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Industrial Development 2017 -- Fairview Container Terminal

Our quick reference  and archive of items pertaining to the operation and expansion plans of the Fairview Container Terminal in Prince Rupert. As well, areas of interest about the container shipping industry with Prince Rupert themes will be included.

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December 23 -- DP World identifies cause of container terminal hazmat incident
December 22 -- Fairview Terminal Update (video)
December 22 -- Cause of Thursday Incident at Fairview Container Terminal Confirmed 
December 22 -- Synthetic fruit flavouring chemical sends 2 people to hospital in Prince Rupert
December 22 -- Incident at Fariview Container Terminal sends two workers to hospital
December 21 -- Incident at Fairview Terminal (video)
December 21 -- Mid-morning Industrial incident sends employees to hospital; brings Fairview Terminal to a stand-still  NCR
December 21 -- Incident at Fairview Container Terminal sends Two People to Hospital
December 21 -- Fairview evacuated and closed after two employees sent to hospital
December 21 -- More accolades for Port of Prince Rupert, as Journal of Commerce rates them Top Performing Port  NCR
December 8 -- Dwell times concerns creeping up on Fairview Terminal again  NCR


November 22 -- Port of Prince rupert gets a big visit
November 21 -- Big Ship calls on Prince Rupert (video)
November 21 -- The biggest container ship ever to dock in Canada was in Prince rupert last week
November 21 -- The Port of Prince Rupert welcomed the biggest container ship to dock in Canada
November 20 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority notes arrival of largest container ship to call on Canadian Port  NCR
November 13 -- DP World begins Fairview roll out of new Terminal tractors from French Manufacturer  NCR


October 6 -- Less congestion at Fairview, but still a work in progress


September 29 -- Port congestion sends Prince Rupert cargo south
September 26 -- Prince Rupert port congestion ebbing
September 22 -- Dwell time woes grow for Fairview Terminal; with second container line diversion plans  NCR
September 18 -- "Dwell time" issues at Fairview to see Cosco containers diverted south  NCR
September 12 -- Workers feel ill during reported 'incident' at B.C. shipping terminal
September 6 -- After Fairview opening, DP World's global plan shifts focus to Ecuador  NCR
September 5 -- Port incident at Fairview Terminal  (video)
September 5 -- Fairview incident left 11 injured and terminal closed over weekend
September 4 -- Fairview Terminal halts operations after incident involving 11 workers
September 3 -- Little known of incident at Fairview Terminal which sent workers to hospital and shut down operations Sunday NCR
September 3 -- Prince Rupert container terminal closed following 'incident'


August 31 -- CN hails the Port of Prince Rupert as a success story and model for supply chain development  NCR
August 31 -- DP world completes Prince Rupert container terminal 2 North Expansion
August 31 -- DP World completes container terminal upgrade
August 31 -- DP World Prince Rupert Port Upgrade done
August 30 -- Port/First Nations relations (video)
August 30 -- Port of Prince Rupert wraps up container terminal expansion
August 30 -- DP World completes Fairview Container Terminal Phase 2 North Expansion
August 30 -- DP World's Prince Rupert expansion is complete
August 30 -- DP World expands Faiview container terminal at Port of Prince Rupert
August 30 -- Port/First Nations relations (video)
August 30 -- Positive relationships show in Fairview Container Terminal expansion process 
August 30 -- Prince Rupert Terminal means positive developments for local First Nations (audio)
August 30 -- Fairview expansion debut hailed as another step for Prince Rupert's global footprint  NCR
August 29 -- Port of Prince Rupert unveils expanded terminal, CN's 'strategic gem'
August 29 -- Prince Rupert terminal expansion leads to job growth (video)
August 29 -- Fairview celebration (video)
August 29 -- Port expansion and rural economic development (audio)
August 29 -- Phase 2 of the Fairview container Terminal opens
August 29 -- DP World wagers $200 million on Prince Rupert as global logistics hub
August 29 -- Terminal expansion at Port of Prince Rupert lauded as economic generator
August 29 -- Big Day for Port of Prince Rupert as container facility doubles capacity
August 29 -- Fairview Phase 2 North open for business
August 29 -- 'A Hail Mary pass': How the Port of Prince Rupert became a player in the world of global trade
August 29 -- Fairview Terminal, changing the face of the Prince Rupert waterfront  NCR
August 29 -- Prince Rupert set for Celebration
August 28 -- Prince Rupert Port's Phase 2 opening celebrations tomorrow
August 24 -- DP World's global results on pace despite flat first half  NCR
August 24 -- Part 3 -- Finding the balance in the container business
August 17 -- Part 2 Fairview proof of concept
August 10 -- Part 1: Fairview, selling the Rupert model


July 27 -- Port picks August 29th for Phase Two Celebration  NCR
July 12 -- DP World, Port of Prince Rupert in Vancouver court as part of Hajin hearing  NCR
July 11 -- Mega deal in shipping industry could reap benefits for Port of Prince Rupert  NCR
July 11 -- Port hails another milestone for Fairview Container Terminal  NCR
July 4 -- New road coming for Fairview Terminal


June 23 -- Port outlines planning for Fairview Terminal container truck bypass route  NCR


May 15 -- New Cranes arrive in Prince Rupert (video)
May 13 -- New Cranes successfully dock at Fairview Terminal in Prince Rupert
May 12 -- The next chapter for the Fairview Container Port Story arrives Saturday NCR
May 12 -- Fairview Cranes on the way (video)
May 11 -- Amazon seems to have a plan that will change the world of container shipping  NCR
May 8 -- Phase Two Cranes on their way to Fairview


April 14 -- Fisherman reports oil slick from the port expansion


February 16 -- Fairview Terminal the focus for early North Coast campaign  NCR


January 30 -- 8 tried and true ways to build a container terminal
January 19 -- CP's intermodal future narrows on domestic with Yang Ming loss

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