Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Northeast petition seeks to build support for Pacific NorthWest LNG project

Residents of Northeast B. C. are
taking a keen interest in the fate
of the Pacific NorthWest LNG project
As most resident on the North Coast are aware, the Pacific NorthWest LNG project is currently working its way through the final days of the Comment period with Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, one final opportunity for those that either support or oppose the proposed development to make their views known.

And while the project would offer the opportunity for major investment for the Prince Rupert region, this area is not the only part of the province which has an interest in progress of the proposed mega development.

The Northeast corner of B. C. also has a number of residents looking to make their views known, with over 500 in the Fort St. John area signing a petition of support in recent days.

The Group known as FSJ for LNG set up shop in front of a local store in the Northeast city, collecting signatures for the petition which will forwarded to the Federal Government, urging approval of the project.

The Federal Cabinet will make its decision once the CEAA has wrapped up the comment period and forwarded the final documentation to Ottawa.

The Fort St. John advocates began their work in December, creating a Facebook page to explain their petition and to seek out the assistance of those in the Northeast to share their support.

The group is hoping to expand its initiative to communities along the pipeline routes from Prince George through to Prince Rupert.

A similar style Facebook page, Say Yes to Lelu Island LNG has popped up in Prince Rupert seeking to bring together supporters of the proposed development for the Port Edward area.

That portal has been urging residents to take part in the comments phase of the Pacific NorthWest LNG process.

As we noted on the blog last week, the pace of building support for LNG and other industrial projects has picked up over the last few months, most recently with the announcement of a luncheon hosted by the Chamber of Commerce set for today, that event will hear from a number of speakers and look for ways to raise awareness of the support for responsible development in the region.

That lunch time meeting is taking place at the North Coast Convention Centre.

You can review the story on the Northeast petition plans from this item from the Alaska Highway News.

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