Friday, January 12, 2024

Sixth Avenue Bridge restrictions to remain in place until repairs completed, with civic hopes for a Spring start

After receiving a report from their consultants, the City of Prince Rupert
has announced that there will be no change to the current one lane
eastbound access for the Sixth Avenue Bridge

The City of Prince Rupert delivered a late Friday afternoon update towards the status of the Sixth Avenue Bridge advising that the structure would remain in its current level of service, allowing for only East bound traffic until further notice.

The Bridge update comes following some discussion towards the topic at the Monday Council Session.

In their information piece, the City notes of the recent assessment on the structure that has been conducted. 

As well as to how that will now serve as a start towards their Bid Package for the required work to safely allow reopening of the sidewalk, which had been the subject of the review.

The Bridge has been closed to Westbound traffic since mid December, with that lane of traffic now being used by pedestrians.

City staff indicate that they hope for a Spring start for the required construction.

The update was relayed through a range of civic information sharing options, from the civic website, to the city's app program and Facebook page.

The social media version of the message, is providing city staff with some instant feedback from those in the community who use the Bridge and have some questions related to the current status of it.

More notes on Civic Operations can be reviewed here .

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  1. Forget fixing the bridge let’s waste money on diagonal parking planning and implementation.