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Picketing UP, where they left OFF!

With famed labour negotiator Vince Ready walking away from the discussions over the weekend, the labour dispute between the BCTF and the BCPSEA will continue on into the start of the 2014-
15 school year.

Schools will not be opening as hoped for on Tuesday, as both sides reportedly were still too far apart in their sessions with Mr. Ready to provide him with much hope that any resolution to the ongoing impasse was even close.

With the end of negotiations over the Labour Day weekend, both sides provided their statements on the latest developments.

BCTF Statement
BCTF Press Conference (August 31)
BCPSEA Statement
Statement from Education Minister Peter Fassbender
Link to Parent Support Payment program

It all makes for a situation for North Coast students and parents where we all pick up where we left off in June, with picket lines up around the schools and the need for alternative plans for school age children who now, like their parents will wait to see if and when the dispute is brought to an end.

School District 52 addressed that issue with a statement on Friday afternoon, providing an update on the viewpoint of the local School District pending further developments.

Further updates from the perspective of the School District will be found on their website.

For students of Annunciation, the local Catholic Independent School, classes resume on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Of note locally, the public twitter feed of Councillor Anna Ashley, who is also a member of the PRDTA, is proving to be a helpful barometer as to the temperature of local teachers (as well as those across the province) as the dispute continues on.

Likewise the twitter feed of Joanna Larson, a past representative with the BCTF offers up glimpses of how the BCTF membership is reacting to the most recent developments.

You can review the path leading up to the latest impasse over the weekend from our files of the summer, which traced the back and forth of the dispute since the end of the school year.

With a new school year now deferred until further notice, we will track the latest items of note below, providing a snapshot of where things stand as the dispute continues on.

Until it is resolved, you can find our permanent archive on the situation at the top right hand corner of the blog.


September 16-- B. C.'s teachers are the losers in tentative deal
September 16-- Tried-and-true Ready method yields a breakthrough
September 16-- B. C. schools could reopen by Monday after "historic" deal reached with teachers
September 16-- It's a disgrace our kids were used as weapons to achieve the inevitable in teachers' deal
September 16-- Full text of communication to teachers from the BCTF
September 16-- Premier says tentative teachers' agreement wouldn't require tax hike
September 16-- Premier Christy Clark calls tentative six-year teachers' deal "historic"
September 16-- Premier Clark praises "historic" teacher deal
September 16-- BCTF and Government reach tentative deal; school could resume as early as Monday
September 16-- Province says teachers' deal won't mean higher taxes
September 16-- B.C. Teachers to vote Thursday to end strike after tentative deal reached (video)
September 16-- Tentative Deal poised to end B. C. teachers strike
September 16-- Back to class? Next steps for B. C. teachers and students (video)
September 16-- Province likely made first big move to reach tentative deal in teachers dispute: analyst
September 16-- Significant dates in B. C.'s long, troubled relationship with its teachers
September 16-- Tentative agreement reached in B. C. Teachers strike
September 16-- Off to school, and back to court for BCTF
September 16-- Tentative agreement reached in B. C. teachers strike
September 16-- When will kids be back in class?
September 16-- Major breakthrough: B. C. teachers reach tentative deal with government
September 16-- Prince George Teachers rep hoping for a "Fair Deal"
September 16-- Tentative deal reached to end teacher strike
September 16-- Parents relieved a tentative deal has been reached in the teachers dispute
September 16-- B. C. Teachers and businesses seize upon social media to push their messages
September 16-- BC Teacher strike over, says union: deal reached
September 16-- BCTF to vote Thursday on tentative deal
September 16-- Tentative Deal reached between BCTF and government (video)
September 16-- B. C. Teachers reach tentative deal to end strike, union says
September 16-- Tentative Deal Reached
September 16-- B. C. teachers, government reach tentative deal to end strike
September 16-- B. C. teachers' strike deal reached: Union and Liberals reach tentative agreement
September 16-- Tentative agreement reached (audio of announcement from Vince Ready)

