Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Legacy Corporation Archive Page 2017

Items of interest related to the City controlled Legacy Corporation, which deals with issues related to the Lot 444 area of the city alongside Tuck Inlet on the city's east side.

The City's Legacy Corporation page can be found from the City website here.



July 26 -- Expropriation plans signal significant shift in City's thinking for Watson Island future  NCR
July 21 -- City Council to consider expropriation of Watson Island land  NCR
July 14 -- Legacy Inc. breakdown shows increase for salaries, reductions in other areas  NCR


June 2 -- City looks to dispose of property through Legacy Corp. by way of thirty year leases  NCR


May 26 -- Council looks to move on Mirau's call for more transparency on closed council issues NCR


March 17 -- With few in attendance, Budget Consultation session takes but thirty seven minutes  NCR
March 15 -- First of Two Budget comment opportunities takes place tonight at City Hall NCR
March 8  --  Familiar themes and  a mill rate increase mark Budget Presentation to Council  NCR
March 6 -- Contract for Shawatlan Raw Water project on agenda for council tonight  NCR
March 6 -- Budget presentation tonight highlight's Councils focus for 2017 financials  NCR
March 4 -- City's Watson Island news generates favourable review from Provincial election candidates  NCR
March 2 -- City's latest industrial travelogue tours the Watson Island site  NCR


February 22 -- The problem with Public Comment period is ... sometimes there are public comments!  NCR


January 27 -- Legacy Corporation land plans turn gaze towards Watson Island  NCR
January 3 -- City looks to finalize Legacy land shift this week  NCR

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