Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Municipal Government -- Discussion Points related to Prince Rupert City Council 2017

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Civic Departments, or on issues that come up for discussion at City Council Sessions in 2017. As well as any other notes of relevance to Prince Rupert.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items of Note for 2017


December 29 -- All that good karma from Prince Rupert drifts away ... as holiday programming comes up short for the Northwest   NCR
December 28 -- Time in the pool, mark the highlights for new Prince Rupert Recreation Director's resume  NCR
December 22 -- Rupert City Plans for 2018 (video)
December 21 -- City of Prince Rupert joins regional partners as part of workforce attraction project  NCR
December 21 -- Nowhere to go: Public washrooms closed for the season
December 19 -- CityWest distribution payment (video)
December 18 -- City Council to reduce number of public sessions for 2018  NCR
December 15 -- Crosswalk safety in Prince Rupert (video)
December 15 -- Prince Rupert Council to talk with Province about Pedestrian safety
December 15 -- Prince Rupert's Doug Kerr field to see improvements in 2018
December 15 -- With Society status in place, Unity City of Prince Rupert begins work on homeless advocacy  NCR
December 15 -- As costs rise on City's water infrastructure program; a look back at the history of the ambitious replacement program  NCR
December 14 -- Softball returns to Doug Kerr Field (video)
December 14 -- Chargers and coverage
December 14 -- Prince Rupert council alarmed by high number of pedestrian accidents
December 14 -- Minor Softball group provide a glimpse for Council of their plans for 2018  NCR
December 14 -- Infrastructure, public works and recreation spending among the highlights for Capital projects in 2018  NCR
December 14 -- Local advocates give good grades for local CBC programming of late NCR
December 13 -- Prince Rupert McClymont park grant  (video)
December 13 -- City applying for grant to upgrade McClymont Park Trail
December 13 -- $200,000 increase for city workers
December 13 -- Prince Rupert and CUPE 105 sign new collective agreement
December 13 -- Road Safety concerns remain on the mind of City Council  NCR
December 13 -- Questions on Watson Island / Pembina make for theme of Public Comment period at Council Session  NCR
December 13 -- City of Prince Rupert to seek out grant opportunity for trail development along McClymont Park  NCR
December 12 -- Prince Rupert City contract (video)
December 12 -- Rupert Pot bylaw (video)
December 12 -- CityWest provides $400,000 annual payment to City of Prince Rupert
December 12 -- Prince Rupert and CUPE 105 reach four-year labour deal
December 12 -- City places concrete barriers to prevent company parking
December 12 -- Pot shops banned from Rupert until drug is legalized in 2018
December 12 -- City and CUPE workers reach agreement on four year labour deal  NCR
December 12 -- Glad tidings to you Prince Rupert, from CityWest  NCR
December 11 -- CityWest makes $400,000 distribution payment to city
December 11 -- Not a whiff of public concern on pot bylaw
December 11 -- Council to host Public Hearing on Marijuana zoning prohibition tonight NCR
December 11 -- Local Minor Softball Association to make presentation on local field availability tonight at Council  NCR
December 11 -- Council to hear update from local CBC advocates at meeting tonight  NCR
December 11 -- New hand on the throttle for YPR; Richard Leach takes up duties as new Airport Manager  NCR
December 8 -- About our still missing City Council Timeline for December 4th  NCR
December 8 -- Supportive Housing proposal for 11th Ave East moves on to consultation phase  NCR
December 8 -- Community Enhancement Grants spur questions from Mayor's Facebook followers  NCR 
December 8 -- Watson Island planning and Pembina welcome, made for Wednesday theme at Convention Centre  NCR
December 7 -- Watson Island Open House Review (video)
December 7 -- Watson reborn
December 7 -- Pembina's Watson Island plans unveiled at Open House
December 7 -- Kaien Trails Seeks Assistance with Grant
December 7 -- Big Crowd for Watson Island Open House
December 7 -- BC Transit to bring back season evening service over holidays starting December 11th NCR
December 6 -- With a threat uttered to staff, the City of Prince Rupert changes policies related to access to City Hall and municipal officials  NCR
December 6 -- Watson Island Open House Preview
December 6 -- McClymont Trail funding request (video)
December 6 -- Watson Island Open House Wednesday
December 6 -- City of Prince Rupert re-opens Request for Proposal process for Tsunami Flood Risk Assessment program  NCR
December 6 -- Prince Rupert Community Grants (video)
December 6 -- Residents to learn more about City's Plans for Watson Island
December 5 -- Community funds announced, threats to council
December 5 -- Recovery House Could be Coming to Prince Rupert
December 5 -- Prince Rupert Council Transmission scrambles to Kitimat coverage Monday night  NCR
December 4 -- WCC LNG to close office in Prince Rupert (video)
December 4 -- WCC LNG to Close Prince Rupert office this week
December 4 -- Recovery House passes first reading
December 4 -- Not quite gone ... but stepping back a bit! WCC LNG puts pause on Tuck Inlet ambitions  NCR
December 4 -- Supportive Housing application for 11th Avenue East property up for review at tonight's Council session  NCR
November 4 -- Council to review 2018 Community enhancement grant distribution tonight  NCR
December 4 -- Pembina LPG Terminal Project Development Permit Application up for discussion tonight  NCR
December 3 -- WCC LNG office to close in Rupert
December 1 -- Friendship House Transit Plans (video)
December 1 -- Prince Rupert's Friendship House to offer Transit to Terrace in New year
December 1 -- A Councillor waxes poetic on Watson NCR
December 1 -- BC Housing to move shelter location from Raffles


November 30 -- Prince Rupert rebranding Watson Island (audio)
November 30 -- Rupert gets $5 twice a week bus to Terrace
