Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nisga'a youth complete Expanding Traditions Program

The Nisga'a Museum
at Laxgalts'ap
A celebration of Achievement was held at the Nisga'a Museum this month, as five Nisga'a youth completed their successful completion of a six week Engagement program held through the Nisga'a Museum located at Laxgalts’ap 150 kilometres Northwest of Terrace .

The five participants,  Codey Stewart, Shania Stephens, Terrell Stevens, Trevor Robinson Jr. and William Stewart III were mentored during the six week period, having selected one piece from the priceless Ancestor's Collection to study and replicate during their program.

The group received mentorship, guidance and encouragement from Senior Nisga'a Carvers Calvin McNeil and Gerald Robinson during the six weeks in the program which was announced earlier this  year and instruction began in late July.

During the course of the six week program known as The Expanding Traditions Project, students studied the work of the Ancestor's Collection, recorded their progress in a journal and began the process of creating their replicas.

Five Nisga'a youth were honoured for their achievements
in the Expanding Traditions Project this summer

(Photo from NLG website)
The finished projects will become part of the education collection of the Nisga'a Museum and serve as a way for visitors to study the Ancestor's Collection.

More background on the program and the wrap up celebration can be found from this update from the Nisga'a Lisims Government website. Included in their review are a number of photos of the works created during the six weeks that the participants were involved in the program.

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