Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Storm, She may be a brewin' for next week

Note: See updated information at bottom of page

The North Coast and Haida Gwaii (as well as our neighbours to the north in Ketchikan) may be about to get a head start on some of our familiar Fall Weather patterns.

With the American Weather Service AccuWeather posting some details of a what is being described as a post tropical Ignacio and its potential impact on this corner of the North Pacific.

The US weather service AccuWeather is offering up a pretty
wet and windy forecast for mid next week

The projected track should it hold true, would have the centre of the system making a bulls eye for the Ketchikan area, with both Haida Gwaii and the North Coast well within the anticipated landfall area.

Heavy rainfall, strong winds and large waves and swell are outlined as features that would be associated with the arrival of the remnants of Ignacio, which AccuWeather suggests will be sometime during the middle of next week.

Currently a Hurricane, the system is expected to lose much of that status as it heads north of Hawaii.

Though the acuuweather forecasters note that the storm could merge with other systems in the North Pacific making for a powerful blast for the region.

"If Ignacio were to merge with another storm system, impacts could be severe along a small part of the coast and into the coast ranges,"... "If it remains a separate entity, less severe winds and more strung-out rainfall could occur in the region."

Further background on the path of Ignacio can be found here

No notices from Environment Canada have been posted as of yet, though the satellite imagery from the Environment Canada website gives us some indication as to just what's brewing in the Pacific and where it may be heading.

A picture from today  (September 3) provides satellite images 
from Environment Canada which show 
some strong storm activity in the Central Pacific ocean area

As we get closer to the middle of next week we'll provide any background on whether what is left of Ignacio is indeed making its way towards the North Coast.

More items on weather related developments can be found on our archive page.

Update: The arrival of the weather system may be accelerating a bit, Environment Canada is calling for Periods of Rain on Sunday and Monday, with a  short break Tuesday, with more Rain on the way Wednesday and Thursday.

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