Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Re Design Rupert Archive 2017

An archive of items of note related to the Redesign Rupert project and other sustainable city initiatives in Prince Rupert.

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Hays 2.0 vision plan

Sustainable City 2030



December 8 -- Regional District to hear presentation on Vehicle Charging initiative for Northern BC  NCR


November 17 -- Ecotrust Canada takes up residence downtown in Capitol Mall  NCR
November 15 -- Blue print deferred: Mayor's Hays 2.0 presentation postponed until the New Year NCR
November 1 -- Exchange of ideas for climate leadership on the Agenda as Mayor Brain takes in Vancouver Climate Forum  NCR


October 24 -- Rather quiet roll out for City's energy efficiency initiative  NCR
October 20 -- Mayor Brain outlines details related to upcoming Hays 2.0 vision update  NCR
October 19 -- Council to embark on Fall Community engagement process  NCR
October 13 -- City of Prince Rupert to put focus on Energy efficiency through community survey  NCR


September 28 -- Mayors' Climate Leadership Council explore issues at UBCM  NCR
September 27 -- Local group begins process of seeking safer streets in Prince Rupert  NCR


May 26 -- Sustainable Cities conference re-energizes Mayor's desires for community engagement NCR
May 17 -- Mayor Brain to explore environmental issues at Renewable Cities conference  NCR
May 12 -- Green initiatives make for expansive discussion in Council Chambers   NCR
May 8 -- Council to receive update on city's progress on Community energy and emissions plan  NCR


April 19 -- ReDesign Rupert to host session on Community Development and the Arts tomorrow evening  NCR
April 19 -- Final Design for McKay Street Park Project to be revealed at Community Meeting April 25  NCR
April 5 -- Redesign Rupert preparing two initiatives for upcoming launch  NCR



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