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Health Archives for 2017 -- Northern Health Backgrounders

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Northern Health's policies and events involving Health Issues across Northern BC and on the North Coast.

For items specific to Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert Regional Hospital see our archive page here.

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December 23 -- Air Advisories issued for Smithers, Houston
December 22 -- Competition is tough as Northern Health looks to fill positions in Prince Rupert and across Northern British Columbia  NCR
December 22 -- Bulkley Valley Air Advisory in effect
December 22 -- Air Quality advisory issued for Smithers
December 22 -- Air Quality advisories issued for Smithers, Houston
December 20 -- Over 360 job postings at Northern Health
December 14 -- Kids staying at UHBNC received an early Christmas surprise
December 14 -- Northern Health nurse says most smokers want to quit
December 14 -- Champion of Northern medicine mourned
December 13 -- Santa Claus visits UHNBC (video)
December 13 -- Influential Prince George Medical Leader passes away
December 13 -- New hospital recruits more junior volunteers
December 13 -- Kids in the Hospital got a visit from the Man in Red
December 13 -- Community mourns doctor who put focus on health care in the north
December 12 -- Northern Health Celebrates 500th MRI scan in Terrace (video)
December 12 -- Unvacinated hospital visitors asked to wear surgical masks
December 12 -- BC Indigenous Cancer Strategy announced
December 12 -- BC announces Indigenous cancer strategy built on culturally safe care
December 12 -- Mental Health minister praises downtown review
December 11 -- Northern Health connections bus service to move to seasonal schedule over holidays  NCR
December 9 -- Northern Health struggling to find employees willing to move North
December 7 -- Flu Season concerns
December 7 -- Northern Health urging you to get your flu shot
December 7 -- CNC Burns Lake Postpones Nursing Program until September
December 6 -- Northern Health reinforces flu policy for visitors to all facilities NCR
December 6 -- Northern Health Review finds gaps in Downtown PG Health Services
December 6 -- Northern Health sees staffing shortage
December 6 -- Keeping track of Bulkley Valley air pollution
December 6 -- Review criticizes downtown Prince George health services
December 6 -- Smithers air Quality Advisory ended
December 5 -- Northern Health to revamp service delivery (video)
December 5 -- Northern Health review provides recommendations for Downtown Prince George health services (NH info statement)
December 5 -- Air quality advisory for Smithers ended
December 5 -- Northern Health Wildfire costs paid in full by BC Government
December 5 -- Northern Health anticipates wildfire costs to paid in full by BC government
December 5 -- Air Quality Advisory for Smithers
December 4 -- Holiday schedule for Northern Health Connections
December 4 -- Northern Health Connections modified holiday schedule (NH info statement)
December 4 -- University Hospital of Northern BC expansion on the horizon  (video)
December 4 -- Northern Health connections modified Holiday Schedule
December 2 -- Northern Health asks visitors without a current flu shot to wear a mask
December 1 -- Some visitors to Northern health facilities asked to wear a surgical mask
December 1 -- Mills Memorial marks MRI milestone
December 1 -- MRI Milestone (video)
December 1 -- Terrace MRI hits milestone
December 1 -- MRI Milestone at Mill memorial Hospital 
December 1 -- Northern Health implements Flu Policy (video)
December 1 -- Flu policy for visitors in effect at all NH facilities  (NH info statement)
December 1 -- MRI services reach a milestone at Fort St. John Hospital  (NH info statement)
December 1 -- MRI Services reach a milestone at Mills Memorial Hospital  (NH info statement)


