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Housing Issues of the Northwest -- 2017 Archive page

An Archive for 2017 of items related to Housing for the North West.


December 22 -- Smithers Council: supportive housing and citizen budget
December 16 -- Amendments will prevent unreasonable rent increases
December 16 -- New real estate rule will hurt Kitimat market
December 15 -- With Society status in place, Unity City of Prince Rupert begins work on homeless advocacy  NCR
December 15 -- Rent continues to rise in Prince Rupert, drops in Terrace
December 15 -- Ketchikan's Mountain Point land sale back on the table
December 13 -- Terrace council rezones properties to allow housing projects
December 13 -- Northern BC and provincial home sales soar in November: BCREA
December 12 -- Terrace Olsen Review (video)
December 12 -- Olson Housing Project Unanimously approved
December 12 -- Terrace Council approves rezoning for proposed housing development
December 9 -- Not all units at Kitimat's Douglas Place taken
December 9 -- Housing group buys Smithers' Hilltop
December 8 -- Supportive Housing proposal for 11th Ave East moves on to consultation phase  NCR
December 5 -- Prince Rupert Supportive Housing proposal (video)
December 4 -- New rule difficult for northern realtors
December 4 -- Recovery House passes first reading
December 4 -- Supportive Housing application for 11th Avenue East property up for review at tonight's Council session  NCR
December 3 -- West Fraser lot in Houston proceeds to subdivision application
December 1 -- BC Housing to move shelter location from Raffles 


November 29 -- Dismantling of City Hall Tent City, gives birth to new community based Society for the homeless  NCR
November 29 -- Still no plan for a men's homeless shelter in Burns Lake
November 27 -- MP Nathan Cullen looks for more action on housing following Federal Housing Strategy roll out  NCR
November 27 -- BC Housing reveals cost to run two homeless shelters 
November 24 -- Shelter for women fleeing abuse in Kitimat, says it doesn't have enough space
November 24 -- Homeless shelter opens with 25 beds
November 24 -- Mayor indicates Tent City tents to come down by end of weekend ... Tent City supporters say not so fast!  NCR
November 24 -- Jennifer Rice on National Housing Strategy  (video)
November 23 -- Tent City movement continues to grow in week two 
November 23 -- Prince Rupert marks the official opening of extreme weather shelter (audio)
November 23 -- Rupert Shelter update (video)
November 23 -- Prince Rupert's Extreme Weather Shelter off to smooth start
November 22 -- Cullen on Housing Strategy and Solutions  (video)
November 22 -- Cullen pans housing plan  (audio)
November 22 -- Cullen says Federal Housing Strategy needs local input to be effective
November 20 -- Rupert Shelter Opens (video)
November 19 -- Tamitik's transition house full to capacity
November 17 -- Prince Rupert Extreme Weather Shelter (video)
November 17 -- Downtown location found for an emergency shelter
November 17 -- Location picked for Prince Rupert's Extreme Weather Shelter
November 17 -- City announces new emergency winter shelter location
November 17 -- Prince Rupert Emergency Shelter site set for McLean and Rudderham building NCR
November 16 -- Province announces Affordable Housing in Terrace
November 16 -- Province's housing announcement features Prince Rupert plans, along with news for Terrace and Vernon  NCR
November 15 -- Terrace to get modular housing to help homeless
November 15 -- Housing proposed for street homeless
November 15 -- Housing, a basic right
November 15 -- Rupert Homeless housing (video)
November 15 -- "I'm still cold': Homeless underwhelmed by plan to build new housing in Prince Rupert after winter ends 
November 15 -- Prince Rupert gets housing for the homeless
November 14 -- Northern BC home sales see up tick in October
November 14 -- Help for the homeless coming to Prince Rupert (audio)
November 14 -- City to receive 44 units for homeless, and the search for an emergency shelter
November 14 -- Province to allocate 44 modular unites for housing need in Prince Rupert; efforts towards winter shelter option to continue NCR
November 14 -- Tent City message (video)
November 14 -- Prince Rupert Council to discuss shelter, housing and tent city tonight  NCR
November 14 -- A view on the homeless situation from our northern neighbours in Ketchikan NCR
November 14 -- Prince Rupert's Housing focus since 2014 election; much discussion, few solutions NCR
November 13 -- Social Media streams telling the story of Prince Rupert's Tent City  NCR
November 12 -- Prince Rupert edges closer to million dollar residential listing  NCR
November 10 -- 'A lot of them have been sleeping in garbage bins': new homeless camp shows negative side of economic growth
November 10 -- North Coast MLA to provide Housing update at Tuesday's Council session  NCR
November 9 -- Prince Rupert Tent City (video)
November 9 -- Politicians react to Prince Rupert tent city
November 9 -- Rice responds to Prince Rupert's mini tent city
November 9 -- As tents go up, Prince Rupert finds itself off the housing radar with Victoria  NCR
November 9 -- In comments on Prince Rupert Tent City, MLA Rice points to Liberals; highlights NDP achievements and plans  NCR
November 8 -- Prince Rupert Residents bringing Shelter Awareness at City Hall (audio)
November 8 -- Tents Pitched outside Prince Rupert City Hall to Bring Awareness to Homelessness
November 8 -- Tents raised outside city hall to draw attention to homelessness
November 8 -- Tent City Protest sets up at City Hall NCR
November 3 -- City Council hears message from Graham Avenue residents  NCR
November 1 -- First look at Houston's new Cottonwood Manor units
November 1 -- Terrace Councillor appointed to Advisory Forum on Poverty reduction  NCR


