Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mid morning temblors recorded West of Port Hardy

Update: Seismic incident was actually two separate temblors (see notes below)

British Columbia's active fault line shuddered a bit on Saturday  morning with a 4.7 magnitude earthquake recorded at 10:38 this morning located 176 kilometres off the coast of Vancouver Island.

The stronger one followed a 4.2 magnitude quake just to the east less than one minute previous.

The temblors had a depth of 20 kilometres and did not generate any tsunami warning for coastal regions of Vancouver Island, nor have there been any indications that the movement was even noticed on the Island.

Today's seismic event was the first noticeable movement noted since a busy period of similar sized quakes took place earlier this year.

For more items related to seismic events on the North Coast and along the Alaska-British Columbia fault lines see our archive page here.

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