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Industrial Development 2017 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG/Petronas LNG Terminal (Lelu Island)

Our Archive of items regarding the proposed Petronas LNG Terminal development

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Pacific Northwest LNG website
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CEAA information page for Pacific NorthWest LNG project



October 25 -- Federal appeal for Lelu Island case
October 23 -- Lelu Island Pole Raising
October 21 -- Totem pole raised on Lelu after LNG project falls
October 20 -- Totem pole raised on Lelu Island


September 13 -- Stalling LNG ambitions and impact on North Coast noted by opposition in Debate on Throne Speech  NCR


August 31 -- Lelu Totem Pole (video)
August 21 -- Will Prince Rupert's Petronas loss, become Kitimat's Petronas gain?  NCR
August 13 -- Hopefully other LNG projects will bring prosperity to the northwest
August 10 -- Petronas CEO provides detailed glimpse into the cancellation of Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR
August 10 -- 'We took a negative final investment decision'
August 8 -- Canada groups continue legal challenge on Petronas' scrapped LNG project
August 7 -- Economist in Australia says B.C. is lucky it missed the LNG boat (audio)
August 7 -- Pacific Northwest LNG just needed a 're-think'
August 6 -- Indian Oil Corp still interest in building Pacific NorthWest LNG
August 6 -- Petronas' LNG project cancellation casts shadow over Canada's biggest shale play
August 6 -- Will we learn from LNG's failure in B.C.?
August 5 -- Natural resources are a win for rural communities
August 4 -- Partners look for cheaper site for Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal after Petronas pullout
August 3 -- Legal challenges to Pacific NorthWest LNG project continue
August 2 -- Hundreds of job opportunities lost with Pacific NorthWest LNG cancellation
August 2 -- LNG possibility lives on, even after death of Pacific NorthWest LNG
August 2 -- North Coast received what they voted for by electing NDP
August 2 -- B.C.'s LNG woes are the result of red tape and government stalling
August 2 -- The footprint Pacific NorthWest LNG left behind
August 2 -- Legal challenges to Pacific NorthWest LNG project to continue
August 1 -- Petronas spent $900M to get to 'no' on 36b project


