Monday, September 1, 2014

Passenger levels continue to increase for Digby Island Airport

Last month Mayor Jack Mussallem delivered another optimistic review of the passenger level revival for the city's Digby Island Airport.

As part of his Mayor's report at the August 18th Council session, the Mayor observed that passenger levels at YPR through July of 2014 were up some 7.06 percent from this time last year, a slow but steady improvement for the main transportation link on the North Coast.

And while the Rupert numbers are not quite of the dramatic increase that has been recorded in Terrace, the uptick locally is no doubt welcome news for those who hope to see improved flight options through Digby Island in the months and years to come.

Some of those ambitions might be found from the current renovation project at YPR, with work having started in August to provide for an overhaul of terminal facilities along with work on the infrastructure surrounding the terminal building.

In addition to the work ongoing on the Island, good news for travellers with Air Canada Jazz was delivered last month, with the Prince Rupert Economic Development Corporation outlining the plan to make use of the old Greyhound station beside the Rupert Hotel, as the new downtown location for those that fly Jazz in and out of the city.

Starting September 8th, local travellers will now be able to wait in a downtown transportation terminal designated for Air Canada Jazz flights, providing for a warm and dry place to await the ground transportation to and from Digby Island.

The new location will also offer up an entertainment option and Wi-Fi access for travellers to use while they wait to travel to the airport, or receive visitors arriving in town.

Those that make use of Hawkair flights will continue to use that airlines downtown location at the Highliner Inn for the departure and arrival needs.

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