Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Labour Issues of the North Coast / Northwest for 2017

Our Archive of items on Labour issues on the North Coast and in the Northwest.

For employment notes with the City of Prince Rupert see our local archive page here.



October 23 -- BCGEU exec on Northwest tour of regional offices   NCR
October 18 -- Phoenix Pay Protest in Prince Rupert (video)
October 18 -- Federal employees protest Phoenix Pay System in Prince Rupert


August 20 -- Terrace teacher trailblazers to be honoured
August 16 -- TDTU will add a new plaque to commemorate the 1981 Teacher Strike  (audio)


June 5 -- Prince Rupert shoreworkers have new collective agreement NCR
June 1 -- Northwest Labour movement celebrates groundbreaking for BCGEU Terrace offices  NCR


May 29 -- Tentative Labour pact heads off potential railway disruptions  NCR
May 17 -- NWCC reduces campus locations with closure of Houston Learning Centre  NCR
May 4 -- City scales back Cow Bay Marina employment options for summer  NCR


March 24 -- Herring season heads towards home stretch, while questions remain about salmon season  NCR
March 8 -- MLA Rice renews call for adjacency in the Pacific Fishery  NCR


February 8 -- Councillor Cunningham raises concerns over potential health service losses should the status of Terrace hospital change NCR
February 3 -- BC's Paramedics look to join police and fire responders as part of the provincial Bargaining Act  NCR

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Archive of items from 2013 and 2012 can be found here

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