Friday, January 6, 2017

Multiple earthquakes recorded off of Vancouver island this morning

Three earthquakes have been reported off of
Vancouver Island this morning

The first earthquakes of significant magnitude for 2017 have been recorded in British Columbia, with a string of three temblors striking off of Vancouver Island this morning.

The First of  the three recorded temblors was reported at 7:49 AM  5.1 magnitude event, followed in succession by quakes of 4.3 at 8:42 AM and 4.6 magnitude which took place at 8:52 AM.

Background on all three can be reviewed below:

8:52 AM -- 4.6 mg 183 km WSW of Port Hardy
8:42 AM -- 4.3 mg 175 km W of Port Hardy
7:49 AM -- 5.1 mg 186 km  WSW of Port Hardy

No Tsunami Warnings or Advisories were listed related to this morning's events

Emergency Information BC posted the first note on the events to their twitter feed following first quake.

The location of the seismic events of today is one that is a very active zone, with a number of earthquakes recorded in that region last year. The three events of today are located in the middle of two fault lines that run along Vancouver island.

Port Hardy is the closest community near the location of today's events, there have been no reports of damage or even if the temblors were felt in that area to this point.

You can follow our archive of seismic events along the British Columbia coast here.

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