Thursday, May 16, 2013

BG Group increases its presence on the North Coast

The BG Group, proponents of the LNG Terminal for Ridley Island have embarked on a more enhanced information stream in the last few days.

They recently appeared at the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce, outlining their plans for the Terminal development on Ridley Island at a noon hour luncheon meeting.

Up next are plans to open a local office sometime in 2013, another step towards creating a fixed presence on the North Coast.

In addition to the person to person approach, the BG Group has also created a new website which provides much in the way of increased background on the proposed project.

As well, this week they have launched a Community Dialogue project through the Weekly newspaper the Northern View, the first instalment is available through the e edition of the paper. (page 16)

The opening chapter in that particular conversation retraced some of the company's developments in the community so far, with a focus on community involvement and some background on the site that the BG Group has selected for its development.

In addition to the print and web presence, the company has created a phone number for the public to access more information on the project at 1-855-683-6710.

They also, once again remind the community that former Mayor Herb Pond is their community contact person on matters of local concern, he can be reached at 250-624-9443, ready to relay community comments to the head office.

With the BG Group now at the start of the environmental assessment process, we imagine both the information line and Mr. Ponds telephone may find a bit of use in the upcoming months.

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