, with the newest scheduled completion date for the project listed as August 31st.

CFTK TV's Christa Dao had a look at the project (and the first word on the funding announcement) offering her report on the progress for it on the TV 7 news last night.

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