Thursday, January 11, 2024

City of Prince Rupert looks to public for participation in Climate Change Adaptation and Action Plan

Make your mark on the city map to highlight ares of concern
towards climate hazards in the Prince Rupert area
(image from City of PR FB notes)

One of the initiatives for the City of Prince Rupert for 2024 is to put together a Climate Adaptation and Action plan, with the first step towards their work a call to the public for some help in mapping climate hazards in the community.

The outline of their work was posted to the City of Prince Rupert Social Media stream on Wednesday, providing a thumbnail sketch of their focus for the work as well as how residents of Prince Rupert can take part in the collection of data.

More on the mapping project and how you can share your concerns on climate risk and mark the map is available here.

A wider overview of the City's Climate program can be found from the Rupert Talks portal.

The plans towards the City's Climate action work were first outlined in the fall of 2022.

An update on their initiative was delivered to Council in April of 2023.

Themes of civic planning and sustainability are available for review from our archive page here.

More notes on civic themes can be reviewed through our Council Discussion archive.

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