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Education 2017 -- UNBC Archives

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Education at the University level on the North Coast and Northern British Columbia.

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December 21 -- UNBC Professors edit book on Former Premier
December 20 -- 2017: A Year in Review  (UNBC info statement)
December 18 -- Research agreement inked between UNBC, Interior universities
December 15 -- Moose calves rescued in Northern B. C. are 'golden nuggets' to species survival, says researcher
December 15 -- UNBC Part of New Multi-University Research agreement
December 15 -- UNBC partners with TRU and UBCO
December 15 -- Interior universities join forces to take research to a new level (UNBC info statement)
December 14 -- Champion of northern medicine mourned
December 13 -- Food for thought  (UNBC info statement)
December 7 -- UNBC's Northern Sport Centre continued its tradition of teaming with local business
December 7 -- Outdoor survival skills the focus tonight at UNBC
December 6 -- Local woman set for global adventure
December 4 -- High School Students learn computer science skills to create digital stories (UNBC info statement)
December 1 -- UNBC prof named Canada Research Chair
December 1 -- UNBC professor recognized for his work on tall wood structures
December 1 -- UNBC Engineering Professor Named Canada Research chair
December 1 -- Engineering Professor Names Canada Research Chair  (UNBC info statement)


November 30 -- UNBC, Local Businesses donate groceries to food banks
November 30 -- UNBC Driven Massive Grocery Shop
November 30 -- Lynda Price speaks at UNBC
November 30 -- Information Sessions for UNBC Northwest Social Work and Bachelor of Education program set for today at NWCC's Prince Rupert campus  NCR
November 29 -- UNBC students, faculty hold Montreal Massacre memorial
November 29 -- UNBC Holds Memorial
November 29 -- Montreal massacre memorial held at UNBC
November 29 -- AIDS awareness at UNBC
November 26 -- UNBC Professor named President of ACUNS
November 28 -- HIV/AIDS awareness week at UNBC
November 27 -- UNBC to host the 22nd Annual Day of Remembrance
November 23 -- Fungi Lecture at UNBC
November 23 -- Inspiring Women Among us continues this weekend
November 21 -- Dr. Garry Wilson takes over as President of Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies    (UNBC info statement)
November 18 -- Timberwolves Legacy Breakfast to host famous Canadian Broadcaster
November 17 -- Anthropology lecture focuses on why undulant fever existed in the Maltese Islands (UNBC info statement)
November 17 -- UNBC Student appointed to Provincial Council
November 17 -- UNBC professor's study links pot and testicular cancer 
November 17 -- UNBC Professor to spoil goats mil in upcoming presentation
November 17 -- Student named to multiculturally Advisory council  (UNBC info statement)
November 17 -- Brucellosis subject of UNBC Anthropology in Our Backyards talk
November 15 -- Samosa sales stoppage pits UNBC student group against food service provider
November 14 -- Landsberg coming to P.G. for Legacy Breakfast
November 14 -- Landsberg to Speak at Timberwolves Diversity (UNBC info statement)
November 14 -- Welcome to public-sector town
November 9 -- UNBC Research Published
November 9 -- UNBC Cafeteria workers rallied against compass group for better wages
November 9 -- Anthropology series at UNBC continues with Franklin expedition analysis
November 9 -- UNBC professor lead author in paper published in prestigious journal
November 9 -- Melting Away: Tracking the demise of a Western Canadian Ice Sheet   (UNBC info statement)
November 8 -- UNBC Cafeteria workers rally for better wages
November 8 -- UNBC Cafeteria Staff Rally for Better Wages
November 8 -- UNBC Cafeteria workers to hold rally this afternoon
November 8 -- Research finds link between marijuana use and testicular cancer  (UNBC info statement)
November 7 -- Franklin Expedition subject of anthropologist's talk
November 7 -- Cafeteria Workers to Rally at UNBC tomorrow
November 7 -- UNBC's Anthropology in our backyard series continues Thursday
November 7 -- Computer Science students put their skills to the test against top schools  (UNBC info statement)
November 3 -- Unaccredited Degree for a UNBC Assistant Professor raises Questions
November 3 -- Studying abroad had a profound effect on Bryanna Davidson  (UNBC info statement)
November 2 -- A breath of fresh air  (UNBC info statement)
November 2 -- Air quality improving UNBC researchers find


