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Archive of Seismic events and information for 2017

Our Archive of  Seismic events in British Columbia and related information of interest to the residents of the North Coast.


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Emergency preparation information for Prince Rupert


December 26 -- Mild quake recorded off Craig, Alaska    NCR
December 18 -- Light earthquakes strike in northern B.C. and off Vancouver Island
December 12 -- Southeast Alaska rattles a bit, with a 3.4 mg temblor off of Craig, Alaska  NCR
December 5 -- 4.0 magnitude temblor recorded off southern tip of Haida Gwaii  NCR
December 3 -- 4.2 magnitude quake recorded Northwest of Port Hardy NCR


November 27 -- Mild earthquake felt in Victoria
November 27 -- Shaking felt as 2.4 magnitude earthquake strikes near Langford
November 27 -- Small earthquake strikes Greater Victoria
November 21 -- 4.7 magnitude quake rattles along West coast of Vancouver Island  NCR


October 26 -- Small temblor recorded NW of Prince Rupert overnight  NCR
October 19 -- Is Prince Rupert prepared for an earthquake?
October 19 -- British Columbians to practice their earthquake drills this morning  NCR
October 19 -- The North Coast's Ms. Rice, with some earthquake preparation advice  NCR
October 11 -- Moderate earthquake rattles area west of Tofino overnight  NCR
October 10 -- B.C. researchers develop spray on solution to combat costly quakes
October 10 -- A concrete spray that keeps walls from crumbling in a quake is being tested in B.C.
October 3 -- Debris from Japanese Tsunami deliver foreign species to BC


September 28 -- MLA shares emergency preparation themes with constituents NCR
September 26 -- Is Vancouver Island ready for a large quake?
September 20 -- City seeks bids for study on Tsunami risk for the community  NCR
September 20 -- Vancouver island without an integrated earthquake warning system
September 9 -- What Can B.C. learn from Mexico's earthquake?
September 5 -- Small earthquake shakes West Coast of Vancouver Island
September 5 -- Earthquake rattles, Ucluelet, Port Alberni areas
September 5 -- Second earthquake hits Sooke this morning
September 5 -- 3.8 mg quake North of Ucluelet


August 22 -- Haida Gwaii's historic earthquake of 1949 remembered today  NCR
August 10 -- 4.2 magnitude temblor recorded Northwest of Haida Gwaii Wednesday evening  NCR


June 19 -- Quake measuring 4.6 rattles central Vancouver Island, no damage reported
June 19 -- Small earthquake on Vancouver Island

May 1

May 19 -- 4.1 temblor recorded off of Tofino this morning  NCR
May 1 -- Pair of earthquakes rattles Whitehorse
May 1 -- Strong earthquake, aftershocks hit Southeast Alaska, Yukon
May 1 -- Quakes jolt Yukoners awake
May 1 -- Strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake jolts parts of Yukon and Northwestern B.C.
May 1 -- Yukon, Alaska, northern B.C. rocked by quake, then another
May 1 -- Strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake, multiple aftershocks, jolt part of Northwestern B.C., Yukon
May 1 -- 6.2 magnitude earthquake rattles northern B.C. 
May 1 -- Yukon, B.C. hit by dozens of aftershocks after magnitude 6.2 quake


March 29 -- 4.2 magnitude earthquake recorded off coast of Haida Gwaii NCR
March 25 -- 3.2 magnitude temblor recorded along Alaska panhandle  NCR
March 7 -- 4.0 temblor recorded off Vancouver Island this morning  NCR


February 22 -- 4.8 magnitude quake recorded SouthWest of Port Hardy  NCR
February 18 -- 4.0 temblor rattles Powell River and Vancouver Island  NCR
February 11 -- 4.8 magnitude temblor recorded off Vancouver Island Saturday Night  NCR


January 12 -- Geologist discusses earthquakes and tsunamis (audio)
January 6 -- Add another temblor to today's list off Vancouver Island  NCR
January 6 -- Multiple earthquakes recorded off of Vancouver Island this morning  NCR

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