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Municipal Government 2017 -- Haida Gwaii

Our quick reference and archive of items from Haida Gwaii for 2016

Items from the Federal Government's Aboriginal Affairs website

Old Massett Village Council -- Haida Nation

Community Profile

First Nations Financial Transparency Act

Financial Statement
Remuneration Schedule


Skidegate -- Haida Nation

Community Profile

First Nations Financial Transparency Act

Financial Statement
Remuneration Schedule

News items of 2017


December 21 -- Old Massett launches blockade against logging close to New Town 
December 19 -- Province answers islanders' call for a Haida Gwaii Community Forest
December 19 -- BCTS receives vote of non-confidence
December 14 -- Tension escalates in Haida Gwaii forestry dispute
December 9 -- On Haida Gwaii, logging plans expose rift in reconciliation
December 8 -- News Briefs
December 7 -- Coastal First Nation leaders call for an end to fish farms
December 5 -- Tahayghen daycare gets start-up funding
December 5 -- Old Massett votes Duffy Edgars as next chief councillor
December 1 -- Plenty of choice in Old Massett election
December 1 -- Sandspit, Smithers among Canada's happiest places: Expedia
December 1 -- Smithers, Sandspit find their happy place ... on a list of Canada's happiest places


November 30 -- Islanders asked to update list of protected scenic areas
November 29 -- LED streetlights shine at last
November 24 -- Traffic keeps rising on GwaiiTel network
November 24 -- Sandspit starts up islands' first community school bus
November 24 -- Damaged Telus line leaves south end hospital, customers without phone or internet
November 22 -- Questions swirl around Q.C. sewage plans
November 15 -- Queen Charlotte set for first election contest since 2011
November 14 -- Fentanyl crisis reaches Haida Gwaii
November 8 -- Masset coffee shop asks artists to cut it out
November 3 -- Tlell to vote on fire service funding


October 27 -- First responders react after crash cuts internet, phone service
October 20 -- Pitching a plateau trail between Skidegate and Queen Charlotte
October 13 -- Islands leaders optimistic about restored ferry sailings
October 13 -- Court tosses notice requests in Haida title case
October 6 -- Scientists go underground to see how Haida Gwaii deer impact the soil
October 5 -- Port Clements mayor promises clearer council procedures
October 3 -- Canada C3 expedition stops in at Haida Heritage Centre


September 29 -- Sandspit clinic opens with new ultrasound machine
September 27 -- Port Clements CAO resigns over council behaviour, and order of Rupert wood pellets
September 26 -- Lead exposure killing bald eagles in Masset, Old Massett
September 21 -- Queen Charlotte to vote on future sewage treatment site
September 15 -- Port Clements faces costly decision on Rainbow Wharf
September 13 -- North Coast wind projects show signs of progress
September 13 -- Emergency alerts system goes island-wide
September 12 -- Regional District outlines emergency alert system for Haida Gwaii  NCR
September 7 -- Restoring balance project closing in on 'deer zero'
September 6 -- Masset's 2040 community plan is out for review


August 30 -- More funding needed for Rennell Sound Breakwater
August 30 -- Reports detail Haida Gwaii vote, candidate spending during B.C. election
August 25 -- Skidegate welcomes the Sun on Top of the House
August 24 -- BC Ferries going smoke-free in January
August 23 -- Changes coming for those travelling on BC Ferries   NCR
August 23 -- Headless bear carcass dumped near Sandspit
August 22 -- Haida Gwaii survey looking to improve experience for travellers
August 22 -- Haida Gwaii's historic earthquake of 1949 remembered today NCR
August 21 -- Haida Gwaii Ferry Survey (video)
August 21 -- Haida Gwaii residents asked to give feedback on Ferry service
August 18 -- Study re-traces the geology and environment of ice-age Haida Gwaii
August 18 -- Masset Pride Parade preview (video)
August 18 -- Masset getting set to host Pride Parade
August 18 -- Northwest Resource Benefits video highlights Alliance talking points from Victoria trip NCR
August 25 -- CityWest awaits federal funding decision on subsea fibre plans  NCR
August 14 -- Northwest Resource Benefits Alliance members hail new government's engagement on revenue issues  NCR
August 11 -- Mosquito fleet given green light
August 8 -- Communities on Haida Gwaii seeking feedback from BC ferries users NCR
August 4 -- BC Hydro crews do emergency repair on subsea cable
August 4 -- Village leaders seek new maps for sea-level rise, tsunamis