November 30 -- The City of Prince Rupert, was forced to own an island it didn't want; now it's starting to pay off 
November 29 -- Give our roads more curbs
November 29 -- Dismantling of City Hall Tent City, gives birth to new community based Society for the homeless  NCR
November 29 -- Pembina to proceed with Watson Island LPG terminal
November 29 -- Pembina to move forward with LPG facility on Watson Island
November 29 -- Pembina to build propane terminal at Watson Island
November 29 -- Pembina approves development of Watson Island LPG terminal  NCR
November 28 -- City of Prince Rupert drops video trailer for upcoming Watson Island showcase  NCR
November 28 -- Having cancelled their Monday Public meeting; Council set to host closed council session this afternoon NCR
November 27 -- Mariner's Playground Opens  (video)
November 27 -- The City of Prince Rupert cancels Nov. 27 Council meeting
November 27 -- A brief look at decommissioned Watson Island
November 24 -- Land clearing begins for McKay Street Park project (video)
November 24 -- Mayor indicates Tent City tents to come down by end of weekend ... Tent City supporters say not so fast!  NCR
November 24 -- Maclean's pegs Prince Rupert as Canada's 28th most dangerous city in survey  NCR
November 24 -- Prince Rupert City Council cancels final public session for November; third cancellation of a scheduled meeting for 2017  NCR
November 24 -- B.C. communities take different approaches when it comes to information on civic labour negotiations  NCR
November 24 -- Homeless shelter opens with 25 beds
November 24 -- Your Watson Island invite is on the Internet!  NCR
November 24 -- McKay Street Park clearing set to start this weekend
November 23 -- Tent City movement continues to grow in week two
November 23 -- The Bus stops where? Growing commentary and concerns over Prince Rupert's absence from Highway 16 shuttle program  NCR
November 22 -- McKay Street update (video)
November 17 -- BC Transit celebrates the launch of Terrace to Hazelton shuttle service  (video)
November 17 -- MLA Rice hails launch of Highway 16 shuttle service in Terrace  NCR
November 17 -- City announces new emergency winter shelter location
November 17 -- Prince Rupert Extreme Weather shelter  (video)
November 17 -- Downtown location found for an emergency shelter
November 17 -- Prince Rupert Emergency Shelter site set for McLean and Rudderham building NCR
November 17 -- Council to take pulse of Community on Pot Zoning at Public hearing December 11th  NCR
November 17 -- Council motion puts Transition Prince Rupert's McKay Street Park plans in motion  NCR
November 16 -- Tree planting in Prince Rupert (video)
November 16 -- Rupert Pot bylaw update (video)
November 16 -- Council favours extending its pot bylaw
November 16 -- Terrace gets largest share of Province's Grants in Lieu of property tax payments  NCR
November 16 -- Province's housing announcement features Prince Rupert plans, along with news for Terrace and Vernon  NCR
November 15 -- Blue print deferred: Mayor's Hays 2.0 presentation postponed until the New Year NCR
November 15 -- Prince Rupert gets housing for the homeless
November 15 -- Rupert Homeless housing (video)
November 14 -- Help for the homeless coming to Prince Rupert (audio)
November 14 -- City postpones its reveal of Hays 2.0 Blueprint until the new year
November 14 -- Tent City Message (video)
November 14 -- City to receive 44 units for homeless, and the search for an emergency shelter
November 14 -- Province to allocate 44 modular unites for housing need in Prince Rupert; efforts towards winter shelter option to continue NCR
November 14 -- A view on the homeless situation from our northern neighbours in Ketchikan NCR
November 14 -- Prince Rupert's Housing focus since 2014 election; much discussion, few solutions NCR
November 14 -- Council to hear request to extend Marijuana Operations prohibition Bylaw until July 2018  NCR
November 13 -- Social media streams telling the story of Prince Rupert's Tent City  NCR
November 10 -- McKay Street Park plans set for update Tuesday  NCR
November 10 -- North Coast MLA to provide Housing update at Tuesday's Council session  NCR
November 9 -- Politicians react to Prince Rupert tent city
November 9 -- As tents go up, Prince Rupert finds itself off the housing radar with Victoria  NCR
November 9 -- In comments on Prince Rupert Tent City, MLA Rice points to Liberals; highlights NDP achievements and plans  NCR
November 8 -- Prince Rupert Residents bringing Shelter Awareness at City Hall (audio)
November 8 -- Tents Pitched outside Prince Rupert City Hall to Bring Awareness to Homelessness
November 8 -- Tents raised outside city hall to draw attention to homelessness
November 8 -- Tent City Protest sets up at City Hall NCR
November 7 -- Utility work on west side to disrupt Graham Avenue Traffic NCR
November 7 -- Ministry of Transportation brings Shift to Winter message to Prince Rupert Council  NCR
November 6 -- A little housekeeping on the work site, not welcomed by Public Works NCR
November 6 -- Ketchikan Council to express support for Prince Rupert's AMHS Ferry Terminal renovations  NCR 
November 6 -- City puts Communication policy plans on hold to allow for further study NCR
November 4 -- Council to hold to current process for Committee of the Whole; explore other engagement options as well  NCR
November 4 -- Plans for Mile 28 Highway 16 overpass project still in motion: Ministry Spokesman  NCR
November 4 -- Reconciliation efforts could see updated version of existing City Hall totems  NCR
November 4 -- City Council hears message from Graham Avenue area residents  NCR
November 2 -- Prince Rupert council Hears about Truth and Reconciliation from local group
November 2 -- The story behind Prince Rupert's inspirational recylcing bins (audio)
November 2 -- Smashing pumpkins
November 2 -- Prince Rupert Reconciliation recommendations (video)
November 1 -- Prince Rupert Council looks at adding more value to committee of the Whole Meetings
November 1 -- Prince Rupert City Council hears report on Truth and Reconciliation 
