Friday, September 5, 2014

The Texans make some plans to come to the North Coast LNG Table

There is apparently yet one more player to be heard from in the rush to develop LNG Terminal projects on the North Coast.

News broke last evening of another entry to the BC LNG scene, with of an application submitted to the National Energy Board from a company working under the name of Orca LNG Ltd., Orca is reportedly an affiliate of an energy company based in Cypress, Texas.

The project would see a gas liquefaction terminal facility, LNG storage capacity and marine loading facility developed somewhere near Prince Rupert.

The Globe and Mail's Brent Jang broke the news on the Globe website on Thursday evening, you can review his full story here.

From his report, a thumbnail guide as to what the proposed North Coast loading facility might look like has been provided.

The terminal complex would feature six floating liquefaction storage and offloading vessels, rather than the fixed structures that many of the current LNG proposals suggested for the area feature.

The application with the National Energy Board for a 25 year licence for exports of up to 24 million tonnes of LNG a year, was filed with the  on Thursday and puts a timeline in place that would see export operations start sometime in 2019, using one vessel to begin with.

That volume of export levels, would put the Orca proposal, should it move to the development stage, among some of the highest levels of exporters to currently be considered across the province.

Few other details of the proposed development were outlined at the time of filing, including exactly where on the North Coast, that Orca has set its eye on for terminal development.

As well, Orca citing confidentiality agreements did not disclose where the supply of gas may be coming from, or what form of transportation system may be used to bring any gas for export to the terminal.

As of this morning, the application process has not been added to the online NEB data base.

This latest entrant into the increasingly crowded LNG proposal listings, marks the eighth proposed terminal project for the North Coast and the 17th for British Columbia.

As of yet, few of those seventeen, have made significant strides towards a final investment decision and further development for many is still very much in the early stages of consideration.

Locally, the two most advanced proposals to date, involve those of the Malaysian owned Petronas Energy Company, with their PacificNorthwest LNG Terminal proposal for Lelu Island and that of BG Gas and their Prince Rupert LNG proposal, which would see an LNG terminal built on Ridley Island.

The remaining proposals for the Prince Rupert region are currently at various stages of early development.

You can review the full archive of LNG proposals from our archive page.

When further details regarding the Orca LNG proposal are put forward we will update our files, you can find that archive and further updates here.

Update:  The documents filed with the NEB have now been added to the NEB online service, you can review them here.

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