Thursday, December 7, 2023

Memorandum of Agreement from COP28 moves Green initiatives forward for Prince Rupert Port Authority

The Prince Rupert Port Authority will be one of the principles in the creation of a new West Coast Green Shipping Corridor, the initiative one that will develop green shipping corridors from Canada's west coast to Asia and the Middle East.

The path forward toward the goal came out of a Memorandum of agreement signed in Dubai as part of the COP28 Climate Change conference taking place this week in the United Arab Emirates.

The establishment of the West Coast Green Shipping Corridor will connect Edmonton to Prince Rupert to ports in Asia and the Middle East, and build on PRPA’s ongoing commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping through the Port of Prince Rupert. 

From the the theme of the conference and the MOU just announced, Shaun Stevenson, President and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority outlined how it reinforces the Port's commitment to global change issues.

“Together with our port industry, Indigenous, and local community partners, we are committed to realizing a shared vision of a thriving and sustainable trade gateway that ensures a vibrant future for western Canada and we are taking concrete action to address climate change and reduce the impacts of port activity. Today’s MOU reinforces Prince Rupert’s continued leadership role in helping Canada’s marine transportation sector reduce its environmental impact and adapt to global climate priorities.”

The transition to zero emission solutions was outlined as part of the Port's announcement yesterday towards the MOU.

Together with industry and government partners, the Port of Prince Rupert will continue to support an accelerated transition to developing zero-emission solutions for port operations. This includes expanding electrification capabilities like shore power, increasing the availability of alternative fuels and refuelling infrastructure, and proactively integrating other elements of sustainability such as waste management, marine mammal protection and addressing barriers to port sustainability.

Stevenson noted that key towards that shift to lower emissions is the recent initiative at the Port towards shore power options.

 “Electrification initiatives like expansion of shore power capabilities are critical components to reaching net-zero by 2050/ We are one of only two ports in Canada currently providing shore power to container vessels at berth and will continue to expand our capacity to meet our customers’ efforts to reduce their overall carbon footprint.”

A video released through the Port's website provides a primer towards the initiative, 

you can view that presentation here..

The full statement from the COP28 MOU can be reviewed here.

You can learn more about the COP28 conference here.

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  1. …as 2 more LPG export terminals are under consideration courtesy of fracking…

    While commendable of the PRPA, it remains hypocritical