October 31 -- Major opportunities ahead for UNBC
October 30 -- Dr. Lazenby talk focuses on forensic anthropology casework in Northern B.C. (UNBC info statement)
October 25 -- UNBC Professor finalist for prestigious award
October 23 -- UNBC prof finalist for top literary award
October 17 -- Posters promoting 'race war' denounced at UNBC  (audio)
October 16 -- 'Diversity Rally' held at UNBC to fight back against Neo-Nazism Posters
October 16 -- Nazi posters prompt anti-hate rally
October 16 -- UNBC President Statement Regarding Diversity (UNBC info statement)
October 13 -- UNBC President says Maclean's Magazine ranking helps recruit students from China (audio)
October 13 -- Racist posters supporting Neo-Nazism spotted at UNBC
October 12 -- UNBC maintains top three ranking in latest Maclean's magazine survey
October 12 -- UNBC earns top marks in Maclean's survey
October 12 -- UNBC No. 2 in Maclean's rankings
October 12 -- UNBC Places Second in Maclean's Rankings  (UNBC info statement)
October 11 -- Partnering on Innovation  (UNBC info statement)
October 5 -- UNBC promotes engineering to girls (video)
October 5 -- Post- Secondary Enrolments are up
October 4 -- UNBC student part of carbon reduction project
October 4 -- Information Fair at UNBC Thursday evening


September 30 -- TEDx Takes Over UNBC
September 29 -- BC Universities and Colleges to host free public information night in PG
September 29 -- University, college info session coming
September 29 -- Arts Council doubles down on artist-in-residence program
September 27 -- PICS Fellow switching gears to explore more active transportation options (UNBC info statement)
September 25 -- Engineering Program Could Come to UNBC (video)
September 23 -- UNBC Student earns four figure scholarship
September 22 -- Study North BC showcases post-secondary opportunities in the region  (UNBC info statement)
September 22 -- Global Economy spurs change in Resource Communities (UNBC info statement)
September 12 -- UNBC receives combined $1.1M grant for upcoming research
September 12 -- UNBC researcher named to Royal Society of Canada
September 12 -- UNBC Professor Named to Royal Society of Canada  (UNBC info statement)
September 11 -- UNBC researchers receive funding worth $1.1 Million
September 11 -- UNBC researchers receive funding worth $1.1 Million
September 6 -- UNBC tuition fees still more affordable than provincial counterparts
September 6 -- UNBC is now internationally recognized!
September 5 -- UNBC is recognized internationally (audio)
September 5 -- UNBC and CNC welcomes students (video)
September 5 -- UNBC makes Times list
September 5 -- UNBC makes prestigious list
September 5 -- UNBC ranked among elite global universities
September 3 -- UNBC welcomes new students
September 2 -- UNBC set for Move in Day
September 2 -- Art in the Street  (UNBC info statement)
September 1 -- Free post-secondary tuition for children in care announced (audio)
September 1 -- Province increasing education, opportunity for Youth in Care