November 1 -- City of Prince Rupert reviews Committee of the Whole process (video)
November 1 -- Exchange of ideas for climate leadership on the Agenda as Mayor Brain takes in Vancouver Climate Forum  NCR
November 1 -- Terrace Councillor appointed to Advisory Forum on poverty reduction  NCR


October 31 -- Prince Rupert City Council unanimously denies Van Arsdol subdivision
October 31 -- Prince Rupert council rejects subdividing Van Arsdol Property
October 31 -- Prince Rupert Council rejects variance request on West Side (video)
October 30 -- CFIB Report finds Municipal spending on the increase in Northwest BC  NCR
October 30 -- City staff to seek approval of new communication policy at Monday Council session  NCR
October 27 -- Local advocates for improved CBC Radio service to take their call to City Council Monday  NCR
October 27 -- With appointment of Don Holkestad, a familiar name joins the Board of Directors to City West  NCR
October 27 -- Rushbrook Trail upgrade trekking along
October 26 -- Prince Rupert sewer leak (video)
October 26 -- City of Prince Rupert support for NWCC name change (video)
October 25 -- Ellis Ross returns to themes on RBA initiative during Committee session  NCR
October 25 -- Highway 16 transit plan continues to roll out across parts of Northwest  NCR
October 24 -- Rushbrook Trail restoration project on track (video)
October 21 -- Hockey arena is safe despite ammonia use
October 20 -- Prince Rupert to present Hays 2.0 Blue print in November
October 20 -- Hays 2.0 presentation planned (video)
October 20 -- Mayor Brain outlines details related to upcoming Hays 2.0 vision update  NCR
October 20 -- West side sewer work means one to two weeks of construction  NCR
October 20 -- Affordable housing results continue to elude Prince Rupert City Council  NCR
October 20 -- Councillor has high hopes for better relationship with Provincial government  NCR
October 19 -- Mariners Park Vandalism (video)
October 19 -- Vandals damage Prince Rupert park
October 19 -- Vandals target Mariners Park Three Times during construction of playground
October 19 -- Vandalism slows Mariners Park playground project
October 19 -- Council to explore new areas for community involvement in Council sessions  NCR
October 19 -- Mariner's Park vandalism adds to cost, delays playground project  NCR
October 19 -- Councillor Thorkelson seeks solutions for homeless residents as wetter, colder weather approaches NCR
October 19 -- Council to embark on Fall Community engagement process NCR
October 19 -- City Council offers support for NWCC name change; along with a bit of advice NCR
October 18 -- City supports NWCC name change, plans to host Watson Island Open House
October 18 -- City seeks to fill staff opening in IT department NCR
October 17 -- City to use Rural Dividend to further Redesign Rupert initiative (video)
October 17 -- Redesign Rupert Moving Forward to Phase Two
October 16 -- Council to get first glimpse of proposed triplex for 1st Avenue West  NCR
October 16 -- NWCC officials to seek support for name change from City Council tonight  NCR
October 13 -- City of Prince Rupert to put focus on Energy Efficiency through community survey NCR
October 13 -- Second wave of provincial funding this week directs money to Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii NCR
October 13 -- City closes access to McClymont Park owing to sewer line issues  NCR
October 13 -- Port Edward Historical Society benefits from rural dividend funding NCR 
October 11 -- Province distributes infrastructure funding to 30 communities across BC  NCR
October 6 -- Complete Streets project in Prince Rupert (video)
October 6 -- BC's affordable housing concept set for a launch in Smithers  NCR
October 4 -- More infrastructure repairs for city's water system NCR
October 3 -- City of Prince Rupert issues Wildlife advisory related to Lynx sighting  NCR


September 29 -- The Resource Benefits Alliance met with Premier Horgan
September 29 -- Wildfire recovery, overdose concerns, economy and housing issues among themes for Premier's UBCM address NCR
September 29 -- Northwest politicians hail progress on Resource Benefits Alliance negotiations  NCR
September 29 -- Premier John Horgan to bring UBCM convention to close with morning address NCR
September 28 -- With new road signs, Prince Rupert RCMP keep focus on efforts towards impaired driving  NCR
September 28 -- Mayors' Climate Leadership Council explore issues at UBCM NCR
September 27 -- Local group begins process of seeking safer streets in Prince Rupert  NCR
September 26 -- 4 week sewer project to start on Crestview Drive  NCR
September 26 -- Be it Resolved ... Northern BC municipalities bring the discussion topics for UBCM  NCR
September 25 -- Water infrastructure top of mind at UBCM
September 25 -- Range of themes on Agenda as municipal leaders gather in Vancouver  NCR
September 25 -- Conservation Services set bear trap in Omenica/Sloan area of the city  NCR
September 25 -- NDP government appears to cool towards Northwest Resource Benefits calls for increased revenues  NCR
September 24 -- City of Prince Rupert Tax Sale set for Monday morning  NCR
September 22 -- North Coast Transit bus announcement rolled out  (video)
September 22 -- North Coast plans for UBCM (video)
September 22 -- Five modern BC Transit buses to replace vintage fleet
September 22 -- BC Transit invests over 1.6 million dollars in new buses for Prince Rupert/Port Edward  NCR
September 22 -- Prince Rupert to send seven person delegation to UBCM next week  NCR
September 22 -- Southeast Conference meetings end with ominous warning on AMHS funding  NCR
September 22 -- First multi-family housing development in 20 years
September 20 -- City seeks bids for study on Tsunami Risk for the community  NCR
September 20 -- Fate of Alaska Marine Highway System among topics for Southeast Conference in Haines  NCR
September 18 -- Council to meet in Special session this afternoon  NCR
September 18 -- Mayor hails completion of Arena upgrade project  NCR
September 18 -- Economic Development Office looks to other projects 'coming down the pipe' following Aurora LNG cancellation  NCR
