Thursday, September 4, 2014

With the latest advertising blitz from the Mayor, the Municipal election campaign focus shifts to personal qualities

The summer sabbatical of the Municipal election campaign came to a quick end this week, as Mayor Jack Mussallem, making use of his preferred method of communication, the Weekly Newspaper ad buy, delivered a new message to would be electors.

One which if the big bold letters are any indication, puts the focus on personal character as we make the turn around the corner towards the November election day.

The ad, which continues on with the Mayor's past themes of length of service and leadership, this time around offers up some new concepts for review.

Along with knowledge and experience, the Mayor's new ad campaign stresses some interesting twists for the campaign trail, with personal behaviour, good judgement, respect and integrity all the new focus words for voters to apparently take to the voting booth later this year.

Mayor Mussallem's September Ad
It would seem to be an interesting ramping up of political rhetoric, which might indicate that the Mayor may be aiming some of his arrows a bit beyond his only current competitor for the office, Mr. Lee Brain.

Rumblings around town continue that there may yet be a few more names to consider on election day, with the usual Prince Rumour coffee chat suggesting that some seasoned political types may yet signal their entry to the race.

That might explain the over reaching hammer that Mayor has pulled out post Labour Day, while there is a growing bit of support for Mr. Brain's candidacy, his efforts thus far in the campaign have been limited to occasional Facebook postings advising as to the current status of the Sixth Avenue bridge and other minor details of civic and community engagement.

Mr. Brain, mainly has engaged in a  social media campaign, on Facebook and Twitter, to spread word of his entry into the race, with little in the way in content thus far other than a promise to re-think Rupert.

Nothing in his political commentary to this point, it would seem requires the need to focus on the talking points that the Mayor has outlined with this weeks political advertisement. Other than perhaps the rather presumptuous title Mr. Brain has declared for himself on his twitter feed, using the handle of Mayor Lee Brain.

As though to reinforce his message of personal behaviour, respect and integrity, Mayor Mussallem's current ad includes some background players to the theme of re-election, with the Mayor standing with not one, but two RCMP members in full Red Serge, clearly taken from one of the meet and greets with arriving Cruise ship passengers.

And while it makes for a dandy photo op, the RCMP either through the local detachment, or by way of the provincial level, might be in contact with the Mayor one would think.

Most likely to kindly suggest that politicizing their members in the heat of any election campaign advertising, is something that might not be in the best interests of the men and women working the streets for the Force, here in the city.

A move which might head off any future requests from other Mayoralty and Council candidates for a photo opportunity to showcase their affection and collaborative nature for the men and women of the RCMP.

Otherwise, the local constabulary may up end running the risk of becoming the background chorus of some form of Monty Python like Municipal election campaign spectacular...

As for political issues, so far, the run up for the November vote isn't focusing on any of the many potential talking points that should be discussed by all candidates for office.

For now, at least if the advertising buy is any indication, the focus on the current campaign is going to be one of personality and character.

Something that we imagine will change once we get a look at the final line up for the Mayoralty race and whether the current phantom candidates, ever step out to make the November race a very interesting few months of campaigning.

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