November 30 -- Northern Health Grants Regional communities Physical activity funding
November 28 -- Northern Health confirms Burns Lake privacy breach NCR
November 28 -- No materinty ward, unreliable medivac, dangerous roads: why doctors tell pregnant women to leave Fort Nelson
November 27 -- Kitimat ends water quality advisory
November 25 -- Pilot study looks at health effects of fracking on pregnant women in Northeast B.C.
November 24 -- Privacy breach a Burns Lake hospital
November 24 -- Kitimat issues water quality advisory
November 22 -- Metlakatla First Nation hosts Members flu clinic tomorrow  NCR
November 21 -- Group lobbies for mental health advocate
November 21 -- Boosting Vitamin D intake in Winter (video)
November 20 -- Don't miss out on the Kitimat Health Fair
November 16 -- Northern Health using own strategy when it comes to overdoses in rural areas
November 14 -- Night vision for Rupert's air ambulances
November 10 -- Air quality advisory ended for Smithers area
November 10 -- Air Quality Advisory issued for Terrace
November 10 -- Air Quality advisory issued for Smithers
November 10 -- Northern Health files lawsuit over power failure
November 8 -- Flu season is here (video)
November 8 -- Burns Lake Air Quality Advisory
November 8 -- Application period for Northern Health Imagine program now underway  NCR
November 7 -- Health experts urge residents to get flue] shots
November 7 -- Countering overdoses with Naloxone (video)
November 6 -- Condition of Health Centre sidewalk in Houston
November 3 -- Join the discussion for a healthy future in Chetwynd and area  (NH info statement)
November 3 -- Kitimat lifts boil water notice
November 3 -- Join the discussion for a healthy future in Fort Nelson and area (NH info statement)
November 3 -- Boil Water notice lifted in Kitimat
November 2 -- Radiology Review (video)
November 2 -- Radiology inquiry releases findings  NCR
November 2 -- Flu shots now available with the approach of Flu Season near  NCR
November 1 -- E-cigarette survey not proving to be a smokescreen
November 1 -- Imagine Community Grants back for second time this year
November 1 -- First look at new Cottonwood Manor units in Houston
November 1 -- B.C. radiologist's questionable work missed due to poor communication, privacy concerns, report finds


October 31 -- Radiology review finds 10 per cent discrepancy
October 31 -- Boil Water continues in Kitimat; Water Crisis Over in Wiset/Moricteown
October 31 -- Healthy Halloween Eating (video)
October 29 -- Medical assistance in dying seminar draws crowd
October 25 -- Houston's Cottonwood Schematics
October 25 -- Hospital stay cost higher than average in Burns Lake
October 25 -- New digital mammography machine construction inn Smithers
October 25 -- New doctors start seeing patients in Burns Lake
October 25 -- Person with gunshot wound treated at Houston Hospital
October 22 -- Student nurses gain new perspective working in India
October 22 -- Healthier You Expo flu shot clinic proves popular
October 21 -- Skeena MLA seeks more info on Mills Memorial replacement plans NCR
October 20 -- Thornhill Water update (video)
October 20 -- Healthier You Expo goes Sunday at CNC in Prince George
October 20 -- Province chips in for healthier you expo (video)
October 20 -- Healthier You Expo has new partner and New location
October 20 -- Boil water advisory lifted
October 20 -- Thornhill Boil Water Advisory rescinded
October 20 -- Thornhill Boil Water Advisory rescinded
October 20 -- Spirit of the North healthcare foundation receives donation
October 19 -- Northern Health board meeting highlights  (NH info statement)
October 19 -- Two UHNBC projects moving ahead
October 19 -- Mental issues a concern for health staff, report shows
October 19 -- Talks lift hopes for new hospital
October 19 -- Thornhill boil Water Advisory continues as RD awaits Water Test
October 19 -- Thornhill boil water advisory remains for now
October 18 -- How to Make the Best of Your Turkey leftovers (video)
October 18 -- John Rustad: long waits for medevac unacceptable
October 17 -- Downtown Prince George needs public toilets (audio)
October 17 -- Water Quality Advisory for Kitimat
October 17 -- Kitimat issues water quality advisory
October 16 -- Regional District maintains boil water advisory
October 16 -- Thornhill Water Issues (video)
October 16 -- Boil Water Advisory continues tor Thornhill
October 13 -- Northern Health responds to call for services for addicts and their families in Dawson Creek (audio)
October 13 -- Boil water advisory for Thornhill continues
October 13 -- Thornhill boil water notice still in effect (audio)
October 13 -- Foundry Prince George has opened for youth struggling with mental illness (video)
October 13 -- Northern Health sees drug death decrease as BC eclipses 2016 numbers
October 12 -- UNBC earns top marks in Maclean's survey
October 12 -- UNBC No. 2 in Maclean's rankings
October 12 -- UNBC maintains top three ranking in latest Maclean's Magazine survey
October 12 -- Youth mental wellness centre officially opens in Prince George
October 12 -- Health, Social service centre opens
October 11 -- Northern Health gives doctor recruitment update
October 11 -- Burns Lake medevac issue discussed at UBCM
October 11 -- Thornhill Boil Water advisory (video)
October 11 -- Five babies born in Burns Lake Hospital
October 11 -- Boil Water Advisory issued for Thornhill
October 10 -- Boil water Notice issues for Thornhill
October 8 -- Air Quality advisory in effect for Houston
October 6 -- Northern Health Chair named
October 6 -- Boil Water Advisory issued For Granisle
October 6 -- Smithers is pushing to keep stringent smoke control regulations in place
October 4 -- Prince George Hospice receives provincial recognition on program (video)
October 3 -- Rupert schools continue to rectify water issues
October 2 -- Pharmacare comes into effect, First Nations join provincial healthcare


