Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Wandering West Side bear gets a few close ups on Social Media

A screen shot from the Prince Rupert Community
Bulletin Board Social media stream which notes of 
a bear wandering the Comox area this week

Update: The City has provided more notes related to the Bear concerns of the west side, you can review that here.

As September moves to the midway point, the volume of wildlife sightings is on the increase, last week we had some notes of concern related to some wolves on the east side of Prince Rupert.

This week, Bears are getting the prime time focus, or at least one bear with a fondness for the far west side of the city.

Some of the recent sightings of a bear working the
west side of Prince Rupert in search of food

Reports on social media this week have tracked the trail of the wandering Ursidae from Kootenay to Omenica in the Pineridge area (and the school grounds within it)  and on down to Comox below. 

One item shared through the Prince Rupert Community Bulletin Board highlights the door to door ambitions for the bear as it prepares to fatten up for the winter ahead.

So far the sightings have not made for any advisories from the Conservation Officer Service of BC, nor has the City provided for any notice as they did for the wolf sighting of last week.

It was noted through the Social media accounts that the Conservation Officer Service is aware of the situation and has put out a trap to try to lure the unwanted guest to relocation outside of the area.

The prospects of a chance encounter is probably of some concern for residents along the Sloan avenue area, a stretch of the city where conditions have been a bit darker than the rest of the city owing to some failed street lighting recently.  

A conversation theme that has seen some extensive contribution in the last few weeks.

The City made note of that issue in recent weeks, though no updates towards repairs have been posted.

The Bear problem will likely be reduced in the weeks ahead, as the bears of the Northwest make ready for their winter naps.

For now ensuring that your garbage is secured and any fruit or vegetable garden work is taken care of, should help reduce any undesired encounters.

The Conservation Officer Service does have some information of note towards Human-Wildlife Conflict which you can review here.

Towards making a report on any encounter, they offer up the following process, they also note you can contact the local detachment of the RCMP.

 They also note you can contact the local detachment of the RCMP at 250-624-2136 or if there is an imminent threat through 9-1-1

Update: The City of Prince Rupert provided an additional advisory as of Wednesday afternoon.

More notes on the work of Emergency Responders can be reviewed from our archive page.

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