August 30 -- Mandala welcomes teachers to UNBC Conference
August 29 -- UNBC names new senior administration leader (UNBC info statement)
August 29 -- Annual CNC and UNBC Teaching Conference kicks off tomorrow
August 29 -- Dr. Dan Ryan New VP at UNBC (video)
August 29 -- UNBC and CNC team up for Teaching and Learning Conference (UNBC info statement)
August 29 -- Teaching and Learning Conference this weekend
August 29 -- UNBC names new provost
August 29 -- UNBC names new senior administration leader
August 27 -- TEDx talks to show city's creativity
August 25 -- UNBC students studying plants in Port Edward
August 25 -- UNBC research at Cassiar Cannery (video)
August 22 -- NMP Introduces Mini Med School (video)
August 22 -- UNBC offering Mini Med School
August 18 -- TEDXUNBC announces three more names to Presenter's ballot  (UNBC info statement)
August 18 -- Rice on eliminating tuition for basic education, upgrading
August 17 -- UNBC and CNC seeking more International Students (video)
August 11 -- UNBC's Northern Sport Centre returning to Normal (video)
August 16 -- Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre re--opening (UNBC info statement)
August 16 -- Northern Sports Centre to re-open for public use
August 16 -- UNBC President Statement regarding Charlottesville Events (UNBC info statement)
August 15 -- UNBC Welcomes Advanced Education Minister  (UNBC info statement)
August 15 -- Funding expands on changing environments of fish and insects (UNBC info statement)
August 12 -- UNBC professor believes wildfires will have deep impacts on forest industry
August 9 -- B.C. Schools getting ready to see increase in adult education
August 4 -- Push for Physical Therapy Program in PG (video)
August 1 -- New UNBC course examines the history of childbirth (audio)


July 31 -- UNBC and West Fraser Co-op student earns scholarship
July 31 -- UNBC Student receives Green Dream Scholarship
July 31 -- Trial by fire
July 29 -- Could local mushrooms cure cancer?
July 26 -- Researcher turns eye on legal smoking age
July 26 -- City donating $5,000 to TEDXUNBC
July 26 -- CNC evacuees in lodging off to UNBC; City's Wednesday update
July 26 -- Evacuees moved to UNBC from CNC
July 24 -- Council offers financial support to TEDxUNBC  (video)
July 21 -- Encouraging More Indigenous Students to Become Doctors (video)
July 18 -- Time to step up, Premier Horgan
July 17 -- Establish Fire protection zones around vulnerable communities says UNBC professor
July 13 -- Town Hall for Evacuees at UNBC tonight
July 13 -- Initial list of Ted-X UNBC speakers named (video)
July 12 -- UNBC prepares more beds for Evacuees
July 11 -- CNC runs out of room, UNBC steps in
July 10 -- Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre close to members, public  (UNBC info statement)
July 8 -- UNBC to help evacuees
July 7 -- UNBC hosts its second Timberwolves basketball camp
July 6 -- Birch bark canoe made at UNBC makes maiden voyage
July 6 -- UNBC Researcher granted $75K for tobacco sales study
July 5 -- Northern Researcher to study impact of restricted tobacco sales 
July 5 -- Students send a message with Handmade Birch Bark Canoe (UNBC info statement)
July 5 -- Local researcher secures $75K Grant (video)
July 5 -- UNBC, CCFPG launch handmade canoe as symbol of hope
July 4 -- UNBC researcher wins fellowship
July 4 -- Dr. Russ Callaghan to examine effects of minimum age on tobacco sales (UNBC info statement)
July 3 -- Birch Bark Canoe presented to Prince George (video)
July 2 -- Three UNBC grads from Haida Gwaii
July 1 -- Messenger canoe brings hope for indigenous dialogue