September 29 -- Sandspit clinic opens with new ultrasound machine
September 28 -- Smithers water OK (video)
September 28 -- Smithers Boil water notice lifted
September 28 -- University Hospital of Northern BC Breast Imaging clinic officially opens   (NH info statement)
September 28 -- Smithers hospital received 90 thousand dollars for new CT Scanner
September 28 -- Boil water notice for Smithers has ended
September 28 -- Prince George Breast Health Centre Officially opens
September 28 -- Smithers Boil Water notice lifted
September 28 -- New breast imaging clinic open at Prince George hospital
September 28 -- Breast imaging clinic opens at UHNBC
September 27 -- Medevac may be a one-way trip only in B.C.
September 25 -- Water quality sampling begins in Smithers
September 25 -- Northern Health announce a pair of new Board members
September 22 -- Health authority appointments announced
September 22 -- Government makes changes to Northern Health Board
September 21 -- Smithers water
September 21 -- Mills Memorial Hospital topic of Legislature discussion Wednesday NCR
September 21 -- News on water quality in Smithers expected next week
September 20 -- CNC welcomes back dental hygiene program
September 20 -- Dental Hygiene program back in full swing at CNC
September 19 -- Disinfection of the Smithers water system is nearly complete
September 19 -- Kitimat water advisory lifted
September 19 -- Northern Health hosting free screening of infant feeding film
September 19 -- Smithers boil water advisory continues
September 18 -- Bulkley Valley fundraising gala is ready for October in Smithers
September 18 -- Northwest water advisories (video)
September 18 -- Kitimat Water Okay, Smithers Boil Water Advisory still in effect
September 18 -- Kitimat off boil water advisory, Smithers continues for third week
September 18 -- Hopes of LNG, concerns over hospital replacement among themes for Skeena MLA Ellis Ross NCR
September 17 -- Smithers Mayor releases statement on Boil Water notice
September 16 -- Prince George Aids Walk on Today
September 15 -- Northern BC outpaces province for heart disease hospitalization rates
September 14 -- Better at Home gets boost from district
September 14 -- Granisle issues a boil water advisory
September 14 -- Water advisory in Kitimat
September 13 -- CNC holds biannual scrubs drive
September 13 -- BC Nurses union elated with health sector investments from budget update
September 12 -- Smithers water disinfection begins today
September 12 -- Smithers water update (video)
September 12 -- Don't scrap those scrubs
September 12 -- Water Quality Advisory issued for District of Kitimat
September 12 -- Smithers to start water disinfection today with boil water notice still in effect
September 12 -- Smithers Begins Water Disinfection program
September 12 -- CNC looking for donations of used scrubs
September 12 -- Smithers disinfecting water reservoirs
September 11 -- Boil water notice in Smithers remains in effect
September 9 -- Mental Health awareness this weekend
September 8 -- Smoky Skies Bulletin lifted for P.G.
September 8 -- Boil Water Notice continues in Smithers until further notice
September 8 -- Bulkley Valley removed from Smokey skies Bulletin
September 8 -- Still No Solution for Water issue in Smithers
September 7 -- Smithers may rescind boil water advisory tonight after successful testing
September 7 -- News on Water Quality in Smithers expected Friday evening
September 7 -- Smithers under Boil Water order
September 7 -- Two new doctors for Burns Lake will end Decades long shortage: Mayor
September 6 -- Northern Health puts Prince George back on smoky skies bulletin
September 6 -- New counsellor service for kids in Houston
September 6 -- Some Good news coming from latest water tests, Boil Notice still in place for Smithers
September 5 -- Smithers Mayor provides water quality update
September 5 -- Boil Water notice continues for Smithers
September 4 -- Town of Smithers issues update on Boil Water advisory
September 2 -- Boil water advisory continues for Smithers
September 2 -- Northern Health issues boil water notice
September 1 -- NH Connections Buses 'exclusively for people travelling for health reasons'   NCR
September 1 -- Night Vision being added to emergency helicopters
September 1 -- HeliJet to introduce night vision for air medical flights in 2018  NCR


