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Weather Related Events 2017 Archive

Our Archive of items of interest on Weather Related events on the North Coast

Emergency preparation information for Prince Rupert



December 24 -- Air advisories ended for Houston, Smithers
December 23 -- Air advisories continued for Smithers, Houston
December 22 -- Bulkley Valley Air Advisory in effect
December 22 -- Air Quality advisories issued for Smithers, Houston
December 22 -- Air Quality advisories issued for Smithers, Houston
December 21 -- Arctic Outflow warning issued for Terrace and Kitimat
December 21 -- Wet and Damp fall on the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District to be followed by chilly start to winter
December 21 -- Windchill warning in effect for Terrace, Kitimat
December 21 -- A White Christmas (though perhaps temporary) could be on the horizon  NCR
December 20 -- Snow and ice control questions from Houston council
December 16 -- Heavy rains threatened operations at Rio Tinto
December 16 -- Burns Lake cracks top ten for most miserable winters
December 15 -- Burns Lake makes list of most miserable winters
December 14 -- Freezing rain warning issued for Bulkley Valley and Lakes
December 14 -- Travel Advisory issued for Highway 37 North
December 13 -- Fog advisories issued for Northwest  BC
December 9 -- Be a pal, become a Snow Buddy
December 6 -- Above normal snowfall estimated this season for Houston
December 6 -- Keeping track of Bulkley Valley air pollution
December 6 -- Smithers Air Quality Advisory ended
December 5 -- Air Quality Advisory issued for Smithers
December 5 -- Air Quality Advisory for Smithers
December 4 -- BC launches independent wildfire and flooding review
December 4 -- Mild Winter stretch expected to continue for Northern BC
December 4 -- Early December warming trend set to take over the North Coast this week  NCR
December 3 -- Heavy rain caused millions in damage
December 3 -- A Sunday Night Super Moon ... and if we're lucky, we just might be able to sneak a peek!  NCR
December 1 -- Houston above recommended levels for air quality


November 27 -- Snowfall warnings keep coming
November 27 -- Snowfall warning issued for inland areas of North Coast  NCR
November 22 -- Everyone is talking about the weather; but not everyone is agreeing on what the future will bring  NCR
November 21 -- Weather Warning Issued: More snow on the way for Terrace, Kitimat and Smithers  NCR
November 19 -- Highway 16 re-opened, expect delays for Avalanche control 56km west of Terrace  NCR
November 18 -- Highway 16 Closed between Prince Rupert and Terrace
November 18 -- Avalanche hazard closes Highway 16 between Terrace and Prince Rupert
November 18 -- Highway 16 Closed in both directions due to avalanche hazard
November 18 -- Highway 16 CLOSED between Prince Rupert and Terrace owing to High Avalanche Danger  NCR
November 18 -- Snowfall warning remains in effect
November 18 -- More snow and rainfall warnings issued as intense winter weather batters BC
November 18 -- Snowfall for inland areas of North Coast makes for challenging conditions NCR
November 17 -- Snowfall warning issued for Terrace
November 16 -- Slowly creeping its way south ... Shh, it might be snow!  NCR
November 7 -- WIND WARNING now in effect for North Coast  NCR