October 20 -- Affordable housing results continue to elude Prince Rupert City Council  NCR
October 28 -- Good time to buy property in Kitimat
October 27 -- Queen Charlotte council warns of housing shortage
October 19 -- Councillor Thorkelson seeks solutions for homeless residents as wetter, colder weather approaches  NCR
October 16 -- Council to get first glimpse of proposed triplex for 1st Avenue West  NCR
October 13 -- Third quarter results show Prince Rupert realty market still recording gains  NCR
October 10 -- Northern BC Real Estate Q3 holds steady
October 6 -- BC's affordable housing concept set for a launch in Smithers  NCR


September 22 -- First multi-family housing development in 20 years


July 4 -- A Seniors Housing option for the Anchor Inn?  NCR


June 29 -- Council praises Metlakatla Development Corporation's Elders/Seniors Housing initiative as a template for other developers  NCR
June 27 -- Metlakatla Elders/Seniors Village approved (video)
June 26 -- Metlakatla's Elders/Seniors project to be main focus for Council tonight  NCR
June 22 -- BC Housing spending more than $!5 million on Terrace housing projects
June 20 -- Council moves two Senior's housing proposals further ahead  NCR
June 14 -- Senior Housing proposals in Prince Rupert (video)
June 14 -- Prince Rupert Council Moves Senior Housing Projects forward
June 14 -- Hill Top Lodge gains Prince Rupert council approval


May 12 -- Most on City Council show enthusiasm for renovation plans for old Neptune Inn  NCR
May 10 -- Metlakatla seniors' housing development defined by medicine wheel design
May 4 -- More residents moving into apartments: census
May 4 -- Metlakatla Elders/Seniors complex heads towards public overview  NCR


April 21 -- City to consider old King Edward School site for Seniors Housing proposal at Monday's meeting NCR
April 10 -- Three North Coast realtors gain recognition for work in 2016  NCR


March 27 -- April date set for Public Information session on Neptune Inn conversion proposal  NCR
March 22 -- Lost housing funding in Kitimat (video)
March 17 -- Prince Rupert Transition Society Men's shelter plans (video)
March 17 -- Transition Society turns focus to men's shelter
March 16 -- Terrace affordable housing project one step closer
March 10 -- Burns Lake to assess Senior Housing with funding from Province


February 28 -- How to stay warm in Prince Rupert (audio)
February 23 -- Could Raffles Inn listing offer partial solution to affordable housing woes?  NCR
February 16 -- Homelessness Partnership seeking organizations to join in on funding opportunities  NCR


January 17 -- Year end numbers show decline in sales volume for Prince Rupert real estate in 2016 NCR
January 16 -- Neptune Inn tagged for senior's housing
January 11 -- Prince Rupert Senior housing option (video)
January 11 -- Affordable housing plans for Terrace (video)
January 11 -- Council moves forward with Neptune Inn plan for Seniors Housing NCR
January 10 -- Average Home Sale Volume drops across Bulkley Valley and Lakes in 2016
January 9 -- Province outlines cold weather housing options through January  NCR
January 9 -- Property Assessment increases of 6.5% for Prince Rupert, 14.86% for Port Edward in 2017  NCR
January 6 -- Details on proposed Seniors Housing project for Neptune site to be reviewed by Council NCR
January 5 -- Property tax increases ahead for Terrace (video)
January 5 -- Taxes going up in Terrace for 2017
January 3 -- Terrace and area property assessments remain unchanged
January 3 -- BC Assessment notices available online; set to arrive this week by mail  NCR

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