Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Special Event organizers can now take advantage of special training program for servers

For local groups in the Northwest that offer alcohol at their community events a new program from the Province of British Columbia might help to reduce some of the stress on your serving staff at the next event.

On Monday, the province introduced a new program for servers called Special Event Server Training program and as of September 15th will be available for serves or sells alcohol in British Columbia.

Delivered by the go2HR the B. C. Tourism industry human resources association that provides server training administration, the program will cost 20 dollars for participants to access online.

"The new Special Event Server program is a condensed course geared toward liquor service at special events like community fairs, weddings, and festivals. We are giving event servers the tools and training they need to ensure that they fully understand their responsibilities as a liquor server – something that go2HR is extremely dedicated to providing.” -- Arlene Kels, go2HR CEO on a new education program for servers and sellers of alcohol in British Columbia.

The Special Event Server program  is companion instruction to the larger and more thorough Serving it Right certification program which is also available at a cost of 35 dollars when taken online.

Beginning in mid September everyone who serves, or sells alcohol in the province will be required to have either the SES or SIS training and will be required to renew that training every five years.

Servers currently holding valid Serving it Right Certification do not need to complete the new SES course.

In addition to those working at Special Events in the province, Certification will be required for all of those who work at B. C.'s licensed restaurants, BC Liquor Stores, rural agency and wine stores.

Background on the upcoming changes to the Serving it Right requirements and how they may affect your event or business can be found here.

More on the program and a link to take the online Special Event Server course can be reviewed here.

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