Thursday, September 10, 2015

Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue used air resource in recent rescue call out

An Emergency Call out of September 3rd took some members of the Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue organization into the air, scouring the Mount Hays mountainside for a hiker who had become disorientated among his surroundings.

The call came into the local organization at 7:15 PM last Thursday evening, sending the local volunteer group to Mount Hays to determine their approach for the task at hand. 

With daylight hours dwindling on the evening, the unit made use of an air resource to make scans of the mountainside for the missing hiker.

Using the Skeena River Helicopter the searchers discovered the lost hiker around 8:15, effecting the rescue shortly after and landing safely at the Skeena River helicopters site fifteen minutes later.

Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue noted that the lost hiker followed three key rules to make his situation much better for the rescue search.

Calling for rescue immediately, allowing for use of as much of the daylight hours as was possible.

Remaining calm, staying warm and staying in one location.

Finding a way to be visible to rescue personnel, in this case the hiker waved an orange blanket and garbage bag to attract attention of those looking for him.

The story of last weeks rescue call out was posted to the Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue Facebook page.  

Below, you can review their account of the work of September 3rd, as well as some helpful hints to remember for any travels into the backcountry or area trails.

As well, a collection of photos from the air rescue are included on their Facebook page.

For more items from Northwest Emergency Responders files see our archive page here.

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