Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All that's left is the voting and the counting

The home stretch is in sight for the local candidates and their leaders as the British Columbia Election is but hours away from revealing the winners.

The early morning turnout reports from the Civic Centre suggested an ebb and flow to the turnout thus far, traditional in any election cycle for the North Coast.

For the most part, it was a streamlined affair for those dropping by the Russell Gamble Gym of the Civic Centre. A large contingent of BC elections workers ready to receive the voters and direct them to the proper polling station where the process of casting your vote takes place.

The anticipated numbers to improve over the lunch period and in the larger rush after 4 PM.

The polls remain open until 8 PM, the counting to follow shortly after.

The results will provide an interesting review of the vote on the North Coast and how the three parties in the race resonated with those casting votes.

And while many don't anticipate surprises from the North Coast, it's never wise to take anything for granted, vote bleeding and the ability to get each parties supporters to the polls could yet make for an interesting night, not only on the North Coast but across the province.

The major BC networks and radio outlets will launch their coverage as the polls close, most expecting to remain on the air until at least 11 with election results and reviews.

Locally TV 7 and CBC Radio will have the results for the Northwest and Northern BC, providing updates as the provincial coverage takes its breaks.

The Northern View also advises on their website that they too will have election coverage once the polls close.

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