Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Countdown to Quick Climb heads towards Sunday event

The relaunch of the Mount Hays Quick climb is fast approaching, with Sunday's ascent of one the North Coast's most challenging mountains only days away.

After a five year absence, the once popular community event was brought back earlier this year, with the blue print for the event delivered in late May.

One month later came a call for volunteers for the event, with a range of tasks that are required to bring off such an ambitious project, organizers looked to the active volunteer community of the North Coast to lend a hand.

Now with the countdown on, there is still a need for a bit of assistance to help make Quickclimb Day on Sunday a success.

As well, for those that have not registered the Quick Climb website remains ready for sign up, allowing participants the opportunity to save some time when the climb begins between 8:30 and 10 AM.

A Map of the various stations along the way for
the 2015 Mount Hays Quickclimb this Sunday

Beyond the test of endurance that Sunday offers up, the day also provides a message about the natural environment of the North Coast and a dedication towards trail restoration projects that is the goal of the organizers for this years event. Money raised as part of this years Quickclimb will be put towards a number of trail reclamation projects in the area.

An eye on the weather forecast ahead offers up the prospect of a pretty good day on the North Coast for a stroll up a mountain, while rain will be our future for the next 48 hours, things take a turn for the sunny by the weekend, with Sunday offering up a mix of sun and cloud.

You can keep up to date on the last minute preparations as we get closer to Sunday's event through the Facebook page designed for Quickclimb. Updates are also available through a twitter feed created for the event.

More background on Sunday's event be found on our archive page for the Mount Hays Quickclimb 2015

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