Tuesday, September 1, 2015

City launches search for Manager of Community Development and Civic Innovation

The moves from City Council to continue to add to listings of new civic employees continue on into September.

Notable on the new jobs listings this month, is the introduction of yet one more new position for City Hall, with The City now advertising for a Manager of Community Development and Civic Innovation.

The position which was just posted to the Civic Info BC Jobs opportunity Board on Monday, will add to the management team for the City of Prince Rupert. The new position comes with what appears to be a mission statement of assisting the dedicated professionals on hand in guiding the municipality towards a prosperous future.

The job reports to the City Manager and will involve work that supports other departments, while mapping out a sustainable community, as well as to champion the delivery of innovative solutions for many of the City's ongoing challenges.

Among some of the requirements for the job:

An undergraduate degree in engineering, business or other disciplines, as well as two years of related experience in an organizational setting, or an equivalent combination of relevant training and experience.

Knowledge of the Community Charter and Local Government Act.

Strong communication, organizational and contract administration skills are considered an essential ingredient for applicants.

The ability to work effectively with the public and other departmental stakeholders is also stressed in the job posting, as is the need for a proficiency in a computerized environment with a proven record for creative problem solving.

The position is exempt from union membership and offers what is described as a competitive salary and benefit package.

The Deadline for applications is Friday, September 18th at 4:30 with any interested applicants to direct their resumes to the Corporate Administrator, Mr. Rory Mandryk.

And while the position has not as of yet been posted to the City of Prince Rupert Employment Opportunities page, you can get a head start on reviewing the job specs through the Civic Info page here.

The Manager of Community Development and Civic Innovation Position is the second employment opportunity to have a deadline date in September, in late August the City posted this opportunity for a Heavy Duty Mechanic.

The latest in job opportunities with the City comes following a fairly active hiring season over the
spring and summer.

City Council noted back at the start of the year that it was their plan to increase significantly the number of positions on the city staff,  a process that the Mayor described in Spring Update of May as  the city's  way of preparing for speculative growth.

However, since that Spring update and in the lead up period prior to it, there has been little in the way of discussion or background from City Council during public council sessions as to why they believe some of these positions are required at this time.

The dedication towards adding to the employment rolls comes during a period that some in the community may consider a still fragile economic time for the City of Prince Rupert, with little in the way of any major new industry having actually launched in recent months within the city limits.

Yet concerns, if any, over perhaps over reaching on the employment side of things don't appear to be any kind of a topic for the City's council members to explore during their public sessions.

Considering their ongoing efforts to add on to the civic rolls, over the last six months one of the busiest offices at City Hall would be the Human Resources department.

By our count since February, the City has hired on additional staff of at least fifteen employees (and likely more owing to causal positions) in a number of departments.

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