August 28 -- Medical teams being formed to address complex health issues
August 20 -- Health Officer bids Terrace a fond farewell
August 18 -- Northern Health will decide on funding for Smithers' CT scanner in 2018
August 17 -- BV Health Care and Hospital foundation edge closer to CT Scanner fundraising goal
August 17 -- Northern Health Starts sending Patients and Clients back to Williams Lake
August 17 -- Terrace MRI up and running
August 17 -- Prince George doctor concerned about long-term health effects of wildfire smoke (audio)
August 16 -- $90K Raised at Smithers celebrity golf tournament this year for new CT Scanner 
August 15 -- Investigation launched after stroke discovered only after four hospital visits (audio)
August 14 -- Northern Health Connections on summer maintenance schedule until end of month  NCR
August 14 -- Investigation launched after B.C. father visits hospital 4 times before stroke diagnosis
August 13 -- Northern Health restates health advisory to reduce effects of smoky skies (NH info statement)
August 10 -- Investigation launched into Wrinch Memorial (audio)
August 10 -- Terrace hospital increasing capacity for heart-scans
August 10 -- New echocardiogram machine will improve work flow for the Mills Memorial Hospital  (audio)
August 9 -- NH Connections Summer Maintenance Schedule
August 9 -- Northern Health Connections annual summer maintenance (NH info statement)
August 7 -- Lack of care frustrates postpartum advocate
August 7 -- Hospice society needs to raise $1.3 M this year
August 4 -- June showing increase in drug overdoses for the province
August 3 -- Blue-green algae tips for summer - have fun but be safe around the lake  (NH info statement)
August 3 -- First Nations Five Times more likely to overdose
August 1 -- New UNBC course examines the history of childbirth


July 28 -- Gitanmaax Welcomes Health Centre opening
July 27 -- When the need for public toilets is a health concern (audio)
July 20 -- More emergency doctors to speed up care in Terrace
July 20 -- More emergency Doctor's added to Mills Memorial Hospital
July 19 -- Northern Health Wants to hear from people about improving wellness
July 19 -- "Things are looking positive:: An update from Leah's Dad
July 17 -- Maternity ward upgrades in Smithers (video)
July 17 -- New Maternity Ward for the Bulkley Valley
July 17 -- Ross says Health Ministry Needed Key Information to help fund Leah Wiebe's Cancer Treatment in USA
July 14 -- Leahs' Fight Update (video)
July 14 -- Leah Wiebe says Thank You as She prepares for Cancer Treatment in USA
July 14 -- Leah Wiebe's battle continues
July 13 -- Leah's Fight in Terrace (audio)
July 12 -- Leah's Fight (video)
July 12 -- New Psychiatrists coming to the northwest
July 12 -- Community rallies with fundraisers to support Leah's Fight For Life
July 11 -- Prenatal texting program arrives in Northwest BC
July 10 -- Wiebe Leukemia fight (video)
July 10 -- 'Please help Us Save Her' Terrace Mother's family rallies to fund Cancer treatment
July 4 -- UNBC researcher wins fellowship
July 2 -- MRI arrives at Mills Memorial


June 29 -- New MRI machine delivered to Terrace this week
June 28 -- Terrace MRI unit arrives (video)
June 28 -- Terrace receives new MRI
June 26 -- Medical program prof gets cancer research grant
June 20 -- Northern Health looks to bring digital mammography to Smithers
June 19 -- New medical clinic opens in Terrace
June 6 -- BCNU demanding better treatment options amidst opioid crisis
June 6 -- Two new MRI projects underway in Terrace and Fort St. John  (NH info statement)
June 5 -- Northern Health plans Bed Modelling for residential care in the Bulkley Valley
June 2 -- Tax notices are in, and Rupertites are paying form hospital upgrades