June 29 -- UNBC researcher receives Banting Fellowship
June 28 -- UNBC Researcher named Banting Fellow (UNBC info statement)
June 28 -- CNC banners as title sponsor of TEDXUNBC
June 28 -- Banting Fellowship for UNBC Researcher (video)
June 28 -- Banting Fellow to Study Early Intervention Therapy with Indigenous Communities (UNBC info statement)
June 28 -- CNC partners with TEDxUNBC 2017
June 28 -- UNBC researcher receives prestigious fellowship
June 27 --  UNBC's health services hosted a booth demonstrating the traditional use of tobacco by Indigenous people
June 26 -- Dr. Rob Olson receives grant for cross-Canada cancer care project (UNBC info statement)
June 26 -- Throne speech filled with clever politics
June 25 -- Honours for Four UNBC Grads
June 22 -- Alumni Association of UNBC announces 2017 Awards  (UNBC info statement)
June 22 -- UNBC Health, FN Services teach traditional tobacco use
June 21 -- UNBC opens new research data centre
June 20 -- UNBC Opens New Research Data Centre
June 20 -- UNBC's Ted X Selection is winding down (video)
June 20 -- UNBC Opens Research Data Centre
June 14 -- CFUR offers youth radio classes 
June 13 -- Cassiar Cannery welcomes UNBC biology students for research visit
June 7 -- UNBC opens facility in Fort St. John
June 7 -- Donation helps fund UNBC Experimental Learning Course
June 7 -- UNBC chancellor visits Nass Valley, Terrace
June 6 -- New UNBC project coming this summer (audio)
June 5 -- UNBC Botany students head west in August (video)
June 5 -- TEDX speaker series event at UNBC gets favourable response
June 5 -- Students to take part in botany field camp
June 5 -- TEDX Speaker series event at UNBC gets favourable response
June 2 -- Education pays off for South Central graduates (UNBC info statement)


May 31 -- International study reveals large trees in extreme altitudes of Papua New Guinea  (UNBC info statement)
May 31 -- Time to welcome the premier in waiting
May 30 -- Northwest graduates appreciate local education (UNBC info statement)
May 30 -- UNBC hold graduation ceremony in Nass Valley
May 29 -- Graduates aim to encourage Nisga'a Language, Culture  (UNBC info statement)
May 26 -- Class of 2017 - UNBC
May 26 -- UNBC seeks to double foreign students
May 26 -- UNBC Honours Pioneer of the University at Graduation (video)
May 25 -- UNBC Launches Northern Leadership Campaign (UNBC info statement)
May 25 -- UNBC reaches out as part of Major Fundraiser (video)
May 25 -- UNBC launches major fundraiser
May 24 -- UNBC to celebrate 24th Convocation (UNBC info statement)
May 24 -- First 'Adventures in Health Care' Underway (video)
May 24 -- Honourary UNBC degree being given to forensics expert investigating Dos Erres massacre of 1982 (audio)
May 23 -- Public speaking background is not needed to apply: TEDXUNBC
May 23 -- UNBC researcher, Grads Team Up to Save Orphaned Ungulates (UNBC info statement)
May 23 -- Public speaking background is not needed to apply: TEDXUNBC
May 23 -- Panel, film address crimes against humanity
May 22 -- UNBC policy tackles sexual assaults, misconducts
May 19 -- Northern Post-Secondary Marketing plan underway (video)
May 18 -- UNBC, CNC finalize sexual misconduct policies
May 18 -- UNBC Enacts Sexual Violence and Misconduct policy (UNBC info statement)
May 18 -- UNBC enacts new sexual violence and misconduct policy (audio)
May 16 -- Tuition fees at UNBC will increase for the 2017-18 academic year
May 16 -- UNBC Tuition rising 2% in 2017-18
May 15 -- UNBC Approves $91.3 Million Budget (video)
May 12 -- Northern Medical Program turns 10
May 12 -- Researcher quantifies the quality of life
May 11 -- Niemi, Rashid named UNBC valedictorians
May 11 -- UNBC leading National Project exploring communities affected by Resource development 
May 11 -- UNBC to lead national research project on impacts of resource development (UNBC info statement)
May 11 -- UNBC to manage $2M research project
May 11 -- UNBC Professor leads national research project (video)
May 10 -- UHNBC Gets New Rehabilitation wheelchairs
May 9 -- Stewart, Peccerelli to receive honorary degrees
May 9 -- UNBC unveils valedictorians for 2017
May 9 -- Daycare Check UP (UNBC info statement)
May 8 -- UNBC Valedictorians named (video)
May 8 -- Niemi, Rashid named 2017 UNBC Valedictorians  (UNBC info statement)
May 5 -- Exchanging Knowledge (UNBC info statement)
May 5 -- UNBC President criticized for supporting B.C. Liberals
May 3 -- UNBC founder and forensic anthropology expert to be recognized at convocation
May 2 -- Stewart, Peccerelli scheduled to receive Honourary Degrees
May 2 -- TEDX Talks are coming to UNBC
May 2 -- All-Candidate Forums Tonight
May 1 -- New TEDXUNBC seeking speakers
May 1 -- UNBC will host TEDx (video)