September 15 -- City Council is sliding backwards when it comes to civic engagement  NCR
September 14 -- Coast Industrial Construction gains landfill work contract from City NCR
September 14 -- Council approves loan process for Fie Department's new pumper NCR
September 14 -- Councillor Cunningham seeks answers on city parking policies NCR
September 14 -- Council to forward letter of concern on Greyhound to bus line, Transportation Minister NCR
September 13 -- Prince Rupert sending letter to province and Greyhound Regarding service
September 13 -- Prince Rupert Greyhound response (video)
September 12 -- Community Leaders offer good Wishes to Don Krusel
September 12 -- Reaction to the retirement of the Port's Don Krusel (video)
September 11 -- Council briefs
September 8 -- Rushbrook Trail project (video)
September 8 -- Construction underway on Rushbrook Trail
September 8 -- City completes arena upgrades 
September 8 -- September could be busy travel month for City Council members  NCR
September 7 -- Rushbrook Trail restoration underway
September 7 -- Rushbrook Trail project moves to new phase of development NCR
September 7 -- Council cancels Committee of the Whole (and its public comment session) for September 11th Council session  NCR
September 4 -- Mayor's Labour Day notes hail tireless efforts of civic work force  NCR
September 2 -- Can't compete with new $5 transit: Greyhound
September 1 -- Greyhound plans to continue freight delivery in northern BC, even if passenger service ends
September 1 -- Goodbye Greyhound? The thread stitching together Canada's North wears thin
September 1 -- Cow Bay Marina Season (video)
September 1 -- Strong Summer for Prince Rupert's Cow Bay Marina
September 1 -- Last Long weekend of summer brings reduced hours for many services  NCR
September 1 -- Roadwork to make for disruptions in Industrial park  NCR
September 1 -- MLA Rice disappointed, awaiting more info on Greyhound cuts; No comment yet from Prince Rupert Mayor, Council  NCR


August 30 --  'It's Highway of Tears. man: Northern BC faces life without Greyhound
August 30 -- Greyhound Canada files application to stop services in Northern BC
August 30 -- Greyhound to seek end to Northern British Columbia routes  NCR
August 26 -- Enough is enough - fine derelict-property owners, says Prince Rupert councillor
August 25 -- Concerns raised over potential cut to Prince Rupert Greyhound Service  NCR
August 25 -- Councillor Cunningham keeps heat on City Council over condition of downtown buildings NCR
August 25 -- Prince Rupert RCMP struggle with retention of experienced officers
August 24 -- Prince Rupert road projects (video)
August 24 -- Emergency road work restricting lanes on Highway 16
August 24 -- Should Prince Rupert change English street names to Tsimshian?
August 24 -- Process fish where they're caught: Thorkelson
August 24 -- Fish adjacency back on the City council correspondence menu NCR
August 24 -- Prince Rupert City council hears of successes and challenges of policing in the city  NCR
August 23 -- First Nations Sign Names in Prince Rupert  (video)
August 23 -- Prince Rupert councillor wants more First Nation influenced signs
August 23 -- City expands information flow for Emergency Preparedness NCR
August 23 -- Emergency water main repairs complete
August 23 -- 2nd Avenue lane closure
August 23 -- 2nd Avenue West road work means reduced eastbound lane  NCR
August 23 -- As busy Fall season looms, City Rec Department puts out the Help Wanted Sign  NCR
August 22 -- City of Prince Rupert to support fish processing initiative (video)
August 22 -- Prince Rupert sends Letter to Fisheries Minister on Importance of processing fish at home
August 22 -- Community and recreation services director steps down
August 22 -- City seeking bids on Pillsbury Lift Station project  NCR
August 21 -- Council to receive update on RCMP's work in the community  NCR
August 19 -- Fire set at Patty Hutcheon Field
August 18 -- Northwest Resource Benefits video highlights Alliance talking points from Victoria trip  NCR
August 19 -- RCMP handling Prince Rupert dugout fire investigation
August 18 -- Brand new tot park coming to Mariner's Park
August 18 -- Mariner's Park Playground renewal project set for September start  NCR
August 17 -- City calls attention to arson/vandalism incident at city baseball field NCR
August 17 -- City looks to add to information sector at City Hall NCR
August 17 -- Transition Prince Rupert hopeful for fall progress for McKay Street Park project  NCR
August 16 -- More infrastructure work underway; west side water/sewer project to take two days  NCR
August 15 -- North coast shore-workers bearing brunt of troubled fishing season NCR
August 14 -- NorthWest Resource Benefits meeting with Provincial Government (video)
August 14 -- Prince Rupert road work on east side (video)
August 14 -- Stretch of 7th Avenue East in Prince Rupert to be closed for construction
August 14 -- Road closure for utility upgrades 
August 14 -- Northwest Resource Benefits Alliance members hail new government's engagement on revenue issues  NCR
August 14 -- One month window for Prince Rupert groups to submit applications for Community Grants  NCR
August 11 -- City set to launch six week upgrade project on 7th Avenue East  NCR
August 11 -- City looks to sell east side property NCR
August 10 -- Lack of momentum on McKay Street plans making for growing Facebook conversations  NCR
August 9 -- City opens Bid process for electrical work on landfill project  NCR
August 8 -- Federal Gas Tax Fund to direct $580,000 to Prince Rupert  NCR
August 4 -- Abandoned vehicles in Prince Rupert (video)
August 4 -- Prince Rupert budget voted (video)
August 4 -- Prince Rupert Councillor wants to address abandoned vehicles
August 4 -- Prince Rupert Council approves update to its Financial plan
August 4 -- Many Civic Services in closed mode for long weekend  NCR
August 4 -- City in search of new Director of Recreation and Community Services  NCR
August 2 -- A look at Prince Rupert's Fire Restrictions
August 3 -- Should 'distracted walkers' be fined?