October 27 -- BC Hydro says water levels holding steady near damaged tower
October 27 -- BC Hydro making progress shoring up tower
October 27 -- Hydro tower in overfliwing Telkwa River
October 27 -- Cold snap coming after a drier than normal October
October 26 -- Kitimat residents told to boil water
October 26 -- Flood watch over in Smithers, RDBN
October 26 -- Flood warnings cancelled in Northwest  (Video)
October 25 -- New Remo evacuation order lifted
October 25 -- Bulkley River flood watch ends
October 25 -- Flood Watch issued for Smithers, RDBN
October 25 -- Fast-moving waters prompt evacuation, local state of emergency near Terrace
October 25 -- New Remo evacuation order lifted
October 25 -- Flooding on Nisga'a Highway now clear
October 25 -- Flooding aftermath in the Northwest (video)
October 25 -- Kitimat issues boil water notice
October 25 -- Flood watch issued for Bulkley River near Smithers
October 25 -- Nisga'a Highway closed due to flooding
October 25 -- BC Hydro offers Storm season reminders  NCR
October 25 -- Highway 37 open to single lane traffic south of Terrace
October 25 -- Warnings about flooding and water pooling along Nisga'a Highway and Highways 16 and 37
October 25 -- New Remo residents evacuated due to flooding
October 24 -- Northwest Storm Troubles (video)
October 24 -- Skidegate water treatment plant offline
October 24 -- Evacuation order for New Remo lifted (video)
October 24 -- Highway 16 CLOSED between Terrace and Prince Rupert  NCR
October 24 -- Washout reported along Highway 37 between Terrace and Kitimat
October 24 -- Flood watches maintained across North Coast, Northwest and Haida Gwaii NCR
October 24 -- Flood warning issued for Terrace and Kitimat region
October 24 -- Mayor opens detour through his yard as heavy rain triggers landslide, road closures in Northwest BC
October 24 -- Weather causing Travel problems in Northwest BC this morning
October 24 -- Stand by for Round Two, more rain to come today  NCR
October 24 -- Kitimat braces for flooding
October 24 -- Rainfall warning issued for Terrace, Kitimat
October 23 -- Kitamaat Village road reopened
October 23 -- Flooding closes Kitamaat Village Road
October 23 -- Highway re-opened with single lane after landslide east of Queen Charlotte
October 23 -- Heavy rainfall affects roads, water in Queen Charlotte and Skidegate
October 23 -- Flood watch issued for North Coast
October 23 -- City issues flood advisory due to extreme rainfall
October 23 -- Prince Rupert braces for flooding
October 23 -- Mud slide causes power outage in Port Edward as heavy rain continues
October 23 -- Flood watch issued for North Coast
October 23 -- Pacific Storm Hits North Coast
October 23 -- Route reopens between Skidegate Ferry Terminal and Queen Charlotte after mudslide
October 23 -- City issues Potential Flooding Advisory owing to tides, weather  NCR
October 23 -- Highway 16 reopened at Ridley Island Access road after morning collision  NCR
October 23 -- Crash east of Prince Rupert Monday morning
October 22 -- WIND WARNING/RAINFALL WARNING issued for North Coast - Coastal sections  NCR
October 18 -- Travelling eastbound? Prepare for some winter the further you go  NCR
October 17 -- Wind Warning Issued for North Coast, Haida Gwaii NCR
October 16 -- "Atmospheric River" appears heading way of the North and Central Coast  NCR
October 14 -- Heavy Rainfall Warning issued for North Coast - Inland areas  NCR


September 11 -- Heavy rains bring flooding to Kitimat River with many rescues required  NCR
September 10 -- Special Weather Statement issued for Haida Gwaii and North Coast - Coastal Sections  NCR


August 25 -- Rainiest season in Prince Rupert since 2010
August 25 -- Wet, not so hot, Rupert summer
August 24 -- Yes, it's rained a lot in Ketchikan this month 
August 22 -- Lots of rain causes flooding in Ketchikan, some damage
August 22 -- Clouds and wildfire smoke eclipse eclipse in northern B.C. (audio)
August 21 -- Clouds part to reveal the solar eclipse
August 21 -- Cloudy weather doesn't dampen Ketchikan eclipse party (much) (audio)
August 21 -- Northwestern BC clouded out from eclipse
August 21 -- Clouds will intrude on Prince Rupert's Solar eclipse experience  NCR
August 18 -- Ketchikan library plans eclipse-viewing party, with or without the sun
August 10 -- Special Air Quality Statement issued for North Coast - Coastal sections  NCR
August 4 -- Village leaders seek new maps for sea-level rise, tsunamis


Summer? Finally!  NCR


May 23 -- Environment Canada expands its Northwest Forecast program  NCR
May 19 -- Bluff Trail in Smithers remains closed
May 19 -- Above Seasonal Long Weekend Expected for Smithers and Bulkley Valley
May 15 -- High Streamflow Advisory has ended for Bulkley River
May 15 -- High Stream Advisory ended for Bulkley Valley
May 12 -- Localized flooding in Moricetown; BV Search-and-Rescue Reminds Residents to be careful
May 12 -- Two Mile Emergency Evacuation West of Moricetown Now Complete
May 12 -- Flood watch Advisory in Place for Bulkley Valley/Lakes District
May 12 -- Bulkley Valley Rain and Flood concerns (video)
May 11 -- Potential for Flooding on the Bulkley River
May 11 -- Brace for Heavy Rain in Bulkley Valley/Lakes District -- High Streamflow Advisory Issued
May 11 -- High Stream Flow Advisory for Bulkley Valley-Lakes District (video)
May 1 -- Wet but Seasonal April Strikes Smithers