April 28 -- International Partnership (UNBC info statement)
April 21 -- UNBC Green efforts recognized nationally for the sixth straight year
April 21 -- UNBC named one of Canada's greenest employers (UNBC info statement)
April 21 -- UNBC is among Canada's Greenest Employers for a Sixth Consecutive year
April 18 -- Dr. Darwyn Coxson receives distinguished Academic Award (UNBC info statement)
April 16 -- UNBC wants your input on sexual violence policy draft
April 10 -- Langara College and UNBC sign MOU aiding student transfer (UNBC info statement)
April 10 -- UNBC, Langara college working to bring students north
April 10 -- UNBC and Langara College sign 5 year transfer agreement (video)
April 6 -- Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy released (video)
April 4 -- UNBC research projects celebrated (video)
April 4 -- Annual Science Fair at UNBC (video)


March 31 -- Culture Celebration at UNBC (video)
March 30 -- UNBC Hosting nationally-recognized Indigenous authors, storytellers
March 30 -- Weaving words celebration  (video)
March 30 -- UNBC education program to host introductory session in Prince Rupert Saturday  NCR
March 29 -- Women at UNBC Celebrate Hijab Day (video)
March 28 -- UNBC celebrating Canada's 150th with International scholarship program
March 28 -- UNBC lives up to Greenest University (video)
March 28 -- Walking a mile in her hijab
March 27 -- UNBC to Create new Scholarship Program in Honour of Canada 150  (UNBC info statement)
March 27 -- UNBC to launch Canada 150 Scholarship
March 27 -- 150 New Scholarships for Canada 150 (video)
March 24 -- UNBC students Survey Prince George on electoral reform 
March 23 -- Awards help First Nations students reach their goals (UNBC info statement)
March 22 -- NUGSS Referendum Results in
March 22 -- Tales to be told abut search for Franklin expedition
March 21 -- Museum pavilion planned as community project
March 14 -- Climate Change 'Undeniably Having an Effect' on Northern BC
March 14 -- Research Details How Molecular Sensors Can Manipulate Small RNA Levels (UNBC info statement)
March 14 -- B.C. tech plan unveiled
March 13 -- UNBC study shows vitamin D boost brain function
March 12 -- Stem Cell Drive held in Prince George
March 10 -- Northern BC Climate Change Discussion (video)
March 10 -- UNBC and Northern Health are in the Top 100 places to work in BC (video)
March 10 -- UNBC Named One of B.C.'s Top employers (UNBC info statement)
March 10 -- UNBC a top employer
March 10 -- Rebalancing forestry
March 9 -- Northern Health, Canfor and UNBC all Named Top Employers
March 9 -- Danish MPs find 'Inspiration' in Trip to Prince George
March 8 -- UNBC celebrates International Women's Day
March 8 -- Members of Danish Delegation make a stop at UNBC (video)
March 7 -- 3rd Annual Timberwolves Legacy Breakfast Raises Record Amount (UNBC info statement)
March 7 -- Danish delegation visits UNBC campuses in Quesnel, Prince George (UNBC info statement)
March 7 -- UNBC breakfast sets new money mark
March 6 -- Big haul for UNBC T-Wolves Legacy Breakfast
March 3 -- Civics education key to engaging youth in politics
March 1 -- Engineering Students Put Skills to the Test (UNBC info statement)