August 2 -- City Council needs but three minutes towards the path of expropriation  NCR
August 1 -- Rupert Budget Change (video)
August 1 -- Prince Rupert looking to change 2017 Financial plan


July 31 -- Rupert Arctic Guy (video)
July 31 -- A look at what changing Arctic means for Prince Rupert
July 31-- City's call for comments, leaves many questions outstanding on Watson Island land expropriation  NCR
July 31 -- Prince Rupert's Crime Severity index drops with 2016 numbers  NCR
July 28 -- U.S. scholar encourages Prince Rupert to think of itself as gateway to the Arctic (audio)
July 28 -- Climate Change Talk in Prince Rupert (video)
July 28 -- American geographer talks climate change in Arctic and opportunities for Prince Rupert
July 28 -- Prince Rupert Council to host Two Special Regular Council sessions next week  NCR
July 26 -- With silence so far locally, the Petronas decision on PNW LNG echoes far beyond Prince Rupert  NCR
July 26 -- Rushbrook trail construction starting soon (audio)
July 26 -- Rushbrook Trail project funding (video)
July 26 -- Councillor Niesh wants to call in the crusher ...  NCR
July 26 -- Expropriation plans signal significant shift in City's thinking for Watson Island future  NCR
July 26 -- Port and partners put 1 million dollars to work on Seal Cove/Rushbrook Trail plan  NCR
July 25 -- Groundbreaking for Rushbrook Seal Cove Trail plans (video)
July 24 -- Green street road and utility and work in Prince Rupert (video)
July 24 -- Sunday work signals a return to Sidewalk construction season in Prince Rupert  NCR
July 21 -- City of Prince Rupert clarifies Local Burn Prohibitions  NCR
July 21 -- City Council to consider expropriation of Watson Island land  NCR
July 14 -- Legacy Inc. breakdown shows increase for salaries, reductions in other areas  NCR
July 13 -- Self-proclaimed Christ named vexatious litigant
July 12 -- Vexatious Prince
July 7 -- Federal infrastructure grants to take a Green swing  NCR
July 4 -- A Seniors Housing option for the Anchor Inn?  NCR


June 30 -- Prince Rupert's COP COOP chickens come home to roost NCR
June 29 -- Aurora LNG concerns (video)
June 29 -- Councillor takes steps towards reconciliation
June 29 -- Citizens left in the dark about controlled Ridley fire
June 29 -- City Council votes Sky Lantern Ban into Bylaw NCR
June 29 -- City appoints three to Prince Rupert Library Board  NCR
June 29 -- Councillor Thorkelson promotes prospect of Sm'algyax to be included in future naming projects for the City  NCR
June 29 -- Council praises Metlakatla Development Corporation's Elders/Seniors Housing initiative as a template for other developers  NCR
June 29 -- Council to have staff review Aurora LNG air shed concerns raised at Monday's council presentation  NCR
June 28 -- Sky lantern ban for Prince Rupert (video)
June 28 -- City to borrow $100,000 to consult on better prison cells
June 28 -- Prince Rupert Legacy Fund plays role in city salaries
June 28 -- Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue pumper on its way to the North Coast  NCR
June 27 -- Metlakatla Elders/Seniors Village approved (video)
June 27 -- Prince Rupert RCMP cell block (video)
June 27 -- Smoky sights from Ridley Island
June 27 -- City of Prince Rupert puts Landfill project out for tender  NCR
June 27 -- Piles, upon piles of garbage at the recycling centre making for conversation theme on Facebook  NCR
June 26 -- RCMP cell block upgrade up for discussion at council tonight  NCR
June 26 -- Aurora LNG air quality the focus for presentation to Council this evening NCR
June 26 -- Metlakatla's Elders/Seniors project to be main focus for Council tonight NCR
June 23 -- McKay Street Wins (video)
June 23 -- Community rallies, wins $100,000 for McKay Street Park
June 23 -- Port outlines planning for Fairview Terminal container truck bypass route  NCR
June 22 -- Regional District duties provide compensation boost for quartet of Prince Rupert officials  NCR
June 21 -- Employer of the year
June 21 -- Thirty-one city staff make more than $100,000
June 21 -- City's Annual report available online; public comment session set for June 26th NCR
June 20 -- Prince Rupert park in line for award money from BCAA competition  NCR
June 20 -- Councillor Cunningham floats Cow Bay Fish Sale proposal  NCR
June 20 -- Pembina energy outlines Watson Island proposal for council members NCR
June 20 -- Council moves two Senior's housing proposals further ahead  NCR
June 14 -- Prince Rupert council moves Senior Housing projects forward
June 14 -- Hilltop Lodge gains Prince Rupert council approval
June 14 -- Prince Rupert council in brief (June 12 meeting)
June 13 -- Pembina propane terminal FID 'months away' officials say
June 13 -- Pembina updates City of Prince Rupert on proposed Watson Island project 