March 30 -- A storm prepares to blow in; a Ferry prepares to depart early  NCR
March 11 -- Snowfall warning issued for North Coast Inland, Rain for Prince Rupert as system approaches  NCR
March 9 -- Ketchikan officials warn residents to check roofs, clear snow from drains 
March 9 -- Rupert has a record snowfall with more to come
March 8 -- Shovel Snow or Pay in Prince Rupert (video)
March 8 -- Ongoing snow issues on the mind of City Councillors  NCR
March 7 -- Snow removal correspondence irks property manager
March 6 -- Snowfall alert for the North Coast
March 6 -- Dumping of Snow expected for Coastal Sections of the North Coast and Haida Gwaii
March 6 -- Winter's not done with you yet ... Special Weather Statement Issued  NCR
March 3 -- Mountain and back country risk high, following recent snow  (video)
March 2 -- Snowfall warning issued for North Coast - Inland Sections
March 2 -- Weather increases avalanche risk in the Northwest
March 1 -- Avalanche control happening west of Terrace


February 28 -- Ketchikan gets a big snow day; more likely later (audio)
February 28 -- Prince Rupert snowfall (video)
February 28 -- Snowfall warning issued for Central Coast - Inland Sections
February 28 -- Out like a Lion, Winter makes an appearance for last day of February  NCR
February 24 -- Shames Mountain update (video)
February 17 -- Overturned truck in ditch after hitting black ice
February 14 -- Wind Warning issued for Haida Gwaii, North Coast and Central Coasts
February 11 -- Approaching weather system results in change to Northern Expedition's weekend schedule  NCR
February 11 -- WIND WARNING in effect for North Coast/Haida Gwaii  NCR
February 7 -- It's still cold and windy!
February 6 -- Low Windchill values and strong winds from North and Central Coasts
February 3 -- Wind Warning for the North and Central Coasts
February 2 -- Arctic Outflow and Wind Warning for North Coast
February 1 -- Arctic Outflow warning for North Coast


January 27 -- Rainfall Warning for the North Coast
January 26 -- Haida Gwaii Ferry cancelled due to high winds
January 26 -- With WIND WARNING in effect, Northern Expedition Sailings cancelled for the day  NCR
January 24 -- Icy conditions on North Coast Roads
January 24 -- Terrace Snow removal concerns (video)
January 20 -- Avalanche Control taking place on Highway 37A
January 19 -- Avalanche warning issued for parts of Northern BC
January 19 -- Kitwanga and Gitanyow School Buses cancelled
January 17 -- Advisory issued for motorists using side roads
January 17 -- Freezing rain warning in place for portions of Bulkey Valley and the Lakes
January 13 -- Winter Storm heading to the North Coast
January 15 -- Heavy Winds mean sailing delay for Northern Expedition  NCR
January 14 -- Power outage lasts two and half hours as winds blow over Prince Rupert  NCR
January 13 -- Fatal accident on Highway 37 between Kitimat and Terrace
January 13 -- Highway 37 closed at Suicide Hill Due to Fatal Collision
January 13 -- Highway 37 to Kitimat Closed after vehicle incident, as Winter Storm conditions arrive inland  NCR
January 12 -- Winter Storm Watch issued for North Coast Inland Sections
January 12 -- Winter Storm Watch issued for North Coast Inland areas NCR
January 11 -- City's icy sidewalks still a concern for Councillor Cunningham  NCR
January 11 -- Air Advisories and Arctic Outflow Warning
January 10 -- Arctic Outflow warning for North and Central Coasts
January 9 -- Arctic Outflow warning issues for North Coast Inland areas
January 9 -- Snowfall warning issued for Haida Gwaii
January 6 -- Snow and Arctic outflow warning
January 6 -- Vehicle incidents on Highway 37 South at Kitimat (video)
January 6 -- Here comes the snow, Pacific system brings some accumulations this afternoon  NCR
January 5 -- Highway 37 Rollover (video)
January 5 -- Snowfall warning issued for North Coast - Coastal Sections
January 5 -- Snowfall Warning issued for Prince Rupert region  NCR
January 5 -- Keep your snow shovel hand today ... Snow is forecast to be on the way  NCR

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