July 25 -- Old training mortar found in Skidegate yard
July 21 -- New Queen Charlotte Fish plant in the works
July 19 -- CityWest pitches subsea fibre-optic cable for fast, reliable internet
July 14 -- Masset Airport wins environmental award 
July 14 -- Haida Gwaii community leaders launch BC Ferries survey
July 14 -- QC Council Briefs
July 8 -- For Haida, this wooden chest holds the promise of reunion with Indigenous treasures
July 7 -- New tidal technology could power Haida Gwaii homes
July 4 -- Masset family may move due to sky-high hydro bills


June 27 -- Seahwaks football camp touches down on Haida Gwaii (audio)
June 22 -- Making history on Haida Gwaii
June 16 -- A superhuman landscape
June 16 -- Summer solstice to shine on first Hiellen pole-raising in 200 years
June 1 -- New co-op food store coming to Skidegate


May 30 -- Police investigating diesel spill in Masset Harbour
May 26 -- News briefs from Port Clements council
May 16 -- Pay parking coming to Skidegate Landing ferry terminal
May 17 -- Masset's new fire chief offers basic training
May 15 -- Reaction pours in on oil tanker moratorium act
May 9 -- Census data shows youthful Skidegate, Old Massett above 'grey tide'
May 3 -- North Coast candidates answer six questions about Haida Gwaii
May 2 -- Local farmer proposes hayfield on Masset airport grounds



March 30 -- Islanders gather to celebrate win over Northern Gateway
March 27 -- New mayor elected in Port Clements
March 24 -- Taan Forest products wins legal battle over contracting rules
March 23 -- Sandspit residents wonder how wildlife reserve may change beach access
March 22 -- Haida Gwaii earthquake monitoring set for upgrade
March 16 -- BC Ferries to lower booking fees, raise cancellation costs
March 9 -- Forestry audit finds Husby meets B.C., Haida Gwaii standards
March 7 -- Village of Queen Charlotte surveys residents ahead of marijuana legislation
March 7 -- Port Clements to elect new mayor in March 25 by-election
March 7 -- BC Ferries to add more Skidegate-Prince Rupert sailings
March 3 -- Difficult trip to Hospital sparks call to restore Kwuna ferry sailings
March 3 -- First babies born in new Haida Gwaii Hospital
March 2 -- Haida Gwaii Forestry project passes two year audit


February 24 -- Justice Minister clears the air for Haida Gwaii's volunteer undertaker
February 23 -- Major changes proposed for Haida Gwaii land-use order
February 23 -- Skidegate steps up drugs prevention in wake of B.C. crisis
February 23 -- North Coast Marine Plan signed by B.C., Canada, Haida and other First Nations
February 21 -- Charlotte Council wants marijuana start-ups to wait for community guidelines
February 21 -- Port Clements to vote for new mayor
February 20 -- BC Ferries to add more Skidegate-Prince Rupert sailings
February 17 -- Haida Gwaii's volunteer undertaker received apology from Attorney General (audio)
February 17 -- Skidegate grows as other villages shrink or stay steady
February 15 -- Kay Centre set for solar panels
February 14 -- Gwaii Communications to go all-island
February 10 -- Haida Gwaii case sparks call for better B.C. air ambulance service
February 3 -- Cuts to French programming means local doctor with leave Haida Gwaii (audio)
February 2 -- New name for Haida Gwaii Hospital?


January 19 -- Logging trucks likely on Nadu Road
January 19 -- An Ice house for Haida Gwaii
January 18 -- Islands internet has plenty of backbone, but needs nerves
January 18 -- Nomination period set to close for Prince Rupert representative on Council of the Haida Nation  NCR
January 17 -- Trees may be removed from upabed strecth of Tow Hill road
January 16 -- Why are so many small town B.C. city councillors resigning? (audio)
January 13 -- Two Port Clements councillors join mayor in stepping down

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