June 13 -- Prince Rupert looking for feedback on Annual Report 
June 9 -- Prince Rupert Library benefits from increased grant funding for 2017 NCR
June 9 -- Community Grant funding totals from 2016 outlined as part of final Financial information release  NCR
June 9 -- City's supplier payments top 22 million for 2016   NCR
June 9 -- Growing Civic bureaucracy adds to upper tier of salary disclosures  NCR
June 9 -- Mayor and Council salaries part of annual financial review disclosure this month  NCR
June 5 -- CN fence to stay up; discussions to continue between railway and City NCR
June 2 -- City looks to dispose of property through Legacy Corp. by way of thirty year leases  NCR
June 1 -- McKay Street Park Fighting for $100,000 in Provincewide competition
June 1 -- City delegation to FCM meetings gets down to work today  NCR
June 1 -- Second Avenue paving job to be torn up to address leaking water pipe  NCR


May 31 -- Nominations now being accepted for Civic Awards to be celebrated at Mariners Park on Canada Day  NCR
May 31 -- This is not negotiating
May 30 -- Prince Rupert delegation speaks to Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce
May 30 -- City's tax notices make their journey to your mailbox this week  NCR
May 29 -- Destination Ottawa for City officials on way to municipal meetings  NCR
May 29 -- City seeks summer student for Information Technology position  NCR
May 26 -- Sustainable Cities conference re-energizes Mayor's Desires for community engagement  NCR
May 26 -- City spat with CN takes spotlight as Seafest weekend approaches  NCR
May 26 -- Councillor Cunningham reinforces his desire for more information sharing with the public  NCR
May 26 -- Council looks to move on Mirau's call for more transparency on closed council issues  NCR
May 25 -- CN Rail denies seafront access to Prince Rupert's Seafest celebrations  (audio)
May 25 -- No beach access for Seafest activities, CN refuses to negotiate with city
May 25 -- A need for more details on McKay street safety issues  NCR
May 23 -- Council to consider Closed meetings process at tonight's session NCR
May 23 -- Council to hear proposal for cycling path to connect Civic Centre to Cow Bay Rushbrook Trail  NCR
May 18 -- City's waterline infrastructure plans capture the attention of Industrial publication  NCR
May 17 -- Prince Rupert Council in brief (May 8 meeting)
May 17 -- Mayor Brain to explore environmental issues at Renewable cities conference  NCR
May 17 -- Local group looking to revitalize a Prince Rupert park (audio)
May 17 -- McKay Street Project Fundraising campaign launched  NCR
May 16 -- Prince Rupert lagging behind GHG emissions targets 
May 16 -- Downtown paving project has Councillor Cunningham reinforcing need for container truck bypass route  NCR
May 15 -- City of Prince Rupert to join Northwest initiative for worker recruitment  NCR
May 15 -- Council reworks the calendar, shifting May 29th Council session to the 23rd  NCR
May 12 -- Councillor Mirau to seek council discussion on Closed Meetings process NCR
May 12 -- Most on City Council show enthusiasm for renovation plans for old Neptune Inn NCR
May 12 -- Green initiatives make for expansive discussion in Council Chambers NCR
May 12 -- Change to Airport Board make up takes to the letters pages NCR
May 12 -- City's Financial Statements meet with approval from auditors NCR
May 11 -- Prince Rupert delegation shares transportation themes with Ketchikan chamber  NCR
May 11 -- And the traffic shall flow again  NCR
May 10 -- Metlakatla senior's housing development defined by medicine wheel design
May 8 -- Prince Rupert City Council's election Quiz  NCR
May 8 -- City seeks bids for Earl Mah Aquatic Centre Hot Tub Replacement program NCR
May 8 -- Council to receive update on city's progress on Community energy and emissions plan  NCR
May 5 -- Few options available to Council to force Clean Up of Downtown eyesores  NCR
May 5 -- Resource Benefits Alliance hails NDP leader's support for better arrangement  NCR
May 5 -- North Central Government officials wrap up week of convention duties in Terrace today  NCR
May 5 -- First phase of Prince Rupert paving projects underway NCR
May 4 -- Public meeting coming for Seniors Housing proposal in Prince Rupert
May 4 -- Metlakatla Elders/Seniors complex heads towards public overview  NCR
May 4 -- City points towards external issues when it comes to financial pressures  NCR
May 3 -- City of Prince Rupert applies for Phase 3 water grant
May 2 -- Long road begins for new Prince Rupert arts, culture space
May 1 -- B.C's Lieutenant Governor pays her first official visit to the city


April 28 -- North Coast municipalities bring revenue sharing fight to Province of B.C.