February 23 -- UNBC joins the Canadian Bureau for International Education's Learning Beyond Borders initiative (UNBC info statement)
February 23 -- 'Bringing Home Genomics' At Exploration Place tonight
February 23 -- New Partnership aims to boost studying abroad (video)
February 22 -- UNBC Students call on the Federal Government to protect Skeena Salmon
February 22 -- UNBC student society says it's 'more financially stable' 4 months after it revealed $110K debt (audio)
February 22 -- NUGSS Restructures Board of Directors
February 22 -- Thirsty Moose Pub drains student union budget, special vote called
February 21 -- Largest Conference in Wood Construction coming to UNBC (video)
February 20 -- UNBC co-hosting international conference on wood construction
February 16 -- Student Teachers Learning from each other (UNBC info statement)
February 14 -- UNBC experiences Trump Bump
February 14 -- Fort St. James School Part of Unique project (video)
February 9 -- UNBC Students take on Super Bug
February 9 -- Synthetic Biology Club combatting MRSA super bug (UNBC info statement)
February 9 -- UNBC Students looking for a new way to kill a Super Bug (video)
February 9 -- UNBC Students Survey Residents on Electoral Reform
February 9 -- UNBC Synthetic Biology Club seeking members
February 8 -- UNBC Professor Names Wilburforce Fellow in Conservation Science (UNBC info statement)
February 8 -- Revolving loan helping make UNBC greener
February 7 -- Revolving Loan Helps Fund Energy Projects (UNBC info statement)
February 7 -- Green Day at UNBC
February 7 -- Timberwolves Legacy Breakfast Raises Record Amount (video)
February 7 -- Theo Fleury inspires at Timberwolves Legacy Breakfast  (video)
February 7 -- Theo Fleury shares inspirational story at T-Wolves legacy breakfast
February 7 -- UNBC Students launch electoral Reform project
February 7 -- Green Day a Hit at UNBC (video)
February 7 -- Fleury captivates audience at UNBC event 
February 6 -- Rural medicine Close Up (UNBC info statement)
February 1 -- Wood Innovation an Design Expands (video)
February 1 -- Addition to WIDC Announced
February 1 -- Canada and British Columbia invest in  UNBC Wood Innovation Research Lab (UNBC info statement)
February 1 -- New UNBC facility planned downtown


January 31 -- Polar Week at UNBC
January 31 -- 7th Annual Polar Week at UNBC (video)
January 31 -- UNBC plans Bold New Move (video)
January 31 -- High school for international students at UNBC a possibility
January 30 -- UNBC President Statement regarding Executive Order in the United States (UNBC info statement)
January 27 -- UNBC duo help write book
January 27 -- UNBC's Polar Week Lecture Offers Glimpse into Future (UNBC info statement)
January 25 -- New book examines transition and change in resource-dependent communities (UNBC info statement)
January 24 -- New Carrier Doctors Look Northward (UNBC info statement)
January 24 -- Theo Fleury to connect with youth at risk
January 20 -- Smoking leads to high death rates for those with substance-use disorders, UNBC researchers find
January 20 -- Research shows tobacco use causes high death rates for alcohol/drug users (UNBC info statement)
January 19 -- UNBC part of study on transient workforce (video)
January 17 -- New Master's Degree examines northern issues in Canada and Norway  (UNBC info statement)
January 17 -- Housing Dream for Aboriginal Housing Society (video)
January 13 -- UNBC Business Students hope to bring home gold in annual competition
January 12 -- Human rights complaint against UNBC dismissed
January 11 -- Giving brings a housing development to life  (UNBC info statement)
January 11 -- Funding helps students explore the outdoors (UNBC info statement)
January 11 -- UNBC business students aim for big things at JDC West competition
January 10 -- JDC West team eyes success in Alberta (UNBC info statement)
January 10 -- UNBC Prof weighs in on Federal Cabinet Shuffle
January 6 -- UNBC Could benefit from $50 Million in Teaching funding (video)
January 5 -- UNBC Hosting Climate Change Discussion to conclude Two Rivers Exhibit

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