Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending March 1, 2015

Our weekly review of the most read items of the last seven days finds interest in the Charles Hays Senior Boy's Basketball team peaking at just the right time.

With our preview and update page for the AAA Zones proving to be a popular destination this week.

Plans from the new President and CEO of Petronas to come to BC to talk LNG with the government also attracted a high rate of readers this week.

As did the Financial overview of the recent Municipal Election campaign, with our account of the Elections BC reports a frequently reviewed item through the week.

Rounding out our five top items, a pair of items that came up as a result of this week's Budget Presentation to Council. With our notes on the $925,000 subsidy for the Airport Ferry and a notice from the RCMP that it's time for a new detachment building attracting a strong audience as well.

Leading it all off this week however, was Rainmaker Basketball and our preview of the AAA Northwest Zones, with frequent return visits to view the scoreboard through the tournament.

The Road to Provincials  2015 runs through Prince Rupert  -- Our anchor page for the Northwest AAA Zones tournament at Charles Hays proved popular, as readers checked back frequently.  As a side note, the Rainmakers won the final game 84-71 and now advance to the AAA Provincials in Langley March 11-14 (posted February 26, 2015)

That item was followed by:

Petronas and the B. C. Government make a date in March for discussion on LNG project  --  The new President and CEO of Petronas Wan Aulkiflee Wan Ariffin announces plans to travel to BC in March for discussions on LNG with the Provincial government. (posted February, 23 2015)

Elections BC delivers Prince Rupert's Financial Review for Municipal election 2014  --  Mayor Lee Brain collected the most money and spent the most during the 2014 election campaign, his report and those of all the candidates for office were posted to the Elections BC website this week (posted  February 24, 2015)

Airport Ferry to sail with $925,000 subsidy in 2015   -- The Budget Report delivered this week by the City's Financial Officer provided the latest breakdown on Airport Ferry revenues and expenses
(posted February 26, 2015)

RCMP  deliver final letter related to new detachment requirements  -- City Council received notice from the City's Financial Officer that the RCMP have delivered their final letter of notice regarding a new detachment building for the city.  If the City does not move forward on plans for one, the RCMP can now build their own and send the City the bill (posted  February 25, 2015 )

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