April 28 -- Re-paving process on Second and Third Avenues to take place at night
April 27 -- City passes 2017 tax increase, but not before taking aim at Province of B.C., District of Port Edward agreements
April 27 -- Prince Rupert Council in brief: April 24 meeting
April 21 -- Prince Rupert now makes for a destination on the "West Coast Whale Trail"  NCR
April 21 -- City to consider old King Edward School site for Seniors Housing proposal at Monday's meeting  NCR
April 21 -- City changes direction for airport oversight; with four new members named to Prince Rupert Airport Authority Board  NCR
April 20 -- City seeks requests for proposals on Moresby Park removal and improvement project  NCR
April 19 -- Final design for McKay Street Park Project to be revealed at Community Meeting April 25  NCR
April 18 -- Community Resource Directory goes live, offering archive of contacts for range of local programs and services  NCR
April 14 -- City's exclusives, diminish appearances of transparency  NCR
April 14 -- Mayor Brain offers short synopsis of Pembina plans for Watson Island  NCR
April 14 -- West side residents to see Second Avenue Bridge closures during remediation work  NCR
April 14 -- Election candidates to be asked to weigh in on local issues through City Council question process NCR
April 14 -- Council to seek answers on Canada 150 Grant distributions  NCR
April 13 -- Include Port Edward in Watson island plans: Mayor MacDonald
April 13 -- Second Avenue Bridge closed intermittently until May 5
April 13 -- Council says No to 2.25% mill rate increase tied to snow removal, returns to 1.5% plan  NCR
April 13 -- Province's Prince Rupert paving project looks to May 1st start  NCR
April 12 -- Council shoots down 2.25 per cent mill rate increase
April 12 -- Mayor, council should be ashamed of Vimy snub
April 12 -- A shameful day in Rupert
April 11 -- Propane Gas Terminal proposed for Watson Island
April 11 -- Pembina makes plans for propane shipment terminal at Watson Island  NCR
April 11 -- City inks deal with Pembina for Watson Island propane terminal
April 7 -- Wildlife interpretive centre pitched to Rupert council
April 7 -- City of Prince Rupert trying to push through tax mill rate increase going up another 50%
April 7 -- With Special Session set for Tuesday, City Council to consider increasing mill rate for 2017 to 2.25 per cent  NCR
April 7 -- Another Northwest community hops onboard the Province's Highway 16 Transit plan  NCR
April 5 -- Redesign Rupert preparing two initiatives for upcoming launch NCR
April 5 -- More work underway for Second Avenue Bridge  NCR
April 4 -- Business walk gives Prince Rupert Council a tour of the city's economic health  (audio)
April 4 -- North Pacific Cannery Historical Site to receive $75,000 grant  NCR
April 3 -- Extra cold winter creates more potholes on Rupert roads


March 31 -- Welcome to the end of March, it's Payment due day for the City's Utility billing NCR
March 31 -- City cancels second council meeting of 2017
March 30 -- With another cancellation, City Council frees up your Monday evening for you ...  NCR
March 29 -- Cow Bay Marina opens applications for three summer positions  NCR
March 28 -- Budget consultation wraps up
March 28 -- Marijuana smells a nuisance
March 27 -- Prince Rupert's Friendship House to share in Community Vehicle funding  NCR
March 27 -- April date set for Public Information session on Neptune Inn conversion proposal  NCR
March 27 -- Pedestrian hit at Prince Rupert crosswalk opens questions about lighting (audio)
March 24 -- Wildlife interpretation display proposed for Prince Rupert NCR
March 23 -- Council takes note of complaints related to Medicinal Grow Op smells  NCR
March 22 -- Provincial assessment process remains significant irritant for City Council members  NCR
March 22 -- At City Council, there is No Feud, like an Old Feud!  NCR
March 22 -- Agenda oversight? Public comment period opportunity excluded at Council for second time in three months NCR
March 21 -- Funding for Woodworth Dam project  (video)
March 21 -- Prince Rupert Budget meeting (video)
March 21 -- City celebrates Federal/Provincial funding for water projects  NCR
March 21 -- Challenges ahead for those that seek out Airport Society Board positions  NCR
March 20 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks Board representatives for Community groups  NCR
March 20 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward infrastructure projects included in Friday funding announcement  
March 17 -- Construction on 3rd and McBride now underway
March 17 -- With few in attendance, Budget Consultation session takes but thirty seven minutes  NCR
March 16 -- Long delayed work on Third and McBride intersection light now underway  NCR
March 15 -- Prince Rupert Budget consultation preview (video)
March 15 -- First of Two Budget comment opportunities takes place tonight at City Hall  NCR
March 15 -- City of Prince Rupert submission among many included in comment process for Aurora LNG  NCR
March 14 -- More Federal funding to be made available for infrastructure use  NCR
March 13 -- City inks $6.9M water contract
March 13 -- Rushbrook Trail plans go to tender NCR
March 9 -- Prince Rupert property taxes going up ... again
March 9 -- Councillor Mirau offers salute to Chamber of Commerce Awards NCR
March 9 -- Council gives nod to northeastern BC firm for Shawatlan Raw Water Supply project  NCR
March 8 -- Shovel snow or pay in Prince Rupert (video)
March 8 -- Ongoing snow issues on the mind of City Councillors  NCR
March 8 -- Familiar themes and a mill rate increase mark Budget Presentation to Council  NCR
March 7 -- Hays Creek Riparian proposal (video)
March 7 -- Phase one of Shawatlan Water supply project approved (video)
March 6 -- Snow removal correspondence irks property manager
March 6 -- Contract for Shawatlan Raw Water project on agenda for Council tonight  NCR
March 6 -- Budget Presentation tonight highlight's council's focus for 2017 financials  NCR
