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Industrial Development 2017 -- The Fishing Industry

Our archive of items of note on developments in the Fishing sector of the Northwest



December 21 -- Petersburg crabber fined for using others' pot tags
December 21 -- Harbour Staff help douse Boat Fire in Petersburg
December 21 -- Homer fishermen grapple with cod decline
December 21 -- For some Native corp shareholders, cultural role outweighs the economic
December 19 -- Floating Dock lawsuit goes to Sitka court
December 18 -- Southeast Alaska winter troll fishery to remain open
December 14 -- From fisherman to carver, Nathan Jackson shares his story
December 12 -- Petition project seeks to send message to Federal Government on coastal fishery concerns  NCR
December 12 -- Togiak herring forecast for 2018 to be a little larger than this year
December 11 -- Gulf of Alaska Pacific cod allocations hacked 80 percent after massive stock decline
December 8 -- TeeGee appointed to AFN Fisheries, Justice Economic portfolios (audio)
December 7 -- How would the salmon ballot initiative impact development in Alaska?
December 7 -- Silver Bay plans for two aquatic farm sites north of Sitka
December 6 -- Coastal First Nation leaders call for an end to fish farms
December 5 -- CBI Fisheries nets Masset Entrepreneur of the Year Award
December 5 -- North Coast issues could gain more traction as Joy Thorkelson takes the helm of UFAWU-Unifor  NCR
December 4 -- Thorkelson elected president of United Fishermen and Workers Union
December 4 -- Fish farms in B.C.: Occupied by protestors


November 30 -- North Coast Clam Concerns (video)
November 30 -- Prince Rupert Fishermen looking for more public clam digging areas
November 27 -- Northwest fishing community mourns loss of Terrace man in Kitimat incident (video)
November 27 -- Boating accident claims life of former host of "Tight Lines" on CFTK TV
November 27 -- Friends and family mourn loss of local angler
November 24 -- Fisherman presumed drowned
November 22 -- Aquaculture makes for discussion theme for Skeena MLA Ellis Ross in Legislature NCR
November 13 -- Alaska fisheries representatives discuss economic impacts (audio)
November 6 -- Sealaska expands Seattle seafood investments
November 3 -- UFAWU convention prep in Prince Rupert (video)
November 3 -- United Fishermen and Allied workers union wants to address hot topics at upcoming union convention
November 2 -- Grant for geoduck seeds awarded to OceanAlaska


October 31 -- UFAWU-Unifor to take pulse of local membership before provincial convention  NCR
October 27 -- Sea Change: The struggle for safety in fishing, Canada's deadliest industry
October 27 -- Fish Farm debate lands in a B.C. lab
October 27 -- Scaling back hatchery salmon could mean huge losses for fleet (audio)
October 27 -- Genetics key to long-term study of Alaska's hatchery salmon (audio)
October 26 -- Fish Farm Occupations Net High Political drama
October 26 -- 'No ill feelings towards the minister': B.C. fish scientist speaks out
October 26 -- B.C. Premier appoints top deputy to review 'integrity of fish farm testing lab
October 26 -- Horgan reels in Popham, takes over messy fish farm file
October 26 -- More stock assessment needed for wild salmon plan
October 25 -- Premier appoints deputy minister to lead probe of fish farm science
October 25 -- Life and Breath on the Skeena River
October 25 -- Premier orders review of fish farm labs integrity
October 25 -- DFO community session on Wild Salmon Policy (video)
October 25 -- Premier John Horgan's deputy to probe B.C. salmon health research
October 25 -- Federal appeal for Lelu Island case
October 25 -- DFO gathering feedback on Wild Salmon Policy
October 24 -- DFO seeks public input into Wild Salmon Policy Plan with Open House session in Prince Rupert tonight  NCR
October 24 -- As King runs lag, fishers consider cause and prevention
October 23 -- Lelu Island Pole Raising
October 23 -- Alaska tribes unite to oppose mega-mines 
October 21 -- Totem pole raised on Lelu after LNG project falls
October 20 -- Totem pole raised on Lelu Island
October 20 -- State appeals controversial ballot initiative decision to Supreme Court
October 20 -- Fish farms in Broughton Archipelago wrong on many fronts
October 19 -- Horgan points accusing finger at fish farm fearmongers
October 18 -- B.C. minister warned salmon farm not to restock
October 17 -- Popham pens 'eviction' notice-like letter to B.C. fish farms
October 17 -- Open net fish farms and modern mainstream economics, a match made in hell
October 11 -- Coastal First Nations and Federal Government reach Fisheries Management Agreement  NCR