September 15-- Court battle is the elephant in the room as BCTF and gov't negotiate
September 15-- Public supports binding arbitration to end teacher contract, polls find
September 15-- International students back to school in Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
September 15-- Dozens of Richmond teachers show up for food bank
September 15-- Clark has offered no leadership in BCTF dispute
September 15-- What I should've told my MLA: Teachers are worth the money
September 15-- If business has a say in BCTF case what about other groups
September 15-- Education dispute a "black eye" internationally
September 15-- Both sides back at bargaining table
September 15-- Chinese government concerned over education dispute
September 15-- Mediator strides between camps as teachers and province aim for deal
September 15-- "Too early to tell" if any progress in B. C. Teachers' strike negotiations
September 15-- Mediator shuttles between negotiators for teachers and gov't at Richmond hotel
September 15-- B.C. Teachers' strike puts pressure on public services
September 15-- Teacher talks continue between BCTF, BCPSEA
September 15-- Teachers dispute expected to affect Cops for Cancer donations
September 15-- Talks continue under media blackout
September 15-- B. C. Teachers' union says new discussions underway
September 15-- Teacher Talks continuing-- But No Deal Yet
September 15-- Striking BC Teachers release "Fed Up" parody of "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea
September 15-- BCTF, government mediator to resume talks today
September 15-- Tensions in teachers dispute rise at rally in Vancouver

September 14-- Talks continue between BCTF and B. C. government late tonight
September 14-- Lots of talk, but no resolution to teachers' strike
September 14-- Talks continue between BCTF and B. C. government
September 14-- Talks underway under a media blackout
September 14-- B. C. teachers' union, province continue to meet with mediator
September 14-- VSB trustees show up at education talks
September 14-- Hundreds rally at Vancouver Art Gallery
September 14-- Teacher talks ongoing amid media blackout
September 14-- Angry Grade 12 student says young voters-to-be will remember 'who's behind this strike'
September 14-- Pro arbitration rally draws hundreds downtown
September 14-- Protest calls on government to get teachers back in class
September 14-- Parents, students rally across Lower mainland
September 14-- What teachers, employer likely talking about today
September 14-- Many Asian families place blame for strike firmly with teachers
September 14-- BC Nurses paying close attention to teachers' dispute drags on
September 14-- As parents rally for their kids' education, Christy Clark plans on spending billions on a new bridge

September 13-- Talks underway at Richmond Hotel
September 13-- Talks resume in teachers' strike, but no one is saying much
September 13-- Talks continue between BCTF and B. C. government
September 13-- What will it take to break the stalemate in the teachers strike?
September 13-- Striking Nass Valley teachers reach out to students in small northern school district
September 13-- Jim Iker keeps his cool under fire
September 13-- Key players in B.C.'s teachers' strike quietly resume talks

September 12-- No News is Good News (video)
September 12-- Education dispute stalls school sports
September 12-- New book offers tips for parents dealing with stressed-out kids
September 12-- Parent plans school rally in Terrace tomorrow
September 12-- Both sides silently resume discussions
September 12-- Key players in teachers dispute quietly resume discussions
September 12-- When Government Says Teacher Wage Demands are Unaffordable, 'Are they?
September 12-- Media silence from teachers, government could be a good sign: expert
September 12-- Deconstructing the B. C. Liberal spin campaign to protect Christy Clark during the teachers strike
September 12-- Northwestern B. C. NDP MLA has had it with teacher's strike

September 11-- Premier Clark says she's 'certain' school will be back in session by early October
September 11-- B. C. teachers, employers in talks to resume negotiations: Fassbender
September 11-- Last ditch effort for mediation in education dispute
September 11-- BC Education Minister Peter Fassbender on CTV BC News (video)
September 11-- B. C. education minister softens stand against legislating back striking teachers
September 11-- B. C. education minister hints back-to-work legislation a possibility
September 11-- Teachers strike reveals gulf in values between Chirsty Clark and supporters of public education
September 11-- Two sides in education labour dispute must find an interim way to open schools
September 11-- BCTF's Jim Iker and Education Minister Peter Fassbender on CBC's Early edition (audio)
September 11-- B. C. schoolchildren can't wait for a final Charter ruling
September 11-- B. C. elephants stomp through education
September 11-- Grade 3 student gives up Katy Perry ticket to donate to teachers