March 4 -- City's Watson Island news generates favourable reviews from Provincial election candidates NCR
March 2 -- Watson Island decommissioning (video)
March 2 -- City's latest industrial travelogue tours the Watson Island site  NCR
March 1 -- Watson Island pulp mill decommissioning nearing completion
March 1 -- Eighty per cent of Watson Island decommissioned


February 28 -- A little renovation, a little relocation for City Hall Customer Services  NCR
February 24 -- For City Council, it's becoming a case of Government by Announcement  NCR
February 24 -- Payment Due! As city's utility bills arrive with March deadline  NCR
February 24 -- Mayor unveils Waterfront plan for Rotary luncheon crowd  NCR
February 23 -- Prince Rupert waterfront plans unveiled (video)
February 23 -- Highway 16 repaving through Prince Rupert starting in the Spring
February 23 -- Prince Rupert mayor reveals design plans for waterfront access 
February 23 -- Contract awarded for province's Second Avenue paving project
February 23 -- Province awards contract for Prince Rupert's Big Pave project to Okanagan firm  NCR
February 23 -- Council to offer comments of support for a number of community initiatives  NCR
February 22 -- The problem with Public Comment period is ... sometimes there are public comments! NCR
February 21 -- Prince Rupert issues make for Throne speech response from MLA Rice  NCR
February 17 -- Rushbrook trail getting restored (audio)
February 17 -- NWCC students to seek city's help in campaign for Adult Basic Education  NCR
February 17 -- Waterfront access to come with restoration of Rushbrook Trail
February 17 -- City of Prince Rupert makes Rushbrook Trail handover official  NCR
February 16 -- City looks for Board Representative for Lester Centre  NCR
February 15 -- Mayor Brain declares February 2017 Toastmasters month
February 15 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward population drops
February 15 -- City prohibits marijuana, but not medical clinic
February 15 -- Aurora LNG engages community council
February 10 -- Waterfront landmark looks for a little TLC and a new chance to serve  NCR
February 9 -- Councillor Thorkelson outlines civic efforts towards reconciliation process  NCR
February 9 -- Council celebrates the art of the speech, declaring February as Toastmasters Month in Prince Rupert  NCR
February 9 -- Cel service woes have City officials seeking solutions  NCR
February 8 -- CNR Heritage building (video)
February 8 -- Census data shows decline in population on North Coast
February 8 -- Pot Shop Ban (video)
February 8 -- Councillor Cunningham raises concerns over potential health service losses, should the status of Terrace Hospital change NCR
February 8 -- Council makes Board Appointments official at Monday Session NCR
February 8 -- Aurora LNG outlines short and long term ambitions for Digby Island Terminal Project NCR 
February 8 -- Public Hearing offers community feedback as Prince Rupert Council moves forward on marijuana plans NCR
February 8 -- Statistics Canada Census results show Prince Rupert population continues to decrease  NCR
February 6 -- Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue starts hiring process for Open Positions NCR
February 3 -- City to hear of grant opportunity related to former VIA/CNR Rail station at Rotary Waterfront Park  NCR
February 3 -- Aurora LNG to make presentation to Council Monday evening  NCR
February 3 -- A Big cheque for a Big Announcement; City of Prince Rupert and Lester Centre ign three year funding agreement  NCR
February 2 -- Lester Centre Funding Agreement (video)
February 2 -- City's one year commercial marijuana prohibition plan is the focus for Public Hearing next week  NCR


January 31 -- Province of British Columbia still hopeful that North Coast hops onboard the Highway 16 Shuttle Bus plan  NCR
January 27 -- Legacy Corporation land plans turn gaze towards Watson Island  NCR
January 25 -- City of Prince Rupert puts Recreation Centre renovations out for bid process  NCR
January 24 -- Clark promising infrastructure for Rupert
January 19 -- City cancels January 23 council meeting
January 19 -- City sees Board Member for Port Edward Historical Society position NCR
January 19 -- Premier Christy Clark visits Prince Rupert, Lax Kw'alaams
January 18 -- City Council cancels Regular Council session for January 23rd; owing to inability to finalize Agenda items  NCR
January 18 -- Tick tock, the tot park waits for city approval
January 16 -- Neptune Inn tagged for senior's housing
January 12 -- Councillor Cunningham calls for more public updates for Council sessions  NCR
January 11 -- City's icy sidewalks still a concern for Councillor Cunningham  NCR
January 11 -- Council moves forward with Neptune Inn plan for Seniors Housing NCR
January 11 -- Prince Rupert plans for Pot Shop Prohibition for one year NCR
January 11 -- Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre says proposed Prince Rupert pot shop ban won't affect business NCR
January 10 -- Prince Rupert wants to ban marijuana shops until 2018  (audio)
January 9 -- City Council to be asked to lend support for North Pacific Cannery's renewed quest for UNESCO designation  NCR
January 6 -- Details on proposed Seniors Housing project for Neptune site to be reviewed by Council NCR
January 6 -- Prince Rupert Council to tackle issue of Commercial Marijuana dispensaries at Monday session  NCR
January 6 -- Here comes the snow, Pacific system brings some accumulations this afternoon  NCR
January 5 -- Woodworth Water supply replacement program (video)
January 5 -- Woodworth Lake Water Transmission bid process now underway with late January deadline  NCR
January 4 -- City starts off 2017 with a hiring call  NCR
January 3 -- BC Assessment notices available online; set to arrive this week by mail  NCR
January 3 -- City looks to finalize Legacy land shift this week  NCR
January 1 -- As 2016 ends ... A Council Midterm: Many, many plans, results still to be determined  NCR

Archive of items from 2016 can be found here.
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