May 30 -- Northwest Regional District Hospital Board meets on Mammography
May 19 -- Concerns from Mills Memorial Hospital Radiology results review expands to other health organizations  NCR
May 18 -- Terrace radiologist who made hundreds of mistakes facing two more reviews
May 17 -- Port's Community investment fund provides help to Prince Rupert Hospice Society NCR
May 15 -- You can now FETCH medical information and much more in Northwest British Columbia  NCR
May 11 -- Smithers Council fighting to keep mammography services at BV Hospital
May 11 -- Health care takes leap forward at Mills Memorial Hospital
May 10 -- UHNBC Gets new Rehabilitation Wheelchairs
May 8 -- They walked with their doc in Terrace
May 8 -- "Walk with your Doc" a hit in Terrace
May 8 -- Terrace Doc Walk (video)
May 3 -- Average number of people waiting in hospital for residential care in Smithers increases


April 28 -- Smithers Council seeks meetings with NH on mammography and wait times at Bulkley Lodge
April 26 --  Stikine Candidates talk about future of mammography at BV Regional Hospital
April 20 -- Northern Health to phase out analog mammography machine at BC Hospital
April 12 -- New After Hours Registration process coming for Prince Rupert Regional Hospital   NCR
April 12 -- B.C. paramedics' effort to be named essential service fails
April 11 -- Northern Health announces new registration program
April 11 -- Northern Health to use video to help patients check-in at hospitals after hours (audio)
April 7 -- Northwest radiology images complete
April 7 -- Mills Memorial radiology review (video)
April 7 -- Review of Northwest radiology images complete  (NH info statement)
April 7 -- Mills Memorial radiology results review now complete  NCR
April 7 -- More beds for the University Hospital of Northern BC


March 26 -- Northwestern BC nurses rally for workplace
March 25 -- It's time to shift our health care priorities
March 25 -- The best place for a Terrace hospital
March 25 -- A familiar face has joined the Northern Health Board (video)
March 24 -- Giving away a piece of herself (audio)
March 24 -- CNC receives funding to expand healthcare programs
March 24 -- Northern Nurses Stand against changes to Health Care (video)
March 24 -- Prince Rupert Cancer fighter (video)
March 24 -- Gloves, gauze, baby wipes found in sewer mains
March 23 -- Money put towards medic training program
March 23 -- Nurses hold rally in Smithers, call for increased support and safety on the job
March 23 -- Nurses rally in Smithers to voice concerns
March 22 -- BCNU pushing Northern Health care priorities for provincial election
March 22 -- The case to make paramedics an essential service (audio)
March 22 -- Smithers nurses gathering outside MLA Donaldson's office tomorrow
March 20 -- Work underway for MRI space at Mills
March 19 -- Review of medical scans ongoing
March 18 -- Local health care foundation helping Northern Health advance their technology
March 18 -- New hospital will draw more professionals to Terrace
March 18 -- Let's make Terrace 'Hospitalville'
March 17 -- Planning for G.R. Baker upgrade
March 17 -- Pot of Gold For Northern Health
March 17 -- Province Supports improvements at Quesnel's G.R. Baker Memorial (video)
March 17 -- Terrace paramedics equipped to handle overdoses
March 16 -- Prince George Hospital looking for aboriginal welcoming art
March 15 -- Northern Plans to Hire more Senior Care Workers
March 15 -- Health Committee findings on Terrace population
March 11 -- BCEHS updating equipment, resources with $91.4M provincial investment
March 11 -- A chance to secure local jobs
March 10 -- Health assistant program coming to Vanderhoof
March 10 -- Healthier You Awards honour local health care champions
March 10 -- UNBC and Northern Health are in the Top 100 places to work in BC (video)
March 10 -- Prince George may be seeing a new way of Health Care (video)
March 10 -- Northern Health's IMAGINE Grant program taking applications until March 31st   NCR
March 9 -- More dollars for BC Emergency Health Services
March 9 -- Northern Health, Canfor and UNBC all named Top employers
March 9 -- Here's a glimpse of what a new Mills Memorial Hospital means for Terrace
March 8 -- Community grants now available
March 8 -- To your Health - National Nutritional Month tips (video)
March 8 -- Province funds more paramedics, dispatchers and ambulances
March 8 -- What will a new Terrace hospital mean for Rupert?
March 8 -- Ambulances added, paramedic house calls expanding
March 7 -- More doctors for Rural and Remote Communities
March 7 -- Trauma centre for Terrace would vastly increase medical services
March 6 -- Northern BC welcomes New Doctors (video)
March 6 -- Doctors coming to rural parts of the province
March 5 -- Prince George Cancer Centre welcomes new art
March 5 -- Terrace megaproject a go
March 3 -- Mills Memorial hospital announcement makes for a current in the North Coast election campaign stream  NCR
March 2 -- North Uses Unique tools to address health care recruitment
March 2 -- Terrace to get a brand new hospital
March 1 -- Rural B.C. health needs highlight committee report
March 1 -- Northern Health now accepting applications for Imagine Community Grants
March 1 -- Northern Health Now Accepting Imagine Community Grant applications
March 1 -- Healthy errors
March 1 -- Apply Now! Imagine Community Grants of up to $5,000 available to community groups, schools and other partners (NH info statement)
March 1 -- Terrace sending two resolutions to a gathering of northern and central municipalities (audio)
March 1 -- Mumps are at low risk