September 10-- B. C.'s public school teachers vote overwhelmingly in favour of binding arbitration
September 10-- B. C. teachers vote to return to the classroom if government agrees to arbitration
September 10-- Teachers vote "overwhelmingly" in favour of binding arbitration
September 10-- Business groups granted a say in court case on class size and composition in B. C. schools
September 10-- Striking B.C. teachers vote for binding arbitration with provincial government
September 10-- BC Teachers vote overwhelmingly in favour of binding arbitration
September 10-- Why not treat education like health care?
September 10-- Neither side has best interest of B. C. students at heart: poll
September 10-- "Trapped" students are tweeting their frustration over teachers' strike
September 10-- MLA Andrew Weaver launches petition to end "schoolyard bullying" in teachers' strike
September 10-- Teachers union to announce results of binding arbitration vote
September 10-- The B. C. Teachers strike, by the numbers
September 10-- BC Fed's Jim Sinclair says Premier Christy Clark trying to break union (audio)
September 10-- Students hoping to teach younger students during education dispute
September 10-- B C's small businesses are worried about the BCTF strike: CFIB
September 10-- B. C. Federation of Labour offers $8M loan to BCTF
September 10-- $8 million in interest-free loans pledged to B. C. teachers by labour unions
September 10-- Striking B. C. teachers offered $8 million in interest-free loans from fellow unions
September 10-- BC Federation of Labour gives teachers $8M loan
September 10-- Teachers union offered significant loan
September 10-- Rally in Maple Ridge as Christy Clark makes appearance
September 10-- Why Teachers Fear the Worst of Clark Government
September 10-- CTV exposes myth of No Money to Settle Teachers' Dispute
September 10-- BC teachers to get a helping financial hand from the province's labour movement, nurses
September 10-- Voting today on binding arbitration
September 10-- Strike novelty wearing off, B. C. kids getting bored
September 10-- Good news for the budget, not for the teachers
September 10-- "I won't be out of the hole until I retire: BCTF coffers long-depleted as 40,000 teachers picket without pay 

September 9-- E80: What Lawyer Joel Bakan has to say
September 9-- Increased surplus doesn't change amount available for teachers, BC Finance Minister says
September 9-- Unions reject B. C.'s me-too wage excuse, back teachers
September 9-- Petition for binding arbitration hits 10,000 signature mark 24 hours after Greens posted it
September 9-- Teachers to vote on arbitration, and a community march
September 9-- B. C. teachers' strike: possible cost to taxpayers
September 9-- B.C. surplus is up, but won't be used to settle teachers' dispute
September 9-- B. C. surplus climbs, but won't be used to settle teachers' dispute: minister
September 9-- BC's Finances Not healthy Enough to Settle the Strike: Minister
September 9-- Unions urge Premier to accept binding arbitration
September 9-- East Vancouver restaurant donating profits to help striking teachers
September 9-- $226M budget surplus not for BCFT deal, says de Jong
September 9-- Factory model fading for schools
September 9-- Could the premier's overseas trip signal an impending conclusion to the teachers dispute?
September 9-- Education Minister Peter Fassbender categorically rejects a voucher system for B. C. Schools
September 9-- "Bootstrapper" Bias May Blind Clarks' Team to Teachers' Case
September 9-- School Zone traffic enforcement still in effect in one Prince Rupert neighbourhood  NCR