September 20 -- State reopens king salmon sport fishing
September 6 -- Fisheries violations grab much of the space on Prince Rupert court docket for the day  NCR
September 6 -- Can as southeast mine battle lead to a trade war?
September 6 -- Recreational sockeye fishery open at Babine Lake until September 15
September 5 -- Fisheries officers ramp up patrols on Fraser River
September 1 -- DFO officers step up salmon fishing enforcement


August 31 -- Crab fishing boat runs aground
August 31 -- Crew Safe after crabbing vessel goes aground near Haida Gwaii
August 31 -- Crab-fishing boat runs aground on Rose Spit
August 30 -- Alaskans protect BC salmon, BC fishes on
August 27 -- First Nations need fishing accountability too (Letter to Editor)
August 24 -- MP Nathan Cullen wants the Feds to keep promise on reviewing Fisheries Act
August 24 -- Skeena River, Babine Lake and Babine River now open for sockeye
August 24 -- Process fish where they're caught: Thorkelson
August 24 -- Fish adjacency back on the City Council correspondence menu NCR
August 24 -- Thousands of Atlantic salmon escape Washington fish farm (audio)
August 23 -- Skeena River recreational sockeye fishery opens
August 23 -- Southeast Alsaka's pink salmon catch falls short again
August 22 -- Next year may not see an increase in salmon numbers (audio)
August 22 -- Prince Rupert sends letter to Fisheries Minister on importance of Processing fish at home
August 22 -- City of Prince Rupert to support fish processing initiative (video)
August 22 -- Invasive Atlantic Salmon released outside Vancouver
August 22 -- Shoreworker's employment hours plummet
August 21 -- SFU biologist says government needs to do a better job of monitoring B.C. salmon (audio)
August 21 -- Federal fish policy a flop, study finds
August 18 -- Fisheries closed as Fraser River sockeye salmon stocks are down
August 18 -- Low B.C. sockeye returns, fires, give Indigenous groups fishing priority: DFO
August 17 -- Commercial crab harvester fined $15,000
August 17 -- Commercial crabber ordered to pay $15,000 fine from 2015 incident NCR
August 15 -- Skeena Salmon numbers looking better, but still significantly below average
August 15 -- DFO releases latest salmon numbers (video)
August 15 -- Chinook fishery closed
August 15 -- North Coast shore-workers bearing brunt of troubled fishing season  NCR
August 14 -- 'We haven't even had a full week': fisheries workers in Prince Rupert struggling to make ends meet
August 14 -- Seiner loses 70,000 lbs. of pink salmon in Neva Strait grounding (audio)
August 13 -- Fisheries workers in Prince Rupert struggling with lack of work (audio)
August 13 -- Non-native people need fish for food too (letter to editor)
August 10 -- Alaska shuts down all sport, commercial king fishing in Southeast (audio)
August 10 -- Southeast AK fleets adjust to a season without kings (audio)
August 10 -- Electronic monitoring available for smaller AK fishing boats
August 9 -- Government looking for input on fish regulation
August 8 -- Mallott talks climate change, Alaska fisheries, state budget cuts (audio)
August 6 -- Sports anglers ignorant over First Nations fishing request (letter to editor)
August 5 -- Unlabelled, 'unsustainable' Russian sockeye being sold in Vancouver markets
August 3 -- Kitsumkalum frustrated by disrespect over fishing conflict
August 3 -- Gitksan First Nation Members Allowed to fish for sockeye
August 3 -- Kitselas First nation members allowed to fish sockeye for 48 hours
August 2 -- Alexandra Morton launches second seaborne offensive against salmon farms
August 2 -- Glimmer of hope behind conflict over Skeena River fishing
August 2 -- Tensions mount between Kitsumkalum Food Fishers and Sports Anglers
August 1 -- Kitsumkalum Fish Closure (video)
August 1 -- RCMP respond to incident on Skeena River


July 31 -- Kitsumkalum Nation Chinook fishing for food at the Hogline, Kraut  Bar
July 31 -- PeaceHealth, Cedars Lodge partner to bring seafood to seniors (audio)
July 28 -- Kitsumkalum fishing plans for Terrace area (video)
July 28 -- Kitsumkalum Chinook fishing for food at Hogline and Krout Bar July 20-Aug 2
July 29 -- Nass chinook fishing closed
July 29 -- Skeena River anglers upset about requested fishing closure
July 26 -- Skeena anglers hooking chinook
July 24 -- Southeast net fisheries boosted by chum catches in early season
July 20 -- Catch rates higher than expected in first Southeast summer King troll opening
July 22 -- Nass salmon returns looking dismal
July 21 -- New Queen Charlotte fish plant in the works
July 14 -- Tennessee man finds his calling on the shores of the Alaskan Inside Passage (audio)
July 7 -- Fisheries concerns addressed by DFO (video)
July 6 -- Fisherman wants a total ban on salmon fishing in Skeena Watershed
July 6 -- Skeena Closure Update (audio)
July 5 -- First troll opening done for Southeast Alaska summer king salmon


June 30 -- Summer southeast Alaska Dungeness crab season shortened by three weeks
June 29 -- Nisga'a Nation postpones Nass River Sale Fisheries until further notice  NCR
June 28 -- Skeena River sockeye return at historic lows
June 28 -- Summer Southeast Alaskan king troll fishery opens Saturday
June 23 -- No answers for low Kuskokwim king run
June 22 -- Skeena River sockeye returns forecast at all-time low, sports fishing closed
June 22 -- NDP MP Cullen points to DFO as the problem when it comes to Northwest fishery  NCR
June 22 -- DFO cancels cuts to Haida Gwaii salmon programs
June 21 -- Ottawa to step up marine protections
June 20 -- Alaskan appointed to help manage (US) national fisheries
June 19 -- Tourism impacts likely following DFO Ban on Skeena Watershed Salmon Sports Fishing
June 16 -- 2017 Skeena Sockeye run one of the poorest on record (audio)
June 16 -- Reaction to DFO Closing Salmon Fishing for the entire Skeena Watershed
June 16 -- Ketchikan Creek opens to salmon sportfishing
June 15 -- Salmon fishing prohibited in Skeena Watershed until Mid-July
June 15 -- DFO closes Skeena river to recreational salmon fishing
June 15 -- Shareholders consider shrinking Sealaska board
June 7 -- New fish plant to bring traffic, jobs to Hydaburg
June 5 -- Prince Rupert shoreworkers have new collective agreement NCR


May 31 -- Troll closure won't affect Sitka Salmon Derby
May 31 -- Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc responds to criticism surrounding changes to salmon in the classroom program in B.C. (audio)
May 30 -- Conservative critic Todd Doherty calls cuts to classroom salmon programs 'deeply troubling' (audio)
May 30 -- Teachers upset by cuts to salmon in the classroom program (audio)
May 25 -- Southeast Alaska spring troll fishery shut down for lack of king salmon


March 24 -- Herring season heads towards home stretch; while questions remain about salmon season  NCR
March 24 -- Alaska: Sitka herring fishery gets to work in 15 minute opener
March 21 -- The secret life of fish: learning how ecology works (audio)
March 21 -- Alaska: herring fishery remains closed, more test sets tomorrow 
March 20 -- 'Saviour fish' giveawy: more on the ooligan (audio)
March 18 -- Alaska: To protect subsistence, tribal citizen urges conservation of herring (audio)
March 16 -- Heart and Skeletal Muscle inflammation diagnosed in a B.C. Farmed Fish (audio)
March 16 -- Concerns rise for North Coast Fishermen as sockeye salmon season approaches  (audio)
March 15 -- Early season concerns for summer fishing season  (video)
March 14 -- Feds asleep as fishing crisis looms
March 14 -- Commercial Sockeye fishery faces closure on North Coast
March 8 -- MLA Rice renews call for adjacency in the Pacific Fishery NCR
March 7 -- Prince Rupert based vessel sinks in herring opening off Comox; 4 rescued, 1 still missing NCR


January 30 -- International Halibut Commission sets 2017 catch allocations  NCR

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