Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CityWest warns of internet scams targeting customers

The last few weeks have been busy ones for Internet scammers who have been putting a bit of focus on those in the NorthWest that make use of the services of CityWest.

The local communications company has issued a warning to the public about a number of scams that are using the CityWest name to try and fool area residents into providing information to the scammers.

One scam has made use of Facebook to advise CityWest customers that they have won an iPad, while the CityWest phone number was illegally used to call a recipient of news of winning a cruise from the company.

Key to the scam, is the request for credit card information that is required to access the prize in question. Something that CityWest is quick to note is not a practice that the company makes use of.

While they may ask for credit card information as part of the normal transaction of business, such as setting up a pre-authorized  payment or to make a payment over the phone, the prospect of the company cold calling a customer with news of a prize isn't something that the communications company engages in.

More importantly the delivery of credit card information normally is customer driven, with the customer making the call to CityWest, not the other way around.

Should anyone in the CityWest coverage area have received similar offers, they are asked to contact CityWest at 1-800-442-8664  or through email at citywest@cwct.ca

More background on the current scams can be found from this advisory from the CityWest website

The CityWest scams come on the heels of similar types of scams on Haida Gwaii, in those instances scammers have posed as Air Canada representatives

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