September 8-- Teachers' dispute turns on domino theory
September 8-- BC Teachers dispute: Will Wednesday vote have an impact (video)
September 8-- BCTF willing to vote to end strike
September 8-- B. C. Premier must accept arbitration
September 8-- Teachers' vote aimed squarely at the B. C. public
September 8-- Dueling press conferences: teachers and Clark government no closer to ending strike
September 8-- Impact of labour dispute on children who are vulnerable and at risk (audio)
September 8-- Vancouver school trustees weigh in on binding arbitration
September 8-- Statement from Education Minister Peter Fassbender (news release)
September 8-- BCTF goes ahead with vote on binding arbitration
September 8-- BCTF to vote Wednesday on arbitration
September 8-- BCTF News Conference (video)
September 8-- BCCPAC on BC School Sports (news release)
September 8-- Tyee poll: how are you showing Support (for either side) During the Teacher strike?
September 8-- Which B. C. Liberal MLA will be brave enough to tell Christy Clark the truth about teachers strike?
September 8-- Students plan "walk-in" protest at several Vancouver area high schools
September 8-- High School students plan "walk-in"
September 8-- Christy Clark's approval rating continued to slide in wake of B. C. teachers dispute: survey
September 8-- More classes cancelled as B. C. teachers strike goes into second week of school
September 8-- Strike stokes tutors, threatens international program
September 8-- Incentive pay for teachers improves student performance: Study
September 8-- Tyee readers still mad as Hell about Teacher negotiations
September 8-- School board voices frustration as government closes door on binding arbitration

September 7-- Students brace for another week without classes
September 7-- Clark gunning to defeat BCTF
September 7-- Parents rally against teachers' union, while others rally in support (video)
September 7-- BCTF Framework for settlement through Binding arbitration (news release)
September 7-- Time for Christy Clark to keep her promises
September 7-- B. C. says court ruling at heart of teachers' dispute wrong
September 7-- Greedy teachers? Check out this chart and draw your own conclusion
September 7-- It's Suzanne Anton's job to tell Christy Clark to open public schools

September 6-- Government rejects binding arbitration in teachers dispute
September 6-- Digging in: B. C. Education Minister Peter Fassbender rejects BCTF call for binding arbitration
September 6-- B. C. Government will not enter binding arbitration to end teachers' strike
September 6-- Education Minister rejects BCTF's call for binding arbitration to end teachers' strike
September 6-- High School Football players upset over delayed season
September 6-- B. C. Teachers' strike: Government rejects binding arbitration
September 6-- Education Minister rejects BCTF's call for binding arbitration
September 6-- Minister's statement: rejecting binding arbitration (News release)
September 6-- Petition to televise education negotiations surpasses 5,000 signatures
September 6-- B. C. students brace for second week without classes
September 6-- Teachers' strike set to continue next week
September 6-- Class composition: It's worse than you think, writes teacher

September 5-- How B. C's teachers measure up against others in Canada
September 5-- Will the teachers settlement impact nurses contract negotiations?
September 5-- Grade 12 students worried about university applications
September 5-- Christy Clark's battle with teachers is personal, argues educator
September 5-- Teachers' strike could brake on Tour de Rock
September 5-- Parents deserve to know if government is violating constitution by spurning binding arbitration
September 5-- Politically charged anti-BCTF Facebook comment broke government code of conduct
September 5-- On binding arbitration, Liberals won't be fooled again
September 5-- Massaging the message while B. C. classrooms remain empty
September 5-- "Never give up" determination drives Fassbender
September 5-- CBC Radio series on education: (dis) integration (audio)
September 5-- BCTF Adopts HO's Proposal for Solving Strike!
September 5-- Massive show of support for teachers at Canada Place
September 5-- B. C. teachers rally at Canada Place
September 5-- Education Minister ice cold to teachers' offer of binding arbitration to end strike
September 5-- Province all but rejects BCTF call for binding arbitration
September 5-- Not a Yes, Not a No: Education Minister Wary of Arbitration
September 5-- Class size and composition is indeed at heart of bitter teachers' strike stalemate
September 5-- B. C. government reluctant to agree to BCTF's call for binding arbitration in labour dispute
September 5-- Education Minister Peter Fassbender refuses to embrace BCTF proposal for binding arbitration
September 5-- Teachers call on government to agree to binding arbitration in labour dispute
September 5-- Strike will end if province agrees to binding arbitration, drops E80, says BCTF
September 5-- Everything You Need to Know About This Round of Teacher Bargaining
September 5-- 'Families Funding Teachers' website raises more than $12,000 so far
September 5-- BCTF President calls for binding arbitration in teacher strike; minister cool to proposal
September 5-- BCTF promises vote that could end strike if province agrees to binding arbitration
September 5-- Teachers union calls for binding arbitration to end strike
September 5-- Teachers will vote to end strike if province agrees to binding arbitration
September 5-- BCTF calls for binding arbitration
September 5-- Protest at Christy Clark's Kelowna office (video)
September 5-- BCTF will recommend teachers end strike if government agrees to binding arbitration
September 5-- BCTF news release on binding arbitration (news release)

