Monday, December 4, 2023

Special Council Session called for 6 PM tonight to move Budget process forward

Prince Rupert City Council members will assemble at City Hall this evening for what is likely to be a brief session to move forward the process of their Five year financial plan and the civic budget for 2024.

That as Council will be asked to provide first, second and third readings to the document and set the stage for final approval in the week or so ahead before they wrap up their work for 2023.

The notice for the session was posted to the City website on Friday.

As noted in the Agenda, there is an opportunity for the public to comment on the agenda items, which in this case is but one item, the Five year financial plan.

And while it's unlikely that any comments will make for much change from the extensive discussions of one week ago by the Council membership; it does allow the public to put forward their final verdict if they so desire, towards the work of Council and staff towards the city's finances for the year ahead.

The Special session takes place at 6PM

The Agenda package also includes documentation towards the financial plan.

Just ahead of their Special Public session, Council members will take part in a Closed Council session, the details as to why they will be closing the doors to the public are outlined in the notice below:

More notes on Budget 2024 themes can be reviewed here.

A wider overview of past Council discussion items can be explored here.

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