February 28 -- 'My cheeks hurt so hard from just grinning," says Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc (audio)
February 28 -- Terrace's Mills Memorial Hospital to get replacement announces Finance Minister (audio)
February 28 -- Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement Announcement (video)
February 28 -- New Hospital for Terrace?
February 28 -- Terrace getting new hospital
February 28 -- Outbreak at Prince Rupert nursing home
February 28 -- Provincial government offers nod of approval for replacement for Mills Memorial Hospital  NCR
February 27 -- Concerns over radiology results at Mills Memorial Hospital Spark Northern Health review NCR
February 26 -- Radiology concerns at Terrace hospital
February 24 -- Northern Health to notify radiological patients  (NH info statement)
February 24 -- Northern Health re-examines thousands of patient scans at Mills Memorial Hospital
February 24 -- Bell named to Northern Health board
February 24 -- Radiology mistakes could affect over 5,000 patients at Mills memorial Hospital
February 24 -- Northern Health Finalizes Medically Assisted Dying Policy (video)
February 23 -- Northern Health set to Review, improve Health Service in Prince George
February 23 -- Northern Health Tries to Combat Labour Shortages (video)
February 23 -- Two significant hospital projects wanted in northern B.C.
February 23 -- Northern Health Recruitment and Retention planning for the Future
February 23 -- Formal Northern Health Policy now in place for medically assisted dying
February 22 -- More Nurse practitioners wanted by Burns Lake Council
February 22 -- Terrace Mayor's budget reaction, with notes on Mills Memorial hospital (video)
February 22 -- Burns Lake advocating for more nurse practitioners in Rural areas
February 22 -- Northern Health Examining ways to improve delivery of Health Services in Downtown Prince George
February 21 -- Downtown Prince George health services under review
February 21 -- Northern Health reviewing downtown Prince George Health services  (NH info statement)
February 21 -- Person and Family focused care: NH Board meeting highlights  (NH info statement)
February 20 -- Northern Health working on addressing Surgical concerns
February 17 -- Premier Aware of Hospital Needs in P. G.
February 17 -- CNC Board approves Tuition hike, Suspension of Nursing Assistant Program
February 17 -- Active Community Grant Application Process to Begin in May
February 17 -- Active Grand Application process to begin in May
February 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen throws his support behind Terrace Hospital expansion plans (video)
February 14 -- Hospital projects elsewhere leave Prince George surgeon crying foul
February 12 -- Paramedics' petition to better BC Ambulance Service
February 10 -- Prince George Surgeons are 'furious' over recent announcements (video)
February 10 -- UNBC students looking for a new way to kill a Super-Bug (video)
February 10 -- Haida Gwaii case sparks calls for better B.C. air ambulance service
February 9 -- MRI replacement support 'mobilized' at University Hospital of Northern BC (NH info statement)
February 9 -- Mobile MRI Unit Arrives at UHNBC while old machine is being replaced
February 9 -- H.E.R.O.S supports report seeking better pre-hospital helicopter emergency services
February 9 -- H.E.R.O.S. Backs call for medical Emergency Transportation 
February 9 -- UNBC Students take on Super Bug
February 9 -- New MRI arrives at Prince George's UNHBC
February 8 -- 1 in 5 Northern Children living in poverty according to Northern Health (audio)
February 8 -- Councillor Cunningham raises concerns over potential health service losses should the status of Terrace hospital change NCR
February 8 -- TYH February is Heart month (video)
February 7 -- Paramedics petitioning in Smithers today to build support for essential service status
February 7 -- Growing Up Healthy (video)
February 7 -- Northern health check up features results of Reports on Child Health in Northern BC NCR
February 6 -- Northern Health releases report: 'Growing Up Healthy in Northern BC"  (NH info statement)
February 6 -- Growing Up health in Northern BC: Report Identifies Bright Spots and Black Holes for Child health
February 6 -- Poverty Seen As a Challenge to Healthy Kids (video)
February 6 -- Growing Up Healthy in Northern B.C. - Northern Health releases Report on Needs
February 6 -- Poverty a barrier to child health Northern Health finds
February 5 -- Call to boost health transportation
February 5 -- Calling on the Community for help (video)
February 4 -- Haida Gwaii doctor selling practice after daughter's French immersion program pulled
February 3 --  Rural workers and Residents Need Helicopter Emergency Medical Transportation Says Report 
February 3 -- B.C.'s Paramedics look to join police/fire responders as part of the Provincial Bargaining Act  NCR
February 2 -- New name for Haida Gwaii hospital?
February 2 -- Ombudsman report on Terrace Hospital (video)
February 1 -- 'If you live in rural B.C. you're not receiving the same service' for emergency care says Ombudsman (audio)
February 1 -- Rural air ambulance response lacking: ombudsman