July 31 -- Cancellation of Pertonas' Canada LNG project credit positive for Japex
July 30 -- Petronas departure a tragedy or orpportunity
July 29 -- Why Petronas cancelled its plans for an LNG project on BC's coast
July 28 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG 2012-2017: How to kill an LNG project in Canada
July 28 -- LNG cancellation opens door for BC
July 28 -- Mayor of Port Edward talks about LNG closure (audio)
July 28 -- BC sends bad vibes to business
July 28 -- Petronas debacle confirms that Canada simply isn't open for business
July 28 -- LNG possibility lives on, even after death of Pacific NorthWest LNG
July 28 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG mega-project is dead, but B.C.'s LNG dream lives on
July 28 -- Liquefied natural gas projects face existential crisis in B.C.
July 28 -- 'Dithering' by B.C., Ottawa helped kill Pacific NorthWest LNG, energy CEO says
July 28 -- Parsing the NDP blame game on LNG
July 28 -- Port Edward remains "Open for Business" despite setback of PNW LNG cancellation NCR
July 27 -- Qatar'ss LNG brownfield trunps Petronas' greenfield hopes
July 27 -- Petronas likely to take a hit, may make provisions
July 27 -- MP Cullen says LNG didn't have enough local support (audio)
July 27 -- LNG reactions mixed after Port Edward announcement (audio)
July 27 -- TransCanada Pipelines to review PRGT project in wake of Petronas cancellation  NCR
July 27 -- Area environmental groups find much to celebrate with PNW LNG cancellation  NCR
July 27 -- First Nations' LNG deals left hanging
July 26 -- PNW LNG reactions (video)
July 26 -- MLA Jennifer Rice says future still bright for North Coast despite Pacific NorthWest LNG cancellation  NCR
July 26 -- Petronas scraps $29Bil western Canada LNG project
July 26 -- British Columbia must move on from LNG. But to what?
July 26 -- Shocks to Canada's natural resource sector should be the real cover story
July 26 -- Reaction from Port Edward, Prince Rupert and Metlakatla on PNW LNG Scrapped
July 26 -- Ross Worried, Opponents Celebrate cancellation of Pacific Northwest LNG project
July 26 -- PNW Decision a "Tough Blow" for Construction industry - ICBA
July 26 -- What killed the $36-billion Pacific NorthWest LNG project?
July 26 -- Disappointment on B.C.'s north coast as Pacific NorthWest LNG scrapped
July 26 -- BC NDP to set conditions for LNG companies looking to do business in province
July 26 -- BC's LNG outlook dims after $26B Pacific NorthWest LNG project killed
July 26 -- LNG warning bells went off despite Clark's push
July 26 -- NDP had nothing to do with Petronas collapse? Really?
July 26 -- Energy minister shrugs off LNG loss
July 26 -- With Silence so far locally, the Petronas decision on PNW LNG echoes far beyond Prince Rupert  NCR
July 25 -- Nathan Cullen cites lack of "Social Licence" as one factor towards Pacific NorthWest LNG cancellation  NCR
July 25 -- Blaming marketplace for LNG retreat convenient for political critics
July 25 -- BC NDP reaffirms commitment to LNG despite Petronas' project cancellation
July 25 -- Mines Minister Responds to PETRONAS decision
July 25 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG project is scrapped (video)
July 25 -- Celebration of Pacific NorthWest LNG halting held in Prince Rupert
July 25 -- Petronas pulls the plug on Canada's Pacific NorthWest LNG megaproject
July 25 -- "A tragedy for Canada': Petronas cancels $26B LNG project at B.C. jacks up demands
July 25 -- Petronas scraps $29Bil western Canada LNG project
July 25 -- Petronas ends Canadian LNG project
July 25 -- Petronas pulls the plug on Pacific NorthWest LNG project
July 25 -- $36 Billion Pacific NorthWest LNG project dead
July 25 -- Company kills $9 billion to $11 billion Pacific NorthWest LNG plant near Prince Rupert
July 25 -- Supporters, critics sound off on Pacific NorthWest LNG cancellation
July 25 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG megaproject cancelled
July 25 -- Cancelled liquid natural gas project in B.C. will have ripple effect in Alberta
July 25 -- Petronas-backed Pacific Northwest LNG megaproject in BC cancelled
July 25 -- Petronas cancels Pacific NorthWest LNG project in Canada
July 25 -- A worldwide gas glut claims latests, $27 Billion victim in Canada
July 25 -- Petronas cancels $11.4 billion LNG project near Prince Rupert
July 25 -- Petronas cancels $36B Pacific Northwest LNG project
July 25 -- Pacific NorthWest announces an end to LNG (audio)
July 25 -- $36 billion Pacific NorthWest LNG project dead
July 25 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG project will not proceed
July 25 -- 'I'm scared for my community'": northerners react to cancellation of Pacific NorthWest LNG megaproject
July 25 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG project in Port Edward no longer proceeding
July 25 -- A shoe drops for Petronas ... and Prince Rupert is not a good fit for Malaysia's LNG Terminal Plans  NCR
July 21 -- Delays ahead for Pacific NorthWest LNG project, as National Energy Board receives court order to examine pipeline route  NCR
July 12 -- Environmental groups point to Federal Carbon ambitions in presentations against Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR


June 1 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG project one of a number of energy projects awaiting a government  NCR


May 18 -- Prince Rupert Salmonid Enhancement Society to benefit from donation by Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR


April 4 -- Gitga'at Nation of Hartley Bay join other Coastal First Nations in signing LNG Benefits agreement  NCR
April 3 -- Petronas reportedly giving consideration for entire shift of Pacific NorthWest LNG project to Ridley site  NCR


March 10 -- Petronas considers cooperation with Shell for Ridley Island shipment dock  NCR
March 3 -- Petronas looking into possibility of working with Shell Canada on Pacific NorthWest LNG
March 2 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG mulls co-operation with Shell for northern B.C. facilities
March 1 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG grant program (video)
March 1 -- PNW LNG launches new training program


February 27 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG seeking new Community Relations Manager after departure of Derek Baker  NCR
February 21 -- LNG dream lives on, at least in government
February 21 -- Petronas' 2016 profit margins improve despite tough environment
February 15 -- BC Liberals sign LNG agreements with Lax Kw'alaams and Metlakatla First Nation NCR
February 15 -- Petronas Chair confirms relocation for proposed export shipment terminal is being considered  NCR
February 10 -- Latest Snag for Petronas LNG PLan is a Canadian Political race
February 1 -- Hereditary tribal chiefs, matriarchs challenge Pacific NorthWest LNG critic


January 31 -- North Coast First Nations sign agreement with Federal government on environmental protection for PNW LNG project  NCR
January 18 -- Christy Clark visits remote First Nation divided over Pacific NorthWest LNG project
January 18 -- Premier Clark heralds "Durable Partnership" with Lax Kw'alaams during community visit  NCR
January 18 -- Lax Kw'alaams members to hear update on Pacific NorthWest LNG planning  NCR
January 16 -- MP Nathan Cullen calls possible plans for shipping LNG out of Ridley a 'good first step'  NCR
January 11  -- Petronas to rein in 2017 capex?
January 10 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG faces new legal challenge, as members of Gitxsan Nation launch legal proceedings  NCR

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