September 4-- Pressure building to end teachers' strike in coming weeks: expert
September 4-- Teachers not allowed to do extra tutoring during strike, union says
September 4-- Grad year interrupted; students stressed by strike
September 4-- Frustrated mom petitions for cameras at the teacher bargaining table
September 4-- BCTF "Study Sessions" ruffle feathers at certain school districts
September 4-- Hundreds turn out to Prince George Teachers Rally
September 4-- BC Teacher's dispute increases private school enrollment
September 4-- Clark, Iker appearances achieve nothing in teacher dispute
September 4-- B. C. Teachers seek tutoring work despite union directive
September 4-- Province eyes longer school year to offset strike
September 4-- With lockout lifted, Minister asks BCTF to suspend strike (news release)
September 4-- "Unhappy" Clark urges B. C. teachers union to negotiate end to strike
September 4-- If it's really about the kids, why are teachers making excessive demands?
September 4-- Are we failing special needs students?
September 4-- BCTF rejects Christy Clark's urging to return to classrooms
September 4-- BCTF rejects premier's call to suspend school strike
September 4-- Terrace teachers to rally Friday
September 4-- Christy Clark calls on teacher to end strike; BCT stands firm

September 3-- Entrenched positions promise to prolong teachers strike
September 3-- Twitter seizes on Premier Christy Clark's misrepresentation of BCTF's massage demands
September 3-- Teachers react to Premier's public address
September 3-- Teachers respond to Clark: We've made enough Concessions
September 3-- Union rejects premier's demand to suspend strike
September 3-- B. C. teachers strike won't end until both parties feel pinch
September 3-- Premier Clark: Teachers Stand in the Way of A Deal
September 3-- Premier speaks about the education labour dispute
September 3-- B. C. Premier Christy Clark says it is up to teachers to end strike
September 3-- B. C. Private School enrolment spikes amid public school strike
September 3-- Truth battle: Christy Clark and Teachers war over what's actually on bargaining table
September 3-- B. C. Premier wants BCTF to suspend strike and get back to bargaining table
September 3-- Premier Christy Clark asks teachers to suspend strike
September 3-- No 'magic wand' to end teachers strike, premier says
September 3-- PAC 10 Tutoring offers Edu-Care during Teachers' Dispute  NCR
September 3-- BCTF says contingency funds and tax hikes could pay for strike settlement
September 3-- No Formal talks between government, BCTF scheduled as schools remain closed
September 3-- Essential Services rage could be a way to end strike
September 3-- Teachers and Government need a time out
September 3-- Recreation Department looks to fill some of the void during Education dispute  NCR
September 3-- Arbitration unlikely path to end teachers strike
September 3-- Teacher Supporters: "Our Government is Not Listening"
September 3-- Please Advise! As Premier, I Must further Crush the Teachers
September 3-- B. C. Premier Christy Clark wades into ongoing teachers' dispute via Facebook Post

