Monday, May 2, 2016

RCMP to receive new detachment head after City concludes hiring search

The City will soon be introduced to
a new Inspector in Charge for the
Prince Rupert detachment
The late stages of last weeks City Council meeting provided for some news on the issue of policing in Prince Rupert, with Mayor Lee Brain advising the public that the City has concluded its search for a new Detachment head. Though, he was quick to add that he could not reveal many details related to the  position until after the RCMP formally announce the selection.

The conversation on the pending arrival of a new Inspector in Charge for the detachment got its start through a question from Councillor Cunningham, who followed up on some previous comments from Councillor Thorkelson on the past practice of a receiving a regular update on local issues from the detachment, suggesting that the City should get back into that model of information gathering.

From that opening, Mayor Brain made the announcement that the City is in the process of hiring a new head for the detachment and once that person is in place, the City would be looking to receive more frequent updates.

Mayor Brain and Councillor
Thorkelson went back and forth
over the hiring of a new detachment
head at Monday's Council session
Councillor Thorkelson picked up on the conversation from that point, recounting how in the past City Council members were involved in the hiring process, asking questions of candidates related to the type of policing that would be promoted in the community and to explore what the potential candidates considered to be their priorities when it came to local concerns and law enforcement.

With the Mayor having noted that the process was now underway, she asked if Council members would have that opportunity once again.

The Mayor clarified the current process, outlining how the City had already reviewed the applications and made their choice, a theme which appeared to catch the Councillor by surprise.

Inquiring further as to that process, Ms. Thorkelson had a few questions for the Mayor related to how the committee was put together and when it was created. She was advised by the Mayor that the Call for Committee was made during an in camera session, with council members also offered the opportunity to put their names forward.

As for the composition of the hiring committee, Mayor Brain noted that he and Councillor Cunningham had taken part in the process, as well as the city's Human Resources manager.

With that, he noted that he really could not comment further on the background of the hiring until the RCMP made the decision official.

Councillor Thorkelson observed that she had concerns related to policing in the community and would like to know what direction the RCMP would be following under a new leader, Mayor Brain suggested that those topics could be addressed once the announcement is made.

You can review the discussion between the Mayor and Councillor Thorkelson from the City's Video Archive starting at the  2 hour, 23 minute point.

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