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From the House of Commons 2017 Archive

Items of Note, both local and national about the work of Nathan Cullen, the NDP MP for Skeena - Bulkley Valley in the capital, as well as other items from the Federal Governments actions which may impact on the Northwest.

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General Overview of notes of interest from the Federal Political Scene

Items from the Electoral Reform files (notes on the work of the Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP on electoral reform)



December 20 -- With two LPG terminals planned for Prince Rupert, rail safety is on the mind of MP Nathan Cullen  NCR
December 19 -- Cullen concerned with what LPG Terminals could mean for rail safety in the Northwest  (audio)
December 18 -- MP Nathan Cullen comments on Site C
December 18 -- MP to host Open House today from 4 until 5:30 PM  NCR
December 17 -- Cullen reflects on 2017
December 15 -- MP willing to hear out Greyhound funding proposal (audio)
December 14 -- What's in a name, anyway?
December 14 -- MP Nathan Cullen to meet with Greyhound
December 14 -- Nathan Cullen on Greyhound (video)
December 12 -- Northwest politicians weigh in on NDP's Site C decision  NCR
December 10 -- Cullen urges Northwest residents to attend Greyhound meetings
December 8 -- Cullen on Greyhound Canada's Northern BC Plans (video)
December 8 -- Cullen urges Northwest Residents to attend Greyhound meetings
December 7 -- Cullen: abandoned vessel act is missing teeth
December 7 -- Nathan Cullen on name change plans for Northwest riding (video)
December 7 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley Riding Name Change on Hold 
December 6 -- Cullen goes back to the drawing board on proposed riding name change
December 6 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding name on hold
December 6 -- Cullen holds off on Skeena-Bulkley Valley name change
December 6 -- Burns Lake Poll: Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding name should not change
December 6 -- Mr. Cullen's mea culpa on Skeena-Bulkley Valley name change plans  NCR
December 6 -- Nathan Cullen on women's rights (video)
December 4 -- Cullen asks for second opinion on Riding Name Change
December 1 -- More public input on federal riding name change
December 1 -- Cullen reconsiders riding name change, asks for more feedback
December 1 -- MP Nathan Cullen seeks further feedback regarding riding name change


November 29 -- Cullen to propose Riding Name Change
November 29 -- Cullen proposes new name for riding
November 28 -- Cullen: Abandoned vessel act is missing teeth
November 28 -- MP Nathan Cullen to propose name change for federal riding  NCR
November 28 -- Cullen proposes riding name change
November 28 -- Jennifer Rice, Nathan Cullen weigh in on Jake Shearer and barge situation off Bella Bella  NCR
November 27 -- Cullen calls on Liberals to support Heiltsuk plan for Indigenous Marine Response Centre
November 27 -- MP Nathan Cullen looks for more action on housing following Federal Housing Strategy roll out  NCR
November 23 -- MP Nathan Cullen speaks up about ethics in the House of Commons
November 22 -- Cullen pans housing plan
November 22 -- Cullen on Housing strategy and solutions  (video)
November 22 -- Cullen Says Federal Housing Strategy needs local input to be effective
November 22 -- Cullen Phoenix Pay problems  NCR
November 22 -- Cullen wants to hear from Federal Employees wrestling with Phoenix
November 8 -- Cullen named Parliament's top orator for second straight year -- Mclean's magazine
November 8 -- Maclean's hails MP Nathan Cullen as 'Best Orator' in Parliamentarian of the year Wards  NCR
November 7 -- Federal government changes course on Indian Act sex-based discrimination
November 7 -- Ottawa and the House of Commons could be calling for CHSS grads  NCR
November 6 -- Ketchikan Council to express support for Prince Rupert's AMHS Ferry Terminal renovations  NCR
November 6 -- The NDP's Nathan Cullen on the one time Jack Layton yelled at him
November 3 -- Feds amending access-to-information bill will create public conflict: Cullen
November 1 -- NDP wants Liberals to drop pension bill which they say puts minister in conflict


October 26 -- Ethics watchdog has 'concerns' about potential conflict for Morneau on pension bill
October 21 -- A finance minister under seige: What's next for Bill Morneau?
October 19 -- Federal workers rally across B.C. over Phoenix Pay system
October 19 -- Treasury Board president willing to amend access to information bill in response to First Nation concerns
October 18 -- Phoenix protest in Prince Rupert (video)
October 18 -- Federal employees protest Phoenix Pay System in Prince Rupert
October 18 -- Phoenix payroll protestors rally in Prince Rupert
October 17 -- Cullen blasts Federal Liberals on Small Business Tax Promises
October 17 -- NDP, Conservatives call for probes into Bill Morneau's assets
October 17 -- Cullen blasts Liberals on Small Business Tax promises
October 12 -- Cullen hosts Town Hall on Federal Tax Reform proposals tonight in Smithers
October 11 -- Coastal First Nations and Federal Government reach Fisheries Management Agreement  NCR
October 10 -- Cullen hosts meetings on small business tax reform in Smithers, Terrace
October 10 -- Prince Rupert absent from Tax Reform sessions planned by MP Nathan Cullen NCR
October 4 -- Local MPs share concerns in light of recent cyber-security breach
October 2 -- MP Nathan Cullen hails first ballot victory for Jagmeet Singh  NCR


September 29 -- Northern MP weighs in on MMIWG hearings from Smithers
September 29 -- Elmer Derrick's final journey brings return to Northwest NCR
September 22 -- Cullen concerned about Greyhound Service Cut Plan
September 22 -- MP Nathan Cullen says Greyhound can do more to keep Northern Service
September 22 -- Smithers to host MMIWG inquiry next week  NCR
September 22 -- Phoenix payroll system under budget? Sounds like creative accounting to expert
September 21 -- Why do tax crusaders Trudeau and Morneau suddenly look so nervous?
September 21 -- Phoenix leaked employees' date, says privacy commissioner
September 21 -- Cullen increasingly frustrated with Missing Women's Inquiry
September 21-- Hereditary Chiefs of Lax Kw'alaams speak out again on Oil Tanker Moratorium and Great Bear Rainforest  NCR
September 20 -- Opposition MPs urge Morneau to extend tax proposals to family trusts
September 20 -- Cullen endorses Singh for Federal NDP leadership
September 20 -- Cullen endorses Jagmeet Singh to lead federal NDP Party
September 20 -- MP Nathan Cullen endorses Jagmeet Singh in Leadership race for Federal NDP
September 20 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP throws support to Jagmeet Singh in NDP leadership contest  NCR
September 19 -- Canada's privacy commissioner 'very concerned' about corder phone searches
September 18 -- Canadians should worry about U.S. border searches of cell phones: privacy czar
September 16 -- NDP drawing fall plans 'in pencil' due to leadership race
September 6 -- Skeena MP latest to weigh in on Greyhound application to end Northern BC service  NCR
September 5 -- Government added privacy protections to MyDemocracy.ca contract only after privacy commissioner began investigation: documents


August 31 -- Trio of federal politicians host BBQ, conversation at Rotary Lakeside Park
August 24 -- MP Nathan Cullen wants the Feds to keep promise on Reviewing Fisheries Act
August 5 -- Business as usual for Kitimat's LNG projects
August 3 -- North Coast received what they voted for by electing NDP


July 31 -- NDP Leadership race enters critical stage as candidates prepare final push
July 27 -- MP Cullen says LNG didn't have enough local support
July 25 -- Nathan Cullen cites lack of "Social Licence" as one factor towards Pacific NorthWest LNG cancellation NCR
July 25 -- A shoe drops for Petronas ... and Prince Rupert is not a good fit for Malaysia's LNG terminal plans  NCR
July 21 -- Short notice for MMIW inquiry community meetings
July 13 -- National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls to stop in Smithers  NCR
July1 2 -- Federal commissioners asked to probe Liberal-connected firm's cash-for-access pitch
July 12 -- Environmental groups point to Federal Carbon ambitions in presentations against Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR
July 7 -- Federal infrastructure grants to take a Green swing  NCR


June 16 -- MP Nathan Cullen is urging the Federal Government to support wild salmon
June 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen wants more action on Softwood Lumber File
June 14 -- Expat Canadians fret bill allowing their vote is doomed, despite Liberal vow
June 14 -- Elections BC reviewing political flyers from federal NDP
June 13 -- NDP calls for new committee to review watchdog appointments
June 12 -- NDP proposes rule change for watchdogs
June 12 -- Northwestern B.C. NDP MP deals with new faces both in Victoria and in  Ottawa
June 12 -- NDP aims to change rules to guarantee Non-Partisan Federal Watchdogs
June 1 -- MP Nathan Cullen's electoral reform motion defeated yesterday in Parliament


May 31 -- Liberals' fundraising bill fails to quell cash-for-access charges
May 30 -- Critical electoral reform vote tomorrow in Parliament: MP Nathan Cullen
May 24 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen on tour demanding electoral reform
May 22 -- Electoral reform advocate on the move
May 17 -- Cullen concerned about loopholes in Tanker Ban legislation
May 15 -- Reaction pour in on Oil Tanker Moratorium Act
May 13 -- Liberals bill to ban North coast tankers a 'milestone;' Cullen
May 12 -- Liberals introduce oil-tanker ban for north coast and Haida Gwaii
May 4 -- Nathan Cullen scolded for comparing Liberal fundraising changes to polishing a 'turd'


April 28 -- MP Nathan Cullen continues fight for electoral reform
April 28 -- MP Nathan Cullen on the road for Electoral Reform
April 27 -- MP Nathan Cullen Talks MMIWG Inquiry and Marijuana legalization (audio)
April 27 -- Cullen on Softwood (video)
April 3 -- The push back for electoral reform NCR
April 3 -- Electoral reform hopes kept alive as Nathan Cullen leads the charge  NCR


March 27 -- Nathan Cullen isn't giving up on democratic reform (audio)
March 24 -- Cullen launches Cross-Canada Tour to Save Electoral reform
March 24 -- Cullen continues battle to change Canada's voting system
March 23 -- Feds asleep as fishing crisis looms
March 23 -- Nathan Cullen planning Town-Hall meetings across Canada to Save electoral reform
March 23 -- Nathan Cullen presents electoral reform petition to Parliament  NCR
March 22 -- Northern BC MPs criticize federal budget
March 22 -- NDP Deputy Finance Critic Nathan Cullen calls Today's budget Speech the Backload budget
March 22 -- Federal budget shows lack of Liberal campaign promises: Critic
March 2 -- Nathan Cullen assigned additional role with NDP caucus in Ottawa  NCR
March 1 -- MP Nathan Cullen takes on new roles amid NDP leadership race


February 28 -- NWCC 'Open the Doors' Open House (video)
February 17 -- Electoral reform? What electoral reform? NCR
February 16 -- European Trade Deal could get Canada sued by Foreign Companies: MP Nathan Cullen
February 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen concerned Trudeau dropped the ball in recent visit with Trump
February 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen throws his support behind Terrace Hospital expansion plans (video)
February 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen discusses latest census numbers (audio)
February 14 -- Nathan Cullen's Terrace forum looks at electoral reform   (video)
February 11 -- Fight for electoral reform continues 
February 13 -- Nathan Cullen hosts Trump Forum in Terrace  (video)
February 9 -- Cullen talks Trump (video)
February 7 -- Electoral reform betrayal
February 7 -- Petition calls for Federal government to uphold electoral reform promise
February 6 -- Liberal's Electoral Reform decision remains contentious issue for MP Nathan Cullen NCR
February 2 -- PM acted like a "spoiled child' in dismissing electoral reform: Cullen
February 1 -- Cullen calls Trudeau a Liar, After PM abandons Electoral Reform Promise
February 1 -- MP Nathan Cullen calls Trudeau's broken electoral reform promise a betrayal


January 31 -- Nathan Cullen pitches all-party bill on electoral reform
January 24 -- Cullen on NDP leadership (video)
January 20 -- Northwestern BC NDP MP still not interested in leadership bid
January 19 -- Toboggan Creek Fish Hatchery under threat of closing 
January 19 -- Toboggan Creek Hatchery (video)
January 19 -- MP Nathan Cullen and Smithers Hatchery raise concerns about lack of funding (audio)
January 19 -- MP Nathan Cullen pressures Feds to Fund Fish Hatcheries
January 16 -- MP Nathan Cullen calls possible plans for shipping LNG out of Ridley a 'good first step'  NCR
January 9 -- AltaGas project gets seal of approval from Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP  NCR
January 7 -- Cullen gives proposed Propane Export Terminal Big Thumbs Up
January 6 -- MP Nathan Cullen welcomes AltaGas Ridley Island Propane Export Facility

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