September 2-- Ready's reality check increases odds of legislative hammer
September 2-- Hundred Years War over Schools shows no sign of ending
September 2-- B. C. Teachers' strike: After a wasted summer, stalemate rules
September 2-- As strike drags on, B. C. teachers mull the ethics, economics of tutoring
September 2-- Immune to teachers' strike, private school students back in class
September 2-- "Strike Camps" welcome kids out of school
September 2-- Teacher with $6 in her bank account calls on BCTF to reach a deal (video)
September 2-- Province spends as much as $335,000 on social media in BCTF dispute
September 2-- Response to Letter to Vince Ready from BCCPAC 
September 2-- BCTF President Jim Iker on Global Newshour (video)
September 2-- B. C. teacher's may be called to vote on future of strike
September 2-- Teachers debate if they should or shouldn't strike in solidarity ( CBC audio )
September 2-- Parents, students protest strike by showing up at politicians' offices for "MLA play days"
September 2-- B. C. Teacher's strike could mean boon for travel industry
September 2-- Class dismissed 500,000 students denied 1st day of school by teacher strike
September 2-- B. C. teachers rally, walk the picket lines as strike continues
September 2-- No School Tuesday for thousands of B. C. kids (video)
September 2-- In the  fight to control classrooms, our provincial education system suffers
September 2-- BCTF says picket lines will stay up as long as it takes to get negotiations going
September 2-- How far apart are the 2 sides?
September 2-- Teachers strike at 'impasse' after talks fail
September 2-- No classes on what is supposed to be 1st day of school
September 2-- What's Really Locking BC's Schools Shut
September 2-- BCTF doesn't rule out binding arbitration as a way to end the strike/lockout
September 2-- B. C. teachers' dispute may drag 'much longer' than first week of school, parents warned
September 2-- Government plan is to outlast teachers
September 2-- B. C.'s public schools remain closed behind picket lines as labour dispute continues
September 2-- Coast Mountain Schools behind picket lines today
September 2-- "We don't want to be held hostage" Students to protest B. C. public school shutdown

September 1-- Labour expert John Fryer on B. C. Teachers' strikeCBC video )
September 1-- B. C.'s closed schools leave parents stranded
September 1-- No Classes, bitter words as B. C. teacher's strike persists
September 1-- BCTF ramps up rhetoric against province
September 1-- Don't bring kids to school Tuesday, Superintendents say
September 1-- B. C. students not held 'hostage'
September 1-- Startup of New School Year on Hold -- BC Teachers Dispute remains Unresolved
September 1-- B. C. Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair says B. C. Liberals are happy schools will close Tuesday
September 1-- Peter Fassbender on B. C. teachers' strike, avoiding legislation (video)
September 1-- Parents scrambling for daycare spaces as B. C. teachers' strike delays school
September 1-- B. C. daycares swamped because of teachers' strike
September 1-- Letter from NDP leader John Horgan to Premier Clark
September 1-- Organized labour to pressure province to resolve B. C. teachers' dispute
September 1-- BCTF blaming "escape clause" for teachers' dispute impasse
September 1-- Glen Hansman on BCTF dispute ( CBC audio)
September 1-- Meet don't tweet
September 1-- B. C. teachers' dispute may drag "much longer" than first week of school, parents warned
September 1-- "Educational banana republic": B. C.'s teachers feud dates back decades


August 31-- Employer says BCTF's demands are higher than settlements reached with other public-sector unions
August 31-- B. C. to start daycare payments to parents as teachers strike talks collapse
August 31-- Teachers' plea to premier: Help get students back to school
August 31-- BCTF President Jim Iker calls on Premier Christy Clark to meet with him directly (video)
August 31-- Teachers' dispute shows no signs of ending (video)
August 31-- Daycare costs likely to be reimbursed after teachers' strike ends
August 31-- B. C. promises daycare payments for parents as first day of school delayed indefinitely by teachers' strike
August 31-- B. C. to start daycare payments to parents
August 31-- NDP critic calls on Fassbender to resign as B. C. public schools to remain closed Tuesday
August 31-- B. C. students will be late to class after mediator walks away from teacher talks
August 31-- School in B. C. will not begin on time: Negotiator
August 31-- Veteran Mediator walks out on talks between BCTF and government; no school for BC kids on Tuesday
August 31-- Teachers and Government respond to Bargaining Impasse
August 31-- $40 a day parent pay registration opens
August 31-- No School? Mediator leaves teachers' dispute talks
August 31-- No School Year Start Tuesday

August 30-- Mediator walks away from B. C. Teachers' strike talks
August 30-- B. C. Teachers Strike: Vince Ready walks out of talks
August 30-- If negotiation, mediation won't work ... then binding arbitration is the answer!
August 30-- Teachers' strike: Mediator walks away Saturday saying sides are too far apart
August 30-- Education might be "essential," but striking teachers and B. C. government aren't acting like it
August 30-- Three Reasons Teachers Must Keep Picketing to Keep Pressure on BC Gov't
August 30-- Vince Ready walks out of talks
August 30-- Ready walks away from Teacher Talks

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