Tuesday, January 3, 2017

BC Assessment notices available online; set to arrive this week by mail

Indications seem to be that property assessment levels for many Prince Rupert homeowners may be on the rise, with BC Assessment releasing Assessment information on line yesterday.

That at least from some of the notes starting to be found on social media, as local residents call up their property listings online to see what figure BC Assessment has settled on, with more than a few noting that they have seen increases from last years numbers.

The hard copy of the mailed assessment is in the mail and its way to your home, however, for those that want to check out the latest notice the process is a simple matter of using your PID number in the BC Assessment data base, that pulls up the 2017 Assessment notice for your review.

You can access the BC assessment data base here. The e-value service also allows you the opportunity to look over neighbouring properties and compare sales and assessment values

Some background on how BC assessment determines the value of property and how those assessments relate to Civic Property taxes can be reviewed here.

The assessment agency also outlines how the assessment valuation process works through a video presentation, which takes residents through the various steps that BC Assessment takes to determine their appraisal values.

BC Assessment addresses the topic of assessed value and its impact on municipal tax rates through an infographic, one which wraps up with the reminder to contact local government or taxing authorities if you have a question about property taxes.

Residents who may feel that their assessment is in need of a review from the Assessment Review Panel have until January 31st to file a notice of complaint. That process can be reviewed below:

The North Coast is not the only area that appears destined for a bump in assessment values, even in these early days of assessment delivery, the increased numbers are making for much in the way of discussion around the province.

Though in some instances the numbers being bounced around in the rest of the province are well beyond the pace of assessment for Prince Rupert and area.

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With the assessment values having an impact on taxation levels for July as well, you can learn more about the City's taxation process from our archive page here.

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