January 27 -- B.C.'s telehealth program isn't working says northeeast BC mayor (audio)
January 26 -- Canadian Blood Services need more plasma, but not likely to re-open northern B.C. clinic (audio)
January 24 -- Study looks at link between cancer, anxiety
January 24 -- New UBC chair determined to improve health care for B.C's rural residents
January 23 -- GR Baker Memorial Hospital celebrates improved access to breast cancer screening (NH info statement)
January 23 -- Dawson Creek and District Hospital celebrates improved access to breast cancer screening (NH info statement)
January 19 -- Northern medical program's research in deaths from addiction (video)
January 19 -- Work camps brace for overdose deaths
January 18 -- Pharmacare issues have BC coalition seeking feedback from public NCR
January 18 -- Northern BC sets Transplant Record (video)
January 18 -- Record-breaking numbers for regional organ donors
January 18 -- Illicit drug overdoses rise in Prince George
January 17 -- Northern BC sees record of 21 organ transplants in 2016: PHSA
January 17 -- TYH: National Non-Smoking Week (video)
January 17 -- Petition push continues for Terrace's Mills Memorial Hospital  NCR
January 17 -- Hospice program gets provincial recognition
January 13 -- New Youth Centre set to Open Soon (video)
January 13 -- Ministry of Health opens new youth mental wellness centre in Prince George
January 13 -- YMCA to host centre to help trouble youth
January 12 -- Flu cases on the Rise in the North (video)
January 10 -- Why Must British Columbians Pay MSP Premiums?
January 10 -- To Your health - The Benefits of Tea (video)
January 9 --  Northern BC H.E.R.O.S. says province should use more helicopters in emergencies (audio)
January 9 -- Common respiratory illnesses circulating in the North East including Chetwynd (NH info statement)
January 9 -- Free HPV Vaccine Available soon for Grade 6 Boys (video)
January 6 -- BC Ministry of Health extends HPV vaccinations to boys
January 6 -- First Nations Health Authority wants health system to recognize intergenerational trauma (audio)
January 5 -- Hospice Awaits Funding Announcement (video)
January 5 -- Terrace has New Year's twins
January 4 -- Petition circulating wanting province to upgrade Mills Memorial Hospital (audio)
January 4 -- Twin Girls are Terrace's first babies of 2017
January 4 -- First baby of 2017 born in Terrace (NH info statement)
January 4 -- Prince Rupert New Year's Baby (video)
January 2 -- Gastrointestinal illness outbreak strikes hospital
January 2 -- Prince Rupert's New Year's Baby checks in at 11:06 AM New Years Day  NCR
January 2 -- First Baby of 2017 born in Vanderhoof   (NH info statement)
January 2 -- First Baby of 2017 born in Quesnel  (NH info statement)
January 2 -- First Baby of 2017 born in Dawson Creek (NH info statement)
January 2 -- First Baby of 2017 born in Smithers (NH info statement)
January 1 -- First Baby of 2017 born in Prince Rupert (NH info statement)
January 1 -- First Northern BC Baby of 2017 (NH info statement)

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