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Northwest WildFire Archive 2023

Notes on the 2023 Wildfire Season in Northwest BC

BC Wildfire Service Information Updates Archive

Interactive Map of Active fires in British Columbia

Notes on Fires outside of the Northwest can be reviewed from our D'Arcy McGee Blog  

General Notes

September 13 -- Northwest Campfire Prohibition partially rescinded for communities west of Burns Lake Nadina Forest District NCR

August 30 -- Province reimposes Fire Ban in Northwest BC NCR
August 24 -- Thornhill Fire Department Forest Fire Aid (video)
August 23 -- Shelter expects uptick in wildfire related animal rescues (audio)
August 21 -- Kelowna wildfires (audio)
August 19 -- Wildfire Situation brings State of Emergency for British Columbia  NCR
August 16 -- The Case for better wildfire pay (audio)
August 15 -- Northwest Campfire bans lifted (video)
August 14 -- Province invests in wildfire training 
August 2 -- BC Wildfire Service appreciative of support following second firefighter death 

July 21 -- Over 400 wildfires now burning in BC keeping in place multiple evacuation notices 
July 17 -- Wildfire Season set to surpass 1.3 million hectares burned for only the second time in the province's history 
July 14 -- Emergency Management squashes rumours of imminent power outage on North Coast, outage is in effect around Fort Babine
July 14 -- City of Prince Rupert offers reassurance on internet connectivity ... for now NCR
July 14 -- Teenage firefighter caught under fallen treen passes away in Revelstoke 
July 13 -- BC Wildfire Service calls for more resources as conditions remain extreme 
July 10 -- Campfires banned province wide as lightning triples BC's active wildfires 
July 10 -- Weekend of lightning strikes moves Wildfire risk higher, as some evacuations announced along Highway 16 corridor NCR
July 6 -- 2023 already third worst wildfire season in BC's history with lightning season just getting underway   

June 19 -- Current wildfires and the future of house insurance (audio)
June 15 -- How do rural residents react to wildfires? (audio)
June 14 -- International supports continuing to aid BC Wildfire Service this season 

May 24 -- Stopping wildfires and misinformation (audio)
May 19 -- Wildfire and Wildfire smoke (audio)
May 17 -- Open Fires to be banned across BC beginning at Noon Tomorrow
May 15  -- Better preparing for wildfires (audio

Kitimat-Stikine Regional District

August 26 -- Province issues evacuation order in Stikine Region (BC Gov't Statement)
August 23 -- Thornhill Forest Fire (video)

July 18 -- Northwest BC Wildfire Update (video)

July 13 -- Evacuation Alert Glen Vowell/Sik E Dakh  (BC Wildfire Service)

July 10 -- Northwest fires (video)
July 5 -- Terrace Mountain fire (video)

June 27 -- Fire conditions (video)

August 27 -- Evacuation Alert John Brown Creek Wildfire (Witset) (BC Wildfire Service)
August 11 -- Campfire ban lifted
August 10 -- BC Wildfire Update (video)
August 2 -- Provincial wildfire update (video)

July 8 -- Finger Lake Wildfire Evacuation Order (BC Wildfire Service)
July 8 -- Tintagel Wildfire Evacuation Order (BC Wildfire Service)
July 7 -- Powers Creek Wildfire Evacuation Order (BC Wildfire Service)

June 30 -- Big Creek Wildfire Evacuation Order  (BC Wildfire Service)

North Coast Regional District/Haida Gwaii/Central